Veritas Christian School

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Veritas Christian School
Rate: 4,2
Address: 256 N Michigan St, Lawrence, KS 66044
Phone number: (785) 749-0083

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 38.9876485
Longitude: -95.2509314

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Michael Davenport
I can say with certainty that our son's competence has dramatically increased since attending Veritas. Particularly, this includes his vocabulary, science, and reasoning capabilities. This progress is compared to the two private schools we had our son in before we moved to Lawrence. Also, his social intelligence and connections are fulfilling for my wife and I to observe. His national testing assessments have also significantly improved. At first we were not considering this school, but I am so glad we decided on Veritas.
8 months ago
Winston Tate
I currently have 2 kids enrolled at Veritas Christian School. My oldest started as a kindergartner. At that time he was struggling with speech and could not pronounce words clearly and correctly. However, it did not take long for the entire class to accept him and encourage him as he spoke in large group settings. Now 4 years later my son has no problems with speech and is very confident. The past 4 years have been a blessing to be apart of the Veritas family. Great community, great staff, and so proud that Christ is at the center of it all!
1 month ago
Dylan Filkins
I cannot speak for any family other than my own because some families seem to have had a wonderful experience with Veritas; unfortunately, my family is not one of them. We chose Veritas because we wanted to protect our child from some of the more negative circumstances of the world today and we were looking for a place to help him grow both academically and spiritually. Instead, because of one teachers absolute lack of due diligence, we found ourselves at the center of what I can only describe as a nightmare. Rather than enriching my child's life, my child is now fearful to speak to adults at all because he doesn't want his words and their meaning to be misconstrued. I wish I didn't have to say this because I truly believe there are some amazing faculty and staff at Veritas, however, my childs teacher did not happen to be one of them. In addition to the aforementioned drama my family was subjected to because of my child's teacher, we also quickly realized after enrolling our child in a public school how far behind he was in terms of academics. I suppose everything happens for a reason and God's plan was for us to be elsewhere because everything worked out in the end. However, the residual effects have been incredibly difficult to overcome at times. Because of our experience I cannot in good faith recommend this school. Maybe your family will have a wonderfully enriching time with Veritas, or maybe it will be a never- ending nightmare like ours. I would hate for another family to go through a similar ordeal.
1 month ago
Christi Lillie
Veritas is an excellent K-12 school, one of the highest ranked private schools in the Kansas City area. Our two boys have attended the elementary, middle school, and are now in high school. The school graduates have gone on to attend major universities throughout the nation, served internationally and domestically in Christian missions and with the United States Military, and are now returning as parents of students in the school.
7 months ago
Chantel Cable
I want to thank the school for finally looking at what is good for the student and the need to compromise. Anger and hostility creeps in too easily in to situations. The meaning of Christian school is to teach knowledge and faith to our future generation. When the school is lashing out at the parents and vice versa the whole purpose is lost and it’s difficult to see the whole meaning of the school. I hope we all have learned from this and can establish a fund to help students continue to learn without the stress of administrative and parent strife my other suggestion is to have somebody on staff to help assist families who may have temporary financial issues.
5 months ago
Konstantin Ozerinsky
An amazing school that educates not only the mind but also the spirit.
7 months ago

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