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Apartment building E2 Apartments , 1890 Maple Ave, Evanston, IL 60201, United States : 38 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1890 Maple Ave, Evanston, IL 60201, United States
Website: e2apts.com
Phone number: +1 847-440-2113

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Mari Mari
Lived in the east tower (south side) for two years. The amenities are wonderful, the only down side is that the outdoor pool and jacuzzi are closed most of the year, and pretty packed with students all th Management and employees changed quite rapidly. I remember Salko and Mac being awesome. We did have some issues here and there (the last issue was that they refused to give us are referral money ????). Internet sometimes went down, but was mostly good.
3 months ago
Jon Aird
My experience with living at E2 Apartments has been mostly positive. My apartment is small, but the living space fits my needs, rent is ungodly expensive (but hey, inflation!). The only downside I would like to note is there is a lot of noise in the halls at unexpected hours, and people partying and playing loud music on Fridays and throughout the weekend. I see E2 has made attempts to notify residents about "Quiet Hours" and turn off the music at a specific time, which I appreciate. Otherwise, I have enjoyed living at E2 in the beautiful town of Evanston.
11 months ago
Kenneth Ebanezar
The building itself is fine, but the internet service is absolutely atrocious. There are outrages on a weekly basis and the building hasn’t done anything about it. It’s extremely frustrating as a remote student trying to finish exams and submit papers by specific deadlines to have the internet go out so often. It ruins the entire experience in the building. If asked, I’d tell people not to live here because of this inexcusable internet issue.
10 months ago
jayashree chakraborty
Pros: Very social, management has been relatively responsive to maintenance concerns, the townhouses are awesome Cons: Expensive, the gym and pool are much lower quality than other apartment complexes like Centrum and Albion (how is there no Peloton yet??)
8 months ago
Keith Conley
I love e2! Very friendly and quiet community. Staff are helpful and courteous. I am fairly new and the staff greets and tries to remember your name. I moved in on Wednesday and the staff had everything prepared for me and my room smelled so new.
8 months ago
Steven Hafen
Lived here a year did not have a great experience for a few reasons. First, the West and East towers are an entirely different experience (no doorman on West means no food delivery, no visitor reception, elevators down monthly, package pickup is a roundtrip two block walk, and West is the same price as the other tower). Additionally, the pool, hot tub and grills are closed for fall and winter. Whenever we seem to need something, management doesn’t seem to care about the tenants (ie elevators, lease extension, etc). Parking is more expensive than most other lots. The location is further from dining and local options than nearly all comparable buildings. Lastly the units have nice finishings, but are small. For the most expensive option, it doesn’t seem like the best. There are also plenty of other apartment complexes nearby with students- NW grad students, this isn’t your only, or best option, and I wish I knew this before.
5 months ago
MaLisa Langusch
Peaceful and wonderful building. Very close to downtown Evanston, 5 min walk to Northwestern campus and about 15 minute walk towards the lake.
5 months ago
Patricia Alabi
I've been here for two weeks and i don't have anything to complain about. The neighbors are nice, the apartment its not noise at all, the gym is fantastic, the doorman are very nice!!
7 months ago
kathy goodman
One of the concierge is extremely rude to me and all the other asian (mainly Chinese) residents in the building. Very unhelpful, impatient and arrogant and he acts like he's superior to us and we should feel deeply grateful that he would get our packages. While we are actually paying him to do his job, he acts like we owe him and he's doing it at his mercy and we have no right to ask any questions. He just ignore us every single time we walk by the front desk while he sometimes greets non-asian residents and he's pretty nice to them. Based the huge contrast between positive reviews given by people with non-asian (or I should say non-Chinese) names and complaints I heard from other Chinese residents plus my own experience, I have the reason to suspect that we are targeted as a group. We are all born equal and we SHOULD NOT be treated differently, especially not at our homes. If you don't want to ruin your day, don't live here. Can't wait to move out.
6 months ago
derp derpstein
I lived here for a year and it was fine. We moved out and didn't hear a peep from them for nine months. Then they start contacting us through their receivables department saying we owe them $500 with no explanation as to what it is for, why they didn't just take it out of the security deposit (exactly what that is for), or why they didn't ask us within say a week of us moving out like a normal place of business. Just an awful way to handle something and I've never had an experience like that. Live here at your own risk
5 months ago
Gloomy NightOG
We've lived at E2 for a little more than two weeks and are glad to be here. The building is quiet, well-run and comfortable with excellent facilities like a basketball court, workout room, computer equipment and much more. The staff is cheerful and helpful. We highly recommend E2 for graceful living.
9 months ago
Ruth Sanders
I have really enjoyed living here. Great apartments with great views. The gym is expanded and is enough for a solid workout. All the amenities are fantastic. Maintenance staff is quick too.
10 months ago
Bailey Moore
Looks sketchy. Coming from Europe I wanted to rent an apartment for a month, filled the tedious online form, clicked ONE-MONTH rental option (available on the website), payed the deposit and the fees 465$ and all that just to receive a call from E2 apartments few hours later saying that one-month rentals are NOT AVAILABLE! So they promised to send a check to a US address (remember I booked from Europe) worth only 450$! (it has been two weeks and the check still hasn't arrived!) On top of that they keep the non-refundable difference 15$ for themselves. Looks like a great scam scheme: list short-term rental options on the website so that people apply and waste their time, and then call and tell them that short term rentals are not available charge 15$. Not bad! Still hoping to receive that reimbursement check of 450$ they promised. It took them few seconds to charge my credit card, but the reimbursements they prefer to do the slow old fashioned way. How smart! UPD 03/08/18: just called E2 and they told that checks are sent from their head office in Texas and it usually takes a MONTH if the address is in the US! I will be back in Europe in three weeks! Asked them to send the check to a friend in the US. What a mess! And they do all this instead of wiring you money just to keep your money for a month, effectively your deposit is a one month interest-free loan for them. I am wondering how financially sound this company is if it resorts to such a scheme for short-term financing.
8 months ago
Deni Jo
Very Responsive Management Team!
2 weeks ago
Kelli Patterson
Not sure how the one star got submitted, previously. This is a very well managed apartment!
7 months ago
Mike Wyatