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Water softening equipment supplier Aqua Systems, 625 Hanley Industrial Ct, St. Louis, MO 63144, United States: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 625 Hanley Industrial Ct, St. Louis, MO 63144, United States
Website: ilovemywater.com
Phone number: +1 314-530-2458

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Aman Malikya
Service is always as promised. This last week, however, somehow our house was not on the delivery schedule for Friday. I notified management and by 10:30am Monday we had our water. We are not in St. Louis so delivering water to Festus may well have been an extra trip for someone. I appreciated the good service!
4 months ago
Emmanuel Perez
The gentleman that delivered my water was friendly and placed the cases exactly where I wanted them. My experience with customer service has always been professional and friendly. I have one suggestion: When we receive a text reminder a day before our water delivery schedule, it would be great to be able to text yes for delivery or no for cancel instead of calling, if we need to cancel.
6 months ago
Grace McCoy
Our water at our house often smells like chlorine, so I purchased a water cooler at Sam's Club and researched where I could find spring water. Aqua Systems had decent prices for Diamond Spring Water bottled at the source in Hot Springs, AR. We've been using Diamond Spring Water from Aqua Systems for about 6 months now and we love it. Truthfully, I don't like to pay for drinking water at our house but trusting greedy corporate America & our constantly failing Gov't is foolish. So if I have to buy healthy drinking water for my family, Aqua Systems is the place for me. In addition, not only are my wife & I enjoying the crisp, clean tasting water, but the teenagers are loving it, too.
7 months ago
Edna Holden
Get there the night b4 to park at the dock pay attention it's hard to find I changed the entrance to fit I circled that place 5xs
2 months ago
Emily E
I needed to replace my 20 YO water softener. After interviewing a few companies, I chose Aqua Systems. Brett, the general manager came to my home for an estimate and I appreciated his candor and his reasonable offer. His installer, Kyle, was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. I highly recommend Aqua Systems.
11 months ago
Heather Ashcraft
They carry mountain valley water the best tasting springwater in the world and full of minerals. me and my family‘s business “Johnny’s Bar” Have been ordering from them for years always a wonderful Delivery
11 months ago
B Moreno
Very nice and professional delivery people. I appreciate the fact they deliver to my specific needs.
1 day ago
Kristina Cramblet
Always helpful and they deliver my favorite water "mountain valley"!
9 months ago
Jeremy Branham
Excellent service.
5 months ago
Matthew Richardson
Overall, the equipment is excellent. I have not had any major issues with our system which is now many years old. The only major issue I face is getting the equipment serviced. If you are not able to change out the filters and sanitize the system on your own, you should be prepared for missed service appointments and "scheduling conflicts." Each time I have scheduled service, it has been a very painful and frustrating process of getting someone out. They give you a day and time and then don't show up. I understand that it might be hard to find reliable employees but I think that honesty can go a long way. In each case of attempting to get service, it took multiple attempts over a 6 to 12 week period to actually get someone out. In each case, the company did end up doing the right thing but only after voicing my concern with multiple people. With my last incident, their general manager Brett had to come out. This was greatly appreciated but does not seem sustainable. I just hope that they get their act "cleaned up" by the next time I require service.
2 months ago
Jacquelyn Pillsbury
Great service-delivery driver, etc. !
2 weeks ago
Kelly Noyes
I had a reverse osmosis system installed at my home, and it is amazing! We have a well, and we have dealt with horrific water for over a year - so much so, we bought cases of water for almost that entire time. After speaking with Brett, I had a system within a few days. I am glad that we decided to do this, and I would strongly recommend Aqua Systems if you're looking for better tasting water.
4 months ago
Angel Mireles
Great product and service.
7 months ago
Casey Jones
Very friendly staff and quick to respond. Excellent products and service!
6 months ago
William Norton
I come here weekly to get my Mountain Valley Spring water. It’s far less expensive than getting it at Whole Foods.
3 months ago
Riley Hartford
7 months ago
Katherine Cook
5 months ago
James Stout
11 months ago

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