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Address: 1 Serenity Lane, 91150 Coburg Industrial Way, Coburg, OR 97408, United States
Phone number: +1 541-687-1110

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Haley Botts
I used Serenity Lane for an evaluation for the Oregon Medical Board. Miss Rose Boyer either didn’t listen, or maliciously reported a relapse that never happened (two, actually). This is what’s called defamation. Because of Miss Rose Boyers ineptitude, and the unwillingness of Serenity Lane‘s leadership to correct this mistake, it might very well be that I am not able to be licensed in the state of Oregon after working for 10 years in school to obtain a medical degree. When I spoke with Dr. Gifford, she refused to change the letter even though the medical record does not align with the evaluation report she sent to the board. I could go on and on about why it’s completely absurd for them to have reported what they reported, but mostly I want to say that if you are considering using serenity Lane for an evaluation, run far, far away. It costs $1200, they don’t tell you that the lab work is billed separately, and I only found out I owed the lab because I just got called by a bill collector - Serenity Lane gave them the wrong address, so I never received a bill. These people should absolutely not be in the business of evaluating medical professionals. Immediately I was treated like an addict in active addiction. The questionnaire and interview were impersonal and perfunctory at best. When I told Miss Boyer that I was not an alcoholic, she said “well, people who aren’t alcoholics don’t end up in rehab.“ In fact, I had been in rehab (years ago) for a completely different substance-related issue and have never struggled with alcohol. There’s a reason why polysubstance abuse is discouraged as a diagnosis. Because of their report, the board opened up an investigation, and I have been unable to work for the past three months, and likely will not be able to work for another six months, if I’m able to be licensed at all. To the Board, the situation appears to be that I lied on my board application because it contradicts the evaluation report. Serenity Lane has earned my distrust and has far more than earned this review. If it is at ALL possible for you to do your review somewhere else, please do so - your career depends on it.
4 months ago
Trae Woods
Serenity lane is the most magical place in the world, thank you for saving my life twice ????
7 months ago
mark driver
I took someone I love to the Serenity Lane treatment center unsure of what to expect. Now that my loved one has finished treatment, both of us are impressed with the program, counselors and staff. I attended family weekends and spent full days involved with the process and came away impressed with how much they care and the techniques they apply. It was emotional and rewarding for me as much as it was for my loved one. They assisted my loved one with getting into a recovery home prior to being discharged. I cannot recommend Serenity Lane enough. If someone you love goes to Serenity Lane, please ensure that you support them during the family sessions on the weekend. It's so important to them. It will be an invaluable experience for you.
5 months ago
Kelly Crawford
Really nice invierment, good meals, beautiful location, comfortable rooms, good staff and amazing counselors. My discharge date was 10/4/19 and I'm still clean this place was truly healing. Oh! and the accountability here is tip top.
5 months ago
Rebecca Davis
I went into serenity lane for treatment for alcoholism. I have a disease in my back that causes me pain from everyday activities, such as sitting and standing. The counselor that I had did not give any consideration to me for my disability. I had only 3 days left to complete the program, and my back went out. The counselor, Lori Wilson, kicked me out of the program.
4 months ago
Gordon Bass
The best experience of my life..
11 months ago
keith Johnson
This place is amazing. Really good meals everyday and super nice rooms to stay in. I had Kara as my counselor, she was not a very nice person. She would make me feel bad about who I was was and my life. She would create drama with me on a daily bases and actually told me to “pack my things and leave” because I was getting sick for a few days and had to go lay down. No big deal at all. FYI I hope nobody gets this horrible counselor. She ruined my recovery. Still clean though! Sober date 6/11 <3
6 months ago
Pratheep Kumar
If you had a bad experience, and you feel like the staff here doesn't care based on one persons bad attitude, then your opinion, to me, is invalid. I had an amazing experience, and I learned so much. Though I had some issues with one of the night counselors, and one of the trainee counselors there is no way that those run ins would shape my opinion of the whole facility. What goes on behind the scenes is a whole lot of love, and recovery... SL helped many people I know & myself be able to live the life we want & deserve.
6 months ago
Raymond Mudgett
I was there, released mid Dec, 2017. All I can say is I am beyond amazed. I got fixed, dare I say I'm cured. It took a serienty lane village. But I'm on the other side of my addiction! Thank you Laurie
9 months ago
Anjali Rawat
Excellent staff, beautiful campus, and a great atmosphere for healing. The folks at Serenity Lane are very professional and hard working. Although expensive, the reputation of this clinic is well deserved. If it weren't for this establishment and the people who administrator it, my life would have gone in a dramatically different direction... And one not for the better.
2 weeks ago
Mickie Audette
This place has changed and most likely saved my life. The staff is warm and friendly, the education is outstanding and the bond shared with other patients is unbreakable. If you are considering a residential treatment facility, I highly recommend Serenity Lane.
7 months ago
Michael Robbins
I was fortunate enough to be a patient at Serenity Lane and enter the ExSL program. It SAVED MY LIFE! If you are sick please don't hesitate to call you are worth it. A Huge thank you to all of the amazing staff for loving me!
10 months ago
Toni Pronti
100% the best treatment facility in Oregon. Don't listen to any negative reviews. If you want to get sober, this is the place. There are so many positive patients and staff to help you recover. If you're in doubt whether to actually call and get help, call. I just completed residential inpatient treatment and it was amazing. I was very, very scared to make the decision to go initially, both financially and emotionally. I'm glad I overcame my fears and completed the 28 day inpatient treatment.
9 months ago
Knumzcul Thirteen
While I think treatment centers are a good thing this one is NOT.Serenity Lane is a totally unorganized in the day to day operation. An they only care about getting their 35000 dollars out of you. An if you don't pay them will do everything they can to try and wreck your new sober life anyway possible.
8 months ago
Susan Cranford
My 21 year old daughter was admitted for a heroin addiction. I called her social worker the next evening to see how she was doing and she asked me how I got her number. Given to me by admissions. She said she hadn't seen her but was planning on it. I decided to call the unit and ask how she was doing and they told me she was checking out. Not even a visit from her social worker to discuss things with her or any reassurance from staff that she would be ok. Got the impression they don't care. Never got any of my $500.00 deposit back.
3 months ago
Doug Henderson
We visited not long ago. The receptionist up front was REALLY rude! Please keep in mind that she's your customers first experience!! No thank you.
8 months ago
Jeferson Barreto
9 months ago
John Lafrance
3 months ago

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