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Address: 1155 W Pender St Unit 120, Vancouver, BC V6E 2P4, Canada
Phone number: +1 604-639-5600

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Gary S
Highly recommended to take The Landmark Forum and The Curriculum for Living. The whole experience was tremendously life altering and the staff and people who assisted while I was in the courses were so light, and were there to really guide you to get what you want from the courses and possibly more. Not everyone will want to take the course just like not everyone wants to go to the gym. But once you do, i highly recommend completing the whole curriculum.
9 months ago
Ivanely Pereyra
This is NXIM 2.0 (please google). Took the course, 6 years ago. Invited by my friend to their intro course. Made the bad mistake to attend. The 3 day course digs deep to your past, forces you to let things go or face your “demon”. For people who have traumatic experiences in the past, please be aware. They target the vulnerable. Please go watch The Vox on HBO. Same concept. MLM. Better yet, google this company. Save your money. Good luck!
8 months ago
Ian South
I was thinking that their course was a scam or something like a pyramid marketing, I was there today this is my second time in 2 months and this changed my life , saved my marriage and my family. I’m a happy person after this.
7 months ago
Bronson Roper
It's pretty lit. Investing in yourself is never a bad idea
10 months ago
Mayra Palomo
Amazing programs! What you get is experiential. You can have 150 people in a program and each get something different and amazing out of the program. If you have 2 feet & a heartbeat, you will get something extraordinary out of Landmark!
7 months ago
Eric Acevedo
I took all of the courses in 2001. Dont do the Forum unless you can do the Advanced course and SELP. These were HUGE for me. I did the Communications courses as well. They all tie in together. Best money I ever spend and it was not expensive. I met alot of great people - and got to volunteer/ "Assist". The office staff were great then -Ellen Chauvet, Tammy, Michael - This made a difference in my life and I still use it today. Funnily enough, in business - I met alot of people who have done it. Integrity, Responsibility, Being true to yourself, etc. It gave me a ton of great tools especially learning to look for "What Happened" vs "The Story". Once you get that you Choose , life will become more powerful. Chocolate vs Vanilla. Will never forget it.
6 months ago
George Perry
Words cannot describe how powerful their programs have been in my life personally and professionally! I can't shut up about it!
8 months ago
Kassidy Harriman
Landmark’s Training provides me with a long lasting difference in my everyday life. Leadership, communication, and in relationship. I recommend every single person to take the Landmark Forum program at least once, to see you own blind spots and limitations; and most importantly to produce break through results in your own lives!
1 month ago
Robby Cardosi
I came into the Forum thinking I knew everything there was to know about everything. After 3.5 days I saw the stuff i knew in a different light. Plus. The program helped me listen to my mother in a different way and see that she loves me and all the thing that i was getting annoyed at were her ways of showing me love. Now my relationship with her is completely transformed. It has trickled into my whole life creating deeper connections with everyone I interact with. I highly recommend taking the Forum.
1 month ago
I have been waiting for a call back to cancel attendance at a Forum and to obtain a refund. I have been unable to contact anyone, as the phone number listed does not appear to be monitored and there is not ability to contact anyone by email or on the website. I am extremely disappointed.
7 months ago
Quita Adams
Best 3.5 days of my life, 21 years ago and still to this day. Family, relationship and business. My whole life is a creation. As my mentor said 21 years ago. Everyone in life should have the opportunity to do this program. This frees up humanity and connects the world.
8 months ago
Rich Goccia
I found the Landmark Forum to be the most effective course I’ve taken to accomplish the goals I have for my life. I’m able to deal with challenges in away I never could before and use the tools to set new goals in any area of my life. I increased my income immediately, expanded my business, found balance between running a business and being a parent, enriched my relationships with those who are most important to me and lost 15 lbs all as a result of setting goals and using the tools I’ve learned at Landmark. I have also completed the Advanced course and the Self Expression and Leadership Program and find new possibilities for my life with each program. I can’t recommend it enough!
8 months ago
Sarah B
Landmark forum and advance course completely changed my life and my whole family now is so connected with each other that was never possible before , i had grown my business with landmark tools so fast that is unbelievable and wouldn’t happen this fast without being who i am as a result of transformation that i got out doing landmark programs
7 months ago
Kassie Torres
Completely blown away at some of the growth and potential I discovered in myself and some of the things I've accomplished on the weekend of my first Landmark Forum. Would absolutely not hesitate to recommend to my friends and peers to this program if they want to achieve breakthroughs for plateaus in their lives.
9 months ago
Mary Trahan
I am blown away by whats possible in my life now that I did the forum.... My businesses has grown, I have more time to do what I love, and my relationships have are closer than ever and more connected.... Most of all, my communication with people has improved dramatically. Thank you from the bottom of my hart to all the people that make this work available in the world!!!
