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Advance Auto Parts
Rate: 4.2
Address: 576 S Main St, King, NC 27021
Phone number: (336) 983-9452

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 36.2678953
Longitude: -80.3612114

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Todd Salpen
I needed a diagnostic and the man was helpful and polite.Ive purchased batteries from them and will continue to patronize this business.Once again Advance was excellent.Kerry helped me with a battery and the price was good ..My only suggestion to corporate..the computers definitely need replacing...☆
5 months ago
Ross Berning
Great place to do business! They replaced my battery in the cold and really rainy weather. Looks like Advance Auto would put up a shelter or something for their employee's to do this type of service in. GREAT JOB KENT THANKS!!
10 months ago
Sheldon Strout
Helpful staff and they had what I was looking for
3 months ago
Devon McDougall
Very helpful. Replaced my wiper blades and checked my battery. I am prepared for the winter weather now.
10 months ago
tera R
Brian, Bart and Josh are always helpful and knowledgeable. I enjoy the welcome atmosphere they create and excellent customer service.
1 week ago
Ingrid Jackson
Friendly environment, clean store, what more could you ask for? (Edit) Double check your parts, was given wrong spark plugs and didn't realize until engine started to misfire (Edit) They helped me pinpoint the issue cause by the incorrect plugs and gave me the ignition coil I needed (on the house) would still recommend, mistakes happen.
3 weeks ago
Ben Rush
Not very friendly.
2 months ago
Amy Kr
The staff was courteous and knowledgeable but in this day of COVID-19 no one had a mask on. Unsettling.
3 months ago
Robin Branch
Very helpful employees
9 months ago
Alex Bhatty
Friendly help and fast service
1 month ago
Christine Smith
I will never enter the doors of this Advance Auto parts store. 2 trips there last night and one unbelievable trip there today. Worst Customer Service I have ever had in my nearly 52 years of life.I needed brake pads for my van last night went there and got the basic pads. the guy who checked me out said nothing and offered no other information like do you have the tool to reset the caliper pistons? Nothing! After getting back to my house i realized you have to use a special tool to reset the pistons in order to put the new pads on. I called and they said yes we have a tool for that. so i went back and he sold me a small little cube with many different configurations. I asked does this fit my van. He said yes!... IT didn't! I struggled for over an hour to try to get it to work. Completely useless!. Went to bed at 1:30 am. Went back this morning and was waited on by the rudest female. I wanted to just get a tool that worked and shims to install the pads that were not in the box. It was a very big hardship for her to have to wait on me. Her supervisor told her she had to do something after she was done with me.. and that set her off more. muttering all sorts of stuff under her breath. I called a mechanic friend who is going to replace all the brakes and rotors tonight so we can leave for vacation. He gets parts through another Advance store in Winston. She got on the phone with them and was totally rude about what a problem this was for her to give me the parts and the other store do the sale to the mechanic. I could tell she was really upset about that, and i could not even stand at the counter with her going on about it. I'm done with that store. That was unbelievable. this store needs to go through customer service training. I will not be using that store again.... UGH!
7 months ago
Arron Riede
Got help right away. Nice employees.
3 months ago
Dawn Danielski
Ordered online, pickup was fast. Pleasant clerk, clean an neat store
4 months ago
Nosson Weissman
Called ahead to get price on battery. Guy on phone didnt bother to check if in stock so I show up & surprise not in stock. If he would have done his job & checked it would have saved me a trip & some gas. Wont do business there again. Will go to Advance Auto
6 months ago
Betty Jiang
I like advance auto. They usually have what I'm looking for.
4 months ago
Rebecca Smith
Old lady there is very rude! More worried about talking and telling people about her son fight fires and having to act out what her grand kid says and does, then helping customers. Tall kid just wants to rush you out the door, and the manager is more worried about hiding and texting his wife all day. Place is over priced, and never has parts. Place is dirty.
8 months ago
Rachel Lubanski
Really good store an they always have friendly stAff an always will do that extra mile weather or Phone or in store awesome .
2 months ago
Thomas Schmidt
They helped me tremendously get my windshield wipers for both my front and back windshields and installed them for me. Which I was grateful. I couldn't get my back windshields wiper off at all.
6 months ago
Salt Whisperer
Very unhelpful and inexperienced workers. There attitudes didn't help the matter. I bought a radio from there yesterday thinking that they could possibly help me with some questions and they where just rude and unprofessional..
8 months ago
lou crabtree
Good people
11 months ago
cornel c
They have always been nice and help you with anything I work on cars and motorcycle so I know thank
8 months ago
Melody Johnson
Decent service although one employee told me a blatant lie, as I acted like I was an idiot when it comes to cars just to see how I would be treated. Glorified parts salesmen is all they are, don't trust any OBD2 diagnosis too much without letting a a real mechanic check it.
6 months ago
ray s
Helpful people.
5 months ago
Mark Wickstrom
They were very professional
11 months ago
bay b
Automatically assumed since the battery light was on that it's the Alternator??? Wrong dont assume anything??? Lady came out with machine and was shaking her head to hurry because she thought it was going to rain. Ha!! Rude Rude Rude
8 months ago
Joshua Bishop
Good staff. Competitive prices.
4 months ago
Carolyn Williams
Would never recommend unless there is no other place that can get your part. Worst customer service ever. Eveytime I enter the doors I instantly regret it.
2 months ago
John Theodor
Very knowledgable and helpful. Analysed and replaced my battery in the rain.
2 months ago
Anthony Castagna
This day nobody really wanted to help me.and my wipers cost $47.00finially the young one did after I said hey I'm here!!!oh,!an I said so u know blabla what he could do....big bald man who was ignoring me to finially got me a sheild cover.this is in king.guess that was there bad hair day!I ain't ????
5 months ago
IP AdvancedTech
Friendly people who are interested in getting U what u need
4 months ago
britny button
I go back to this place for the customer service plain and simple.
2 months ago
Adam Castaneda
Great place for all your auto need's
2 months ago
Louis Betancourt
The salesman took care of the needs that I had. Was pleasant and patient with completing my special order
7 months ago
Don Johnson
Great place to get parts for your car or truck
7 months ago
Deborah Morrisey
Helpful employees and large variety of parts for most cars
8 months ago
Jen Cappola
Great customer service. Cap on battery popped off and staffer for sound a spare one. Thank you.
2 days ago
patty clark
For most best place to get parts
8 months ago
Judy Shuttlesworth
Very helpful. Checked Battery and alternator and changed battery for me.
8 months ago
Aviv Reuveni
Great experience good price
10 months ago
Cheryl Krangle
They have parts other advance auto parts didnt have
6 months ago
Bisher Aqeel
Didn’t want to help us find a radiator hose. Told us to “Go to Walmart”
6 months ago
gayshena coleman
Staff is awsome
3 months ago
Jody Rosenbloom
Good prices and service
6 months ago
Ben Robinson
Great customer service, very knowledgeable and helpful
8 months ago
Flossy Johnson
My regular stop. If they don't have it, they can get it.
6 months ago
Furrero Apparels
Great customer sevice, affordable parts
6 months ago
Steven S
Very fast, knowledgeable, and friendly service.
8 months ago
William Boston
Helpful friendly . They were busy but took plenty of time to solve my problem. I will v shop here again.
6 months ago
Josh Lauer
Friendly staff very helpful
7 months ago
Jay Panlilio
They don't sell scooter parts
8 months ago

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