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Passport photo processor Chicago Passport and Visa Photo Services Center, Canadian Passport Photo, 7149 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60634, United States: 28 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 7149 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60634, United States
Phone number: +1 773-237-6118

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Beth Poppas
This place is very professional. If you need a photo that fulfills the Canadian IRCC requirements, this is the place to go in Chicago. Don't waste money and time going to others and get your photos rejected. I happily did my 2 sets of photos here and everything worked just fine. Don't compare prices if you need a professional and well done job with no mistakes, go here.
5 months ago
Kari Rogers
Love this place. Very professional, worth the peace of mind knowing the Canadian photo requirements are strictly followed. Also, place has character. Wish I could have hung out and chatted for longer. Thank you (also, make sure you don't wear a white shirt, it's covered on the website but I missed it! :))
5 months ago
Jack Lenihan
Very professional and quick service. The only problem is they only accept cash.
4 months ago
habeeb gaji
Super friendly..we are In and out in 15 mins.
7 months ago
Madison Long
Poor service would not recommend this place. The owner has very less patience, please would recommend hiring another person who is good in explaining and talking about your services.
5 months ago
Ethan Cosgrove
Great quality pics for passports for various different countries. They know the different requirements and get the correct pics done quickly. Friendly and quick service at reasonable price. Overall a great experience.
7 months ago
Tanya Mastro
Never go there, bad quality, bad customer service, bad camera, and bad owner, he is always angry and asks for money in advance, before even taking a picture. He does not give you an option to see the picture first and retake it etc
3 months ago
Peter Muto
We came here to get Canadian citizenship photos for our toddler. The owner got a great picture on the first shot and quickly produced the photos with the correct dimensions. It was very efficient.
3 weeks ago
Brittney Dowsing
This place was great, very welcoming and professional. 10/10 will use again!
6 months ago
Sheila Hamilton
DO NOT GET PASSPORT PHOTOS HERE!!!! I have never written a review before but the horrendous service at this business has inspired me. The photographer was rude and abrupt. After taking my Canadian passport photo, I pointed out it had shadows on it which is unacceptable in Canadian passport photos. Without speaking to me, he responded by giving me my money back and refusing to retake the photo. I politely tried to persuade him, even offering to pay him another 35 dollars, which only resulted in further rude behavior. Horrible service, horrible business, avoid, avoid, avoid!
11 months ago
Phil Sevetson
We went there to get an infant passport photo. The guy working was really polite and patient with us and our baby. He was also really quick with the processing and printing of the photo.
2 weeks ago
joel kavkaz
Had my photo within minutes. No wait, quiet and courteous. Photos were perfect. $33 for EU photos
2 months ago
Pierre Bordes
The photos are fine, but the service left a lot to be desired. The place also stank of stale cigarette smoke, which left me wondering if we'd interrupted a post lunch smoke and that was why the man behind the counter was so humorless. I find it very hard to believe he could manage small kids, he barely tolerated ours.
3 months ago
Tony C
I will refrain from stating that it's overpriced, but suffice it to say, it's expensive. Bring cash or you'll pay a charge for credit card payment. Also, the proprietor is a little prickly, but I'll attribute that to his national/natural character traits. At any rate, the job was done quickly and correctly.
10 months ago
Jennifer Copeland
I do photograph for 5 years in my life and I take pictures of anything of life
3 months ago
Mary Chapman
Need a passport photo--GO HERE--EXCELLENT HIGH QUALITY SERVICE witih a smile--Dziękuję
4 months ago
Claire Donaldson
Najlepszi! They even stayed open for us because we were running late! Dziekujemy!
3 months ago
Steve Hassan
Quick service, knows specifics from the top of his head. Just way to expensive for set of pictures.
2 months ago
Kevin Anderson
Very professional; cash only.
5 months ago
Claire Broderick
Very bad studio!Expensive,doesn’t accept cards,only cash.Quality of photos for passport is very poor,doesn’t no how to install and set up the lights.Was very dissapointed with this service .Recommendations:Don’t waste your time and money in this place:(((
8 months ago
Greg Pflug
Excellent and professional service!
6 months ago
gemini dragon
Excellent service!
9 months ago
Anne Griffin
Quick Service, very good Photo
11 months ago
Cassandra Rose
DO NOT GO HERE! They are extremely rude. Please go somewhere else. НЕ ПОЛУЧАЙТЕ ФОТОГРАФИИ ПАСПОРТА ЗДЕСЬ! Очень грубо. Пожалуйста, идите куда-нибудь еще.
9 months ago
Anthony McLeod
4 months ago
Rachel Stewart
3 months ago
Megan Collins
1 month ago
5 months ago

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