10 months ago
I note how the comments are all either five stars or one star. I am willing to wager that the one star votes are from people who have never taken a course with Landmark. The unvarnished truth is that Landmark is not for everyone. It is for the privileged few who are mentally well, physically well, and willing to dig around in their own lives in the pursuit of the greatness that we all know is within us. Facing the truth that we are great inside despite the ways we let ourselves down on the outside is a significant challenge for most people. I therefore do not fault anyone for taking the easy route out and blaming Landmark rather than themselves for their own failure to recognize and live up to their greatness.
5 months ago
Miki Ram
I was introduced to this way of living my life by a friend 2 months ago. My world will never be the same. I am so much happier now that I can see where I have failed in my past. It gives me a new outlook on how I can live my life to the fullest. It was a lot of work to get to this stage of my new life. My attitude has changed the way I view life, so my friends and colleagues have noticed a new me. I still slip back into my old ways, but more & more, I triumph over that way. My gift to those that are reading this right now would be that Landmark offers a different way to respond to life's twists & turns that I have been used to. I don't have to react to life like I seemed programed to. If you want to change your life for the better, Landmark is a great option. Give it a try
5 months ago
Madison Tolliver
Landmark's programs have made an incredible difference in every area of my life. Relationships, how I see myself, the things I now do. This is worth the investment in yourself! Before the Landmark Forum I was full of anxiety. It looked like sleepless nights, outbursts of anger and tears, and hyperventilating panic attacks. I didn't even go into the Forum hoping to disappear the anxiety because I just thought that's who I am, there's nothing I can do about it and if other areas improved it would still be worth it. Now I have so much ease in my life, and I actually have taken on 2 or 3 times more than I was doing before! What I got was an access to that I am not anxious, anxiety isn't me. I simply have anxiety. It's just something I have, the same as thoughts and feelings. And if it's just something I have, then I create anything I want. I'm now more connected than ever to so many people in my life. My stepson and my dad for example.
10 months ago
Mollie Warrington
Changed my personal and professional like completely. If you're willing to hold up a mirror to yourself and take a good look; take responsibility, explore your blind spots, and are ready to create the life you always wanted, this is the training for you. It's not about change, rather transformation; creation of something new from nothing regardless of who you were before and all the junk that you've been carrying around. I realized the voice in my head, my internal chatter, my fears, were keeping me from living the life, and having the relationships that I always wanted. Get ready to be confronted by your past and your fears, maybe even some tears, but that is exactly how you're able to deal with it head-on so you can handle it with ease and grace and put it all behind you for good. It's amazing stuff.
5 months ago
Paul Lin
Landmark Vancouver office totally opposite then they teach in courses. Vancouver office scam money on your credit cards and people work in office have no idea what they doing.
8 months ago
Anas Abed
My friend Eshie told me about a course called the Landmark Forum 3.5 years ago and said it would make a huge difference in my life. I didn't know what she meant by that and I trusted her because she was a good friend. I wanted to get self confidence with my work out of this personal development course. I discovered I'd been living my life scared, petrified of whats going to happen next? Will this next thing work? etc. When I discovered I was no longer willing to live my life like that and got the access how to author a life that I want and really love. I have a rock and roll band now, just got engaged this spring on the great wall of china, am a leader at my work and have a completely altered future out of this work. Just like Ice cream, I could explain how ice cream is all day and that wouldn't give you the experience of eating ice cream. I can't explain exactly how the Landmark Forum works and it causes miracles in peoples lives and has humanity and community be real in the world!
8 months ago
Ashley Armour
I did several courses and I think they are really valuable. Much of what I value from them, I did not expect going in. There are many things, but nothing made a bigger difference in helping me forgive my ex-wife. I carried around anger at her affair for years, but never took responsibility for my part in why things turned out the way they did. I am on to the next chapter of my life, and I am grateful.
10 months ago
AJ Rivvers
This course change my life and rock my world! I have never experienced anything like this. Things historically never moved in my life are now moving and I am present to my own greatness. I am at peace, whole and complete. I will continue to participate in this program.
