Orthopedic surgeon Sean G. Haslam, MD, FRCSC, FAAOS

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Address: 4401 Coit Rd Ste 203, Frisco, TX 75035, United States
Website: bswhealth.com
Phone number: +1 469-800-7070

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Константин Арсенов
Dr. Haslam and his team were awesome from the first visit to the completion of surgery. The office has a great team to help whenever you call the office to schedule or have questions. Despite nuances of labs and referrals in order to set up a surgery date, the office team helped guide me through it. They also have great referral network to find local offices to work with you. Lastly, Dr. Haslam is always listening and has genuine concern about you. He explains thoroughly and I never felt rushed during the exams. Surgery went great with zero post operative pain. Lastly, during this whole process, everyone I met had only great things to say about Dr. Haslam and his team!
8 months ago
Игорь Маслов
Dr. Haslam and his entire staff is amazing. Everyone is so kind and awesome and I think it's a direct reflection of Dr. Haslam. I'd like especially mention his PA Kristen and his MA Alvina. They have been so patient in explaining everything and have really help alleviate my extreme anxiety. I've never had an accident that required surgery in my life and I was really scared, so I feel like I hit the lottery having been lucky enough to go the ER where Dr. Haslam happened to be the orthopedic surgeon on call. I knew I was in the right hands when more than one nurse in the ER and hospital said Dr. Haslam is the best. In fact, these nurses said that should their spouse or children ever be in a situation that required surgery, that they'd only go to Dr. Haslam. Being from a family of nurses, I know that that's one of the biggest compliments a doctor can receive. Yes, sometimes the wait is a little bit longer, but that's because every patient gets so much attention from Dr. Haslam and Kristen. I don't mind the wait because I know the other patients are getting very thorough and compassionate care and I know I'll receive the same. I've never felt rushed during an appointment and if that's the biggest problem, I'll gladly take it. The people on here complaining about wait times need to get over themselves and be thankful that they have a surgeon who doesn't rush through patients like it's Wal-Mart and is so attentive and thorough for everyone. One things for sure, they are amazing at returning phone calls after I've left messages. Anyway, I could go on and on but I'll stop. Thank you again to Dr. Haslam, Kristen, Alvina and the rest of his staff for being so amazing. Kevin A
9 months ago
Дарья Хедберг
I luckily wound up in Dr Haslam’s care because he was on call when my accident occurred! I love Dr Haslam and his staff, they are amazing. He did an amazing job on my ankle, and was always compassionate when I cried!! ????
4 months ago
Александр Губин
This dude is fantastic. So good that you will wish he did more than orthopedics. Amazingly smart, compassionate, and friendly.
7 months ago
Леночка Четыркина
Dr. Haslam himself is wonderful, and the staff..... the staff is the most amazing office I have ever been to. I wish they could be my regular doctors office. I highly recomend them!
7 months ago
Кристина Хохлютина
I guess surgery results patients that end up being bad are dust under the rug for that doctor!!! After he did full knee replacement to my mother in law , that went wrong. He did not want to see us after that. In last 2 days(6 months after surgery) we got opinions of 2 other doctors , who confirmed his mistakes and said if he did revision earlier it would help. Letter we sent to a doctor: I just want to write that letter to express our family frustration with what you done and how much emotional pain your action’s caused our family. I wish we never do my mom’s knee replacement with you. When your office said you overbooked for surgery we was hesitant, but we was assured that you are professional and it is not first time you doing surgery. Everything was fine till time after surgery. You were very friendly and saw us. Then surgery happened. From what we knew from words of yours and someone in hospital, that you did good surgery. But after surgery we only saw you once in hospital. And we never saw you again, only once after stay in hospital for appointment with your assistant (who in thousand time was not sure what cause my mom knee do not bend more than 80 degrees) and same you as she said did not know what caused my mom knee do not bend as it supposed too and how to fix that. After surgery my mom went to a lot’s of rehabilitation. But nothing was helping; because she was never prescribed by you correct rehabilitation treatment (you never were in room for a week). From what I know now she supposed to start after surgery to do bending, when she cannot do it on her own, CPM machine prescribed. Nothing was done, expect showing how to get up from bed and go on her on to a bathroom. That’s why I believe she developed arthrofibrosis. But still your assistant was saying go to rehab, rehab...Then we saw you in hospital for her manipulation surgery, which instead of being done in operating room was done in place for preparing for surgery, because of overbooked operating room. And her leg like you said was bending, based on your words and some picture you showed me very quick. Not sure pictures you showed me were from that day now. Because right after that, she was not able to bend more than 95 -100(when she awake and with pushing). Her home therapist, rehab center was always saying that something stiff in her knee and we need to see a doctor, because nothing they do is helping and they believe that doctor did something wrong during surgery. (Even that my mother in law was going 5 days a week to gym and pool, nothing was helping). And to make matter worse, pain she was trying to do surgery for, is still there (she told you that when last time she saw you). Then even your assistant said we need to schedule appointment with you and her, because she run out of anything she knows can help. That appointment they put my mother in law on your side of office. Christi went to get you, come back hiding eyes and said that you said you too busy with other people. And said to continue do rehab, nothing else. My mother in law cried that day a lot. She heard how many peoples her age had successful surgeries and they were back on their feet very quick. Then rehab said we cannot help you, no matter what we do you still at best 95 degrees. Go see doctor. We schedule appointment with you. We came to your office at 8.20 am. Only 2 people were in front of us. We got put in room at 8.35 am. Then we only hear how people walk in and walk out in room next to us. With happy voices. I went to see if you coming over and saw you happy chatting to young couple, that just came at 8.45 am, took they case and went to room completely ignoring me. With huge smile and happy face. Definitely did not look like emergency case. You closed the door, I asked nurse when you see us, and she was in panic to answer, 5 min – no more she said. We waited for 10 min - not even movement to our direction. After 1 hour still no one. And people come and go. Hope you happy how you handle yourself
7 months ago
Всеволод Григорьев
Great doctor, but be prepared to wait, bring a book. Very personable and professional when he gets in the room and very caring. I can see why he is so busy.
5 months ago
Dem ...
Dr. Haslam is a fantastic doctor. He helped treat me for a broken wrist - I could not have asked for better service from him or his staff. He is very knowledgeable and explained the several treatment options available to me in a clear and straightforward manner. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a orthopedist .
11 months ago

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