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Medical diagnostic imaging center Metro Imaging South County, 13303 Tesson Ferry Rd #30, St. Louis, MO 63128, United States: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 13303 Tesson Ferry Rd #30, St. Louis, MO 63128, United States
Phone number: +1 314-843-5888

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Rodney Stanhope
On December 1, 2020, I had to have a testicular ultrasound. I had an infection and it was very painful. I was extremely nervous and anxious about my visit. My technician was Laura G., and she was AMAZING! She put me at ease and made me wonder why I was ever scared of this procedure. She talked to me about every-day things, like our kids, Christmas, and Covid. It was such a relief to have someone like her doing my ultrasound. She is obviously very good with people and knows exactly how to make patients comfortable! Metro Imaging was great and I can't say enough wonderful things about Laura G! Thank you Laura. Derek D. - Tesson Ferry
7 months ago
franklin carcamo
No wait time. Got a neck mri here for 2/3rds the price of the other place. They were kind, professional, and helpful and got the result to me quickly. I was very comfortable. There was trouble getting the result to my MD office but I'm pretty sure that was due to issues with the MD office getting faxes. I'm about to go for a second procedure that will be half the cost of the other place.
5 months ago
Jennifer McConville
I went in there around 5:00pm to pick up a CD for the xray. And the receptionist were carrying on a conversation . In my life i have never experienced such rude service. They should not work there. If you are looking for an imaging service you are better off going anywhere else... I wouldn’t recommend Metro Imaging on Telegraph
9 months ago
david brotherton
Needed to get an x-ray and I always choose to go to the South County Metro Imaging location as the staff is friendly and efficient. I had the last appointment of the day and all the staff I had interactions with were very friendly and polite. I'm sure it's frustrating trying to talk to people on the phone or at the desk while patients are sitting in the waiting room just feet away either talking on their cell phones or having a conversation with others with them loud enough for everyone to hear. Dealing with the public is trying these days but when you have people who don't feel well or are nervous or outright scared about having a procedure or just needing imaging done they are not always at their best. I am a people watcher and I have to credit the lady's at the reception desk for always being in control and polite even after a long day. They greeted you as you came in and acknowledged you as you were leaving with a "Have a nice evening" of which generally there was no reply. This didn't seem to phase them in the least as they have exceptional customer service skills and a positive attitude that is pleasing. Thank you for doing an exceptional job and making it look easy! I highly recommend this office. Oh, and, the technicians are good too....friendly and knowledgeable!
7 months ago
AJ Man
Had to get my ankle x-ray.
8 months ago
Siraj Gherwash
Went and had a mamagram today...everyone was very professional and kind...Karen B...was very helpful and explained every step with kindness and professionalism..thank you all..Highly recommend this location..Tesson Ferry. ♡♡
11 months ago
vyom javiya
Easy in, easy out. My mammogram tech was awesome! Professional, friendly, painless. Thank you!
6 months ago
Alexandrea Eldred
Everyone was very friendly. They don't make appointments for X-rays only mammograms. The waiting area was packed when I came in and I thought it was going to take forever. But even though I waited 20 minutes for my results, I was in and out in an hour. I've been to other imaging places when they weren't busy and it's taken an hour sometimes longer. I definitely would recommend this place and will ask to go back whenever needed.
8 months ago
Harman dhaliwal
PCP advises me to have my screening mammogram, that I have reached the age which is 35 to 40 she states (I am 37). Had to make appointment online their website said, so I did. Move work around and have to bring 7 month old with me. Bring me back and lady goes to talk to radiologist, comes back to tell me I have to be 40, I can’t have my baby with me (he was sleeping), did not have work order from PCP. Talked to supervisor and asked why no one called me prior to appointment to tell me about a work order and not old enough. Although, was told to have one by PCP. Took a screenshot of appointment that was scheduled and it said if you do not receive a text the day before confirming appointment to give them a call to make sure that it was scheduled correctly. Called and the lady said that they don’t send text message reminding of appointments. Told supervisor that this was an opportunity for them to again tell me I don’t have a work order and too young. Long rant. Moral of the story left and will not be going back to metro imaging.
7 months ago
They had me sign an agreement with my credit card info on file that once insurance paid they'd call and set up an arrangement for payment. Turns out they took the entire balance off my card with no warning, no phone call, nothing. Since this was 1st posted I got an email to contact the billing office, I got a full refund and a payment plan. Very impressed!
9 months ago
Natalia Lipaeva
I don't know what these 1-star reviews are about. I would give a 10 star rating if I could. I brought my daughter in for an ultrasound and unfortunately she is autistic and ended up having an anxiety related meltdown. We had to wait outside in the hall so she could calm down. The sweet lady at the desk came and got us when it was her turn and actually got her in a little early. Everyone was very understanding and helpful. I am very grateful, thank you!!
11 months ago
John Husted
Got in on schedule, staff was friendly.
11 months ago
Karina Roldan
5 months ago
Thaer Awad
Fast and friendly
1 month ago
Thomas Buchanan
Very rude, talking about me when I'm right in front of them. Definitely not medical professionals here. Go to the Clayton office for professionalism.
10 months ago
I was not allowed to make an appointment for my Mom--walk-ins only. We were 2nd in the door as it opened that morning. However, 14 people went in before we did. A week later I got a call from her Primary Care Doctor, who had not received the results the day of, as promised, but nearly 5 days later. I have attempted to reach the facility to speak with someone, however you must leave a message and have them return it. This is a problem when you can't accept phone calls at work. Also, we found out the day of that if you only have one insurance (no secondary), you have to pay the bill up front and they will reimburse you once they receive payment from insurance, but they don't do it automatically, you have to call them first to to set up a reimbursement. I do not recommend this facility at all.
2 months ago
Jonas Jones
Front desk person was very rude. This was our first time trying Metro Imaging and it will be our last. There are other choices out there and customer service means a great deal to me. There are always two ways to say the same thing.
11 months ago
Adam G
I was not happy with how I was treated here. They could have handled the situation better. There was an inconsiderate woman who talked to me disrespectfully , so like one of the other reviews says; I too greatly value customer service and there are other places to go.
9 months ago

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