Non-profit organization Autism Treatment Center of America

Non-profit organization Autism Treatment Center of America, 2080 S Undermountain Rd, Sheffield, MA 01257, United States: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 2080 S Undermountain Rd, Sheffield, MA 01257, United States
Phone number: +1 413-229-2100

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Monica Dang
This is the best program families can choose for treating their child with autism. Non invasive, center on the child (MAGICAL AND AWESOME).Though it is very expensive they offer scholarships. Parents relay on volunteers to run the program which may that difficult but volunteers are the best "therapists" you can have for your child because of the unconditional support (VERY TRUE). The system doesn't cooperate or support to help families to run SonRise. If you are a parent struggling in your life with a child with autism GO THERE, EMPOWER YOURSELF, LOVE YOUR CHILD MORE AND MORE. Bears, Samahria, Raun, Camila, .... they are great people who can show you that the sky has no limits!!!
4 months ago
Malika Ramsaroop
Everyone should at least once in a life time meet with founder Barry Kaufmann
8 months ago
Ashley Richard
Still reaping after 5yrs.
6 months ago
Stacey S
Went to Happiness Weekend. Highly recommended!!
6 months ago
Tad Howard
My brother is also autistic he is 5 years old it is my dream to meet with you and we are also doing son rise program with him
5 months ago
Christian Mendoza
Two words: life changing
6 months ago
Ricky Sylvertooth
Ótimo lugar, para aprender a lidar com os desafios pessoais de pais de filhos autistas. Oportunidade de encontro e compartilhamento de experiências e conhecimento de outros pais de autistas. E de aprendizado rico sobre felicidade pessoal. Não resolveu o autismo da minha filha, e acho difícil acreditar que resolva de outras pessoas também, mas ensinou a olhar as coisas em outra perspectiva. Hoje o assunto é leve para mim, acho que devido ao que aprendi lá.
5 months ago
Vicky Bardales
El millor lloc per aprendre, un lloc maravellós
2 months ago
Laura Haas
posto magnifico e molto professionali
4 months ago
Renee Sidoti
5 months ago
Mr Frost
4 months ago
Hanna Weaver
8 months ago
Ravi Zimare
6 months ago
Aric Bechdolt
4 months ago
Valerie Herrera
8 months ago
Baylen Springer
8 months ago
Christina Brown
7 months ago
Pia Ledy
1 month ago

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