5 months ago
Laurie Morrison
It put me in the driver seat of my own life. I 7x my income within two years since taking the Landmark Forum. My family has almost all taken the forum now, and my girlfriend and I have plans to get married
9 months ago
Thom Wubbenhorst
Scientology Light is the name of a post I read from 2012 about a terrible experience a lady had with this organization. My experience does not come close to hers, however, I do think this organization is walking a thin (not to mention dangerous) line between self-help and manipulation. Aside from reading the course syllabus, I signed up without doing my due diligence so shame on me for that. The outline of the course was great, I expected to pick up some new techniques to deal with anxiety, communication, etc. I did not expect to walk into a dangerous pseudo therapeutic session in which participants are told "you are still not there or not getting it" if they do not have a breakthrough while speaking into the microphone. The runaround a lady received from the speaker when she asked about taking notes was almost enough to cause a headache. I guess it is one of their techniques, if you ask a difficult question I'm going to talk in circles until the person gives in and pretends to get it. I actually had a participant tell me they had to make up their breakthrough because they did not know what else to say to the speaker. Once I had walked out mid-session I did my research and found its origins come from Werner Erhard, born Jack Rosenberg who combined various techniques (a quick Google search will show the techniques he combined) including Scientology. He read Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology and applied some of his findings to EST (Erhard Seminars Training) which in 1991 was re-branded and repackaged and is now what we know as the Landmark Forum. I've done a lot of work both on the inspirational side of personal development as well as scientifically validated therapy techniques and I was appalled at what I saw during my one day and two hour participation in this cult like seminar. My danger flags were raised early Friday morning with their whole enrollment thing which sounded like a pyramid scheme to me. I figured I would give it a chance and stayed for the full day Friday and came back for Saturday. I left two hours in on Saturday morning after the presenter allowed a participant to share their current struggle with addiction without letting this person know they are in no way qualified to be handling addiction issues in this manner. While they do include warnings in their waiver of liability, the ethical thing to do is to let people know their lack of qualifications in dealing with addiction when someone steps up to share, but hey, that probably would hurt their money making scheme so why stop them? The way this company goes about making money is completely reprehensible and disgusting. People go to these sessions under the impression that they’re going to be helped by professionals and that is just not the case. The speaker spent half of Friday on a thinly disguised sales pitch telling us to make sure we enroll others in the possibilities we were creating for ourselves during the sessions and to bring someone on Tuesday night. Landmark encourages participants to go and have difficult conversations with people that they may have not been in contact with for years and do not provide them with the tools they need on how to have these crucial conversations. This organization is encouraging people to go and have these conversations without a warning, "oh by the way, we are not teaching you how to do this but go on, call them during the break, do it tonight! Bring them back on Tuesday night so they can see this transformation that you've had!" Please do your research, there are other very valuable self-help seminars or therapy that you can use this money towards. I get the allure of a three day weekend giving someone a major breakthrough. In my own personal experience, there is no instant fix to years and years of bad habits and/or trauma. Permanent change takes work and tends to be a slow progress, the fact that some of the participants may be opening a can of worms without the proper tools to work through it could cause them irreparable harm.
9 months ago
juve ramirez
This was the best money I ever spent! It is NOT a cult..In my experience it is the exact opposite of a cult. Cults take family members away and the Landmark Forum gives family members back by healing old wounds! I recommend it to everyone and I am so excited about my new found freedom and self-expression! Thank you to Naveed and all the staff and volunteers who made this the most amazing and profound experience for me! xo
5 months ago
So I signed up for the Landmark Forum Vancouver and lasted exactly 1 day. It was one of the most emotionally manipulative things I have ever witnesses and I am writing an article about it for The Identity-Lens Project because their "business" should frankly be outlawed by the Canadian Government. They claim to want to help people, but their only solutions are "try harder" "listen to us" and "buy more Landmark courses" A real psychiatrist would want to offer true guidance, not openly parade emotionally fragile people in front of a room full of strangers, forcing them to rush through emotionally complex situations, on the spot, like some sick, fascistic reality tv show. When you ask a smart question in front of the crowd, the "Leader" can't answer it. Why? because they are not qualified professionals in ANY regard, they are simply the most brainwashed of them all, reading a script. So what do they do when you ask a question they can't answer? They openly mock you in front of everyone, and tell you to try harder because you don't quite "get it" yet. I've never been gaslighted so hard in my entire life. I have a LOT to say about my experience, and I look forward to hopefully unpacking all these complex emotions into something readable. Right now I'm just disturbed and frankly frightened / feeling guilty about the other people who went back today... I feel like I need to go save them from this cult but they need to realize it for themselves. Oh and make NO mistake, it's ???? a cult, just minus any religious component. Now I need a mental detox. Any suggestions? Maybe a power drill to my own brain? Ugh. PS I found a quote that sums up Landmark nicely: "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, eventually they will believe it" - Adolf Hitler ✌️❤️✊️
10 months ago
Danny Tehrani
Transformational, excellent seminar program
5 months ago
reyes hernandez
Everyone from Landmark has a really bad attitude. Maybe it’s better to train on attitude before minding about education?
5 months ago
Chrystal Anderson
I just want to add to what the other negative reviews said. Everything they say 100% accurate. I didn't take the program but about 12 years ago I was asked by a friend to join her on "Tuesday night". She asked me to come be a witness of …
1 month ago
Johannes Krumm
Amazing and inspiring
4 months ago
Brian Deel
Awesome ....I got a new life after doing my curriculum...Really motivating and alters everything in your life...
10 months ago
jaanu sharma
Cannot say enough about what this education has made available for me and my family! Possibility, creation, passion, connection, aliveness!......
3 months ago
Drema Davis
I found their approach to be dangerous and manipulative. They used methods very similar to NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) along with the group environment to create a sense of shame around skepticism. Additionally they seemed to employ …
5 months ago
Mithout Gomez
The landmark forim isnt for everyone as the first reviewer said, but instead its for those with a very low self esteem that need others to motivate them and
1 month ago
michael campbell
Game changing experience
6 months ago
Braxton Bragg
Something every human being ought to be presented.
5 months ago
Sanna H
simply the best
10 months ago

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