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Address: 2322 N 75th Ave, Elmwood Park, IL 60707, United States
Phone number: +1 773-397-9480

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Kerry Warren
1) Great product 2) Affordable products 3) Amazing customer service Definitely a must try! Will continue to order more products... love them!!!
1 week ago
Richard Marsh
Amazing soaps. My hands were very dry and cracked and after i started using their soaps my skin feels and looks so much better. My husband uses the soaps too and he loves them. Can't wait to order more. Thumbs up!!
2 months ago
Michael Khan
Peppermint soap Best soap I have ever used. Smells great. Feels great. Lasts long. Great value. Makes you feel fresh. Would highly recommend.
1 month ago
Jennifer Appel
So far I've only tried the Orange & Clove soap and I am HOOKED!! I will definitely be purchasing again in the near future. The quality of the soap is amazing, it left my skin feeling so creamy and I LOVE that this soap lathers really good in the shower. By the way, it smells sooooo good. This is high quality soap without all of the extra chemicals.. for such a good price.
5 months ago
Melissa Broudo
These soaps literally saved my life between the soaps and the lotion bar my skin looks and feels amazing! Its only been about a month its crazy! my skin is better than it has been in years. I really hope Chicago Soapery never goes anywhere because I am a customer for life! Hands down THE BEST handmade soap #yousavedmyskin
5 months ago
rodney swailes
I use three different bars of soap including the lemon grass shampoo for my dog and am very satisfied. My dog looks cleaner than ever and my bars of soaps from Chicago Soapery have become an essential.
1 month ago
Erica Hansen
For someone who is soo picky I can say these are the best soaps ever. Smell great and give the desired moisture. Also, the customer service is great.
1 month ago
Kitty Kat
I love the soaps all the soaps I have tried are amazing! There are so many I have yet to try! But my favorite are so far avocado, tres leche, orange and cloves! I love one of the older soaps Mamas favorite! I haven’t seen that one in the site? Hoping they bring it back soon! I have very dry skin so because of this I can’t use just any soap. but I recommend these soaps! What I love about theses soaps is there made with real natural products And their very moisturizing and smell amazing! My husband had a mild case of eczema and used the solid lotion bar Skin Rescue he loves it! It’s really help him!
3 months ago
Robert Bortone
I absolutely LOVE these handcrafted soaps! I purchased peppermint, avacado and the coffee soap!! I have not been disappointed by either! The customer service was beyond nice and responded to me immediately!! My skin hasn’t felt this good in a while! & the way the coffee soap exfoliates, bye bye Ingrowns ❤️❤️❤️
2 months ago
ramona williams
This soap has become my favorite. It leaves your hands feeling clean and moisturized. Not to mention that it also is so fragrant it leaves my bathroom smelling great. My favorite soap thus far is Tres Leches but am anxiously awaiting the Coquito batch to see if that takes over my #1 spot. We even use the all natural dog shampoo which maybe our German Shepherd would pass on because he hates baths but as his parents we love. Gets him clean and smelling fresh without the worries of harsh chemicals being utilized. Highly recommend this natural, vegan, cruelty free collection!
4 months ago
Dobromir Vasilev
I was given a flight of soaps and I LOVED THEM!! I received the peppermint, coffee and plantain leaf. First I want to say they smell amazing, the first one I used was the peppermint and it smells just as amazing as it feels. I work in a pharmacy and with everything happening right I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer like crazy!! My hands looked horrible but your soap saved them my hands are soft and look so healthy!! Sooooo what did I do I went and ordered more. One of the soaps I ordered was the activated charcoal and coconut milk for my 14 year olds face and it works so well 1 week and his face is looking so good!! I will definitely be ordering more and recommending Chicago Soapery to my friends and family!! Thank you for your amazing soaps!!!
1 month ago
Lily Ameling
I've tried many natural soaps but none have ever made my skin feel as good as Chicago soapery. These soaps truly feel like silk on my skin! I'm currently obsessed with the Orange & Clove and the Tres Leches.
2 months ago
srinivasa ramaraju
The best handmade soap out there can be found at Chicago Soapery. Period. My skin always feels soft and clean after using their soaps.
4 months ago
Ankita Dwivedi
Great soap and body butter. Highly recommended for all skin types and issues with eczema.
2 months ago
Julian Pastarmov
Amazing quality, really helps with any skin issues. Very versatile options.
2 months ago
Wetime Eutsler
Literally the best soap! They added some free goodies with my order always a plus
6 months ago
Mitchell Zimmerman
Wonderful quality
3 months ago

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