Firefly Farm

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Firefly Farm
Rate: 5.0
Address: 2370 Oak St, Lebanon, PA 17042, United States

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Latitude: 40.3216830
Longitude: -76.4517500

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Amelia Plumlee
This place is infused with magic both old and new. It is both luxurious and and rustic. I could not have been a more perfect place for our somewhat socially distanced leadership retreat. There are several different environments within the main house alone! The kitchen and living room are heartbeat for gathering and cooking. The rooms adjacent to the kitchen are perfect for sitting and talking, a more intimate conversation, or a workspace. My favorite room by far, the living room that is at the opposite end of the house from the kitchen, holds so many joyous memories it is almost impossible not to feel the history of love in that house. The upstairs boasts many interesting bedroom/sleeping quarters. And some truly luxurious bathroom/bathing opportunities. The whole house is surrounded by two different porches, as well as a really amazing fireplace patio. The property itself is incredibly well maintained and the grounds are beautiful and have their own personality. The recreation area set up in the barn on the property is a source of joy and merriment. I really got to know who the pool sharks were in my group ????! This place combines history, love, camaraderie, and nature. It's truly worth considering if you have a gathering that you need to plan for.
3 months ago
Kevin M
Spectacular weekend at Firefly Farm! It satisfied the needs of both adults and kids alike. In fact, the kids loved it! There was so much for them to do. They spent every opportunity outside when we weren’t at Hershey. The grounds are just breathtaking and so relaxing. I was especially lucky, as I’m an Environmental Educator, so I was in heaven! It was so fantastic to have the creek, gardens, meadow and fields close by. Identifying plant, tree, bug and bird species occupied a lot of my time. The other half of my time was spent exploring and in disbelief of being in a home and on the land where people once lived over 200 years ago! I was extremely happy when I saw there was plentiful milkweed growing in the gardens. Thank you for supporting the Monarch butterfly, but so many other species that depend on that single plant in the process. We were so lucky to have found this place for our families to get together for a wonderful weekend.
3 months ago
Maria Casten
Cool stone farmhouse with great renovations and beautiful grounds
2 months ago
Michael Hardy
1 month ago

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