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Motor scooter dealer Brad's Scooters, 3301 MO-94, St Charles, MO 63301, United States: 38 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 3301 MO-94, St Charles, MO 63301, United States
Phone number: +1 636-946-8222

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Nicole Root
Bought my son a kids 4 wheeler for Christmas and he absolutely loved it, had an issue with it, took it back and the owner and mechanic went above and beyond to make my 9 year old happy! We left and i cant thank them or say enough good things about them. He is home now in 30 degree weather enjoying and playing with his new 4 wheeler! THANK YOU BRAD AND YOUR AMAZING Mechanic! As a business owner myself it’s awesome to see other business owners take pride and stand behind their products! Customer for life now!
2 months ago
jacqueline mitchell
Only place that has my tire size and helped fix a tire. I highly recommend.
6 months ago
Shikha Gupta
Good products! My mother and grandfather bought scooters from Brad but he doesn't answer emails, text, or phone calls for a new purchases. I don't get it? I emailed him a month and a half ago and have tried calling and texting with no answer. I don't know how he stays open if he's not willing to make a sale?
7 months ago
Steve Nelsen
Great service with for a great price. You guys earned a loyal repeat customer today. 5/5 my dudes.
10 months ago
Prema Sandy
Brad and the guys were awesome! Very knowledgable and thorough at a very good price. Will definately take my scooter again.
8 months ago
adolf hitler
He helped me at my lowest point great dude i highly recommend him if you're seeing this brad thanks so much i made it home????
11 months ago
Victor Weinblatt
Do not go to this place, the owner has no idea what he is talking about, also looks like he is on something. Very bad feeling while i was there
10 months ago
pringles chips
Great service friendly people
9 months ago
All I can say is: "Brad is one of a kind"! Very unique individual and is very honest and upfront. 10 stars!
8 months ago
Timmy B
Was told I didn't need a license
7 months ago
douglas becker
Helpful little shop, I went in about a month ago needing a cdi and 2 valve stems. They had everything I needed and we even joked about their "killer dog"
3 months ago
Anne Griffin
Purchased 3 atv’s there about 12 years ago still running
11 months ago
James Litten
Nice scooters good prices Brads really nice he works on them also has 90 days same as cash.
4 months ago
Bronwyn Matthews
Brad is a down to earth type of man. Always willing to help you out and goes the distance to fix your scooter at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Brad for all of your scooters needs. Thank Brad
2 months ago
Steve Strawinski
Great service here! Feels like they actually care about customers which is totally refreshing. Cheers!
3 months ago
Edvinne Capistrano
I want to say absolutely loved the customer service I got from brad and his employees. They were extremely helpful and upfront and honest. Well worth the trip. Thank you guys for helping me.
6 months ago
Michalin Sanders
It's okay he's not open any regular hours I just got lucky and catch him every once in a while hours prepared to buy to scooters at one time but the day that I wanted to do that he was nowhere to be found so I bought my scooters elsewhere maybe it's me but the guys of cheesy
3 months ago
Otavio Fonseca
Brad & his mechanics are awesome & helpful!
3 months ago
Hey Brad this is your buddy Kenny if you have a scooter 4wheeler are anything with a small engine PLEASE take it to Brad the BEST in town and Brad I haven’t forgot you I’m bringing that scooter for you and Mike to do what you do!!!
4 months ago
Beverley Morrison
Need your scooter maintained, call Brad's.
4 months ago
Slav Tsukanov
Very helpful had exactly what I needed
2 months ago
Hadley Contractor
They had the parts I needed for my scooter on had
3 months ago
Jordan stoy
The scooter is great! You may need to tighten a bolt now and then and check things out more often, but the fun you have is worth the few things you need to do to maintain it.
2 months ago
Jonathan Espinosa
Good prices, friendly staff, and they will fix any issues you have with their scooters. I recommend them.
2 months ago
Kara Barrow
We find Brad's Scooter to be honest, and 2nd to none long after the sale. He employs the best mechanic, John and we find him one of the best. Confidence, reliability, and honesty keep us coming back.
2 months ago
Jane Beane
Great place to shop for tools very helpful good prices
2 months ago
Barb Kuhl
The owner will wait on you in person. They sell, upgrade, and fix scooters and mopeds.
6 months ago
Ryan Daly
Very unprofessional. Highly not recommended :( they charge me $111 just for buy Pads for my scooter! And when I find out the normal PRICE I went back to this PLACE TO RETURNED they kick me out because I want to return them!
7 months ago
T Law
Brad is awesome ????????
6 months ago
kawthar Eljabri
Excellent service and I would recommend this business.
6 months ago
Sean Yu
Very knowledgeable and helpful. I was very pleased with the price.
2 months ago
Lahoma Graham
I bought a scooter,it's perfect for the money. Brad is a descent person to deal with.
2 months ago
Lauren Duff
Great service and support as well!
2 months ago
Roger Allen
Great prices.
4 months ago
Ray Gillespie
Very nice people and good service
8 months ago
Melinda Gallimore
Good deals on scooters
4 months ago
Michael Vumbaco
I bought a new scooter from Brad
5 months ago
Jes V
4 months ago

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