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Address: 375 Redondo Ave, Long Beach, CA 90814, United States
Phone number: +1 562-434-2756

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Renata McGowan
Terrible service. Was told my package was not there and that I would have to wait until 3pm to call if carrier dropped off my package. The lady never once checked to see if it was there or look at my confirmation email. Went outside and called her on the phone, she asked for my name and checked for my package. My package was there the whole time. I don't recommend picking up packages here. Lazy workers.
6 months ago
Colleen Dustin
Great service and they have everything you need. Parking is a hassle and times.
7 months ago
Tyler Austin
This is a spectacular business and I highly recommend them. So much better than going to the post office. Their prices are fair and the staff is lovely and warm. Support this local business!
3 months ago
Mikhail Zhernenkov
Absolutely the best place to ship anything. The employees are so kind and helpful.
4 months ago
Thelma Bouts
I love this place! Friendly ,helpful and efficient! My go to place for all my packaging/postal needs!
3 months ago
Dorthie Cooper
Great service!!! Helpful staff and easy to ship and receive packages
3 months ago
Lee Pittman
Anna is absolutely terrific!!! I had to send a very important package to Hong Kong and it was a time sensitive delivery of medication. With her oversight and recommendation to use DHL, it got through customs and to the recepient on time, intact and without missing a dose! I will be forever grateful to Anna! A happy long time customer and box holder.
7 months ago
Bobby Sciortino
Out Of The Box is NOW your single source provider for all your business printed communication needs! This is now the Long Beach Local EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR BUSINESS CENTER - graphics design door hangers,offset printing, digital printing, copying. wide format printing and direct mail and Mail Box Rental provider.They now do it all and make it so easy for you! Business made simple! Best customer service and its all done with a smile. Don't hesitate to step inside the box !
6 months ago
Shahzad Irani
It took my package 4 days to finally be shipped. Will not be coming here again.
3 months ago
The post office by my house closed down and this place has saved me. Great customer service, fantastic packaging selections, and they have great hours! I love this place. xoxo.
10 months ago
Get people and service.????
11 months ago
Kelley Conrad
Couldn’t be as much happier and satisfied with any other Location. The guy that I deal with was Vinith. Super calm guy, took his time to find out the location for me. Will definitely recommend this location if you’re sending or receiving anything.
9 months ago
Dustin Fox
I came in on 1/13/2017 right after they opened. I've shipped from this location before and its been great but the lady working this morning is the laziest postal/cashier that I've ever worked with. If i ever come back to ship packages here and shes working, I'll be shipping somewhere else that day. She refuses to do any of her job requirements herself. I might as well have done everything myself...which i did. She didn't even take the packages from me, she barely touched them at all. Also tells me "they" cant ship my package because its too big but no explination as to how she can help me with it. Just an awkward silence between every statement. It's like this person had never done a customer service job in her life. I would like to go on but, in short, the entire experience from when I walked in to when I left was just awful. What a way to start your day...
1 month ago
Adel Ahmed
everyone's trying there best and for being there, here's a 5 star. =)
4 months ago
Jeff Gibbard
Called once, girl answered without saying hello or 'out of the box' and just says 'can you hold on please?' So I waited, the entire time could hear the background noise, until I could hear she was done with a customer and then she continues to speak to someone and then I hear nothing. About 5 mins passed and no one came to the phone. Hung up and tried to call back but couldn't get through, probably because the receive was just sitting on the counter.
1 month ago
Benjamin Justus
Thank God the last owner sold out to these Guys. They have completely transformed this store to be a super store. Thank you for all your help and support
3 months ago
Chris Romp
The lady who answered the phone was nice enough but she asked if I could hold them put the phone down and proceeded to have a long conversation with someone and forgot all about the fact a POTENTIAL customer was on the line. Called back, same thing. Out of the box? The owner is out of his mind for allowing this type of customer service. I'm going to The UPS Store!
7 months ago
Brenden Thomas
This place has great customer service, Very friendly and courteous staff. If anyone wants a good place to send postage, receive mail i would totally recommend Out of the Box at 375 Redondo Ave. Long Beach, CA 90814
7 months ago
Anna Knight
Two thumps up to the lady that helped me today with my DHL package, great customer service! Thanks!
5 months ago
Jay S
Please note: Does not provide receipts for USPS, does not accept Fed-Ex.
6 months ago
Jasmin Tomic
Wow, these guys turn shipping nightmares into Disney dreams. Thank you very much
7 months ago
Nadezhda Alekseenko
5 months ago
Shabob Youth
4 months ago
Lisa Cadieux
7 months ago
Bruce Cranendonk
5 months ago
Eduardo Rodriguez
5 months ago
Jeremy Frazee
5 months ago
Marc Paltrineri
5 months ago

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