Studio 64

Event venue Studio 64, 6415 N Ravenswood Ave #209, Chicago, IL 60626, United States: 8 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Studio 64
Rate: 5.0
Address: 6415 N Ravenswood Ave #209, Chicago, IL 60626, United States
Phone number: +1 773-280-5429

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 41.9985461
Longitude: -87.6749191

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Steven Daggett
Studio 64 is a great place to have your next meeting, music rehearsal, studio session, or any intimate event. Where else can you find vintage Pakistani film posters and an superbly laid out pad?! Located near historic Devon Avenue in Chicago, you can also have some delicious samosas and chai just walking distance from the studio.
9 months ago
Esbeydi Gaona
Studio 64 is extremely well maintained and has a ton of character! It's versatile in that it can be used for a small intimate gathering such as a book club, but is also spacious enough for a qawwali night. Located right by Devon street, it has the added advantage of some easily accessible delicious food, which is always a perk! I can definitely see myself booking this studio for my up coming exhibitions!
9 months ago
Pathi Ama
Studio 64 is the perfect place to listen to good music, drink tea and have an engaging conversation with some really cool folks. I'm so thrilled this is just down the street from my home!! I look forward to more visits.
11 months ago
Linda Kaufmann
Studio 64 offers a quaint studio venue for musicians and artists alike to share their trades and talents in an intimate setting decked in an American and Indo-Pakistani atmosphere, much like the neighborhood in which it is located. I have attended art galleries, musical performances, and community meetings at Studio 64 and look forward to more events there!
6 months ago
Cindy Knox
Located at the interface of Rogers Park and Devon Avenue, Studio 64 is defined best by the infinite possibilities it offers. The setting is appropriate for small musical gatherings, literary/cultural events and intimate celebrations of momentous occasions. There is a certain ineffable charm to the location's ambience, for it teems with culture, nostalgia and comfort. This is all a testament to the vision of its owner, Zeshan Bagewadi, who has provided a boon for the local community. I savored my initial experience here and look forward to creating more memories within its walls.
10 months ago
Oleg Gogolev
Excellent location and great atmosphere. I really enjoyed hanging out here. Can't wait to come back!
11 months ago
Kay Zindani
Great place to host small gatherings, discussion groups, events or just to hang out. Zeshan, the studio's owner, has done a great job setting it up.
1 month ago
Mike O
Beautiful place , excellent atmosphere. Will come back for sure!
6 months ago

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