Plyler Supply Building Materials

Building materials store Plyler Supply Building Materials, 1245 Ivy Ave, Winston-Salem, NC 27101: 15 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Plyler Supply Building Materials
Rate: 4.2
Address: 1245 Ivy Ave, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone number: (336) 767-1495

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 36.1099510
Longitude: -80.2390407

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Dennis Recinos
We are extremely disappointed in our experience with Plyer Supply. We not only spent thousands of dollars on new kitchen cabinets from their company Camel City Cabinetry but also invested in what was suppose to be custom fit doors for our front entryway and the back of the house from Plyer Supply. The doors weren’t ordered for weeks after inquiring repeatedly on their status and being led to believe that they had been ordered and had been delivered to their company and that we were just waiting on installment. The front door was 5 inches too short and after questioning this, I was told that this had been done because that is the way they were suppose to be, which didn’t make sense since they were “custom” made. I decided to investigate more and called the manufacturer of the door and they explained to me that if they had been measured to fit our home, that they should indeed fit and should not have been 5 inches too short. The owners son of this company came out to our home twice to measure the doors, their casings, etc prior to ordering them. We know that things happen and people make mistakes and would have been understanding, we only wanted them to make it right. We were most upset in the lack care and concern from Ethan and Scott, there was never an apology to us, not once. Communication was poor and there was nothing that showed us we were valued as a customer and that they were happy to have our business not only in cabinets but in doors. They were in a hurry to get our business behind them. Unfortunately, they never cared about reaching out to us in depth about our concerns and it never seemed to bother them. We hope that if nothing else, this might help someone from being in the same situation we were put in as well letting others know how we were treated by the two people that represented this company that we trusted and gave our business to.
8 months ago
Travis Rhymer
These guys were very helpful for my small project. Corey was friendly and professional. Highly recommend these guys
3 months ago
Bill Torres
i wouldn't go near the place. owner leases building to questionable tenants.
2 weeks ago
Lindsay Elliott
An amazing renovation to this historic building is worth the trip in itself. Great materials supplier for windows, doors, siding, stone, cabinets and more. Very helpful and knowledgable staff, and they sell the awesome siding called Everlast, bye bye maintenance and repainting.
4 months ago
William Griebel
Ethan and his associate are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Thank you.
4 months ago
Terria McMinn
Wonderful staff to work with. Very helpful in designs & staying within our budget. We were impressed.
6 months ago
Lahoma Graham
Wonderful customer service by extremely competent individuals.
6 months ago
John Morgan
Excellent customer service and work. Top notch outfit. Highly recommend.
8 months ago
Mathew Haramut
Dont let the outside fool you, this place is WOW INSIDE, the staff is INCREDIBLE, selection INCREDIBLE, facilities INCREDIBLE. A must see and experience for yourself!
2 months ago
mitali goyal
Worked with Daniel...customer service is great (informative & responsive to calls & texts)...prices are great, and the quality of product is extremely satisfactory...I highly recommend this business.
8 months ago
Megan Eidem
Purchase replacement window, cheaper and better than lowes or home depot, and locally owned.
6 months ago
Jim Graveline
Excellent customer experience and very professional.
1 week ago
Heather Long
Awesome people to work with.
8 months ago
Natasha Montiel
4 months ago
Max Lewis
7 months ago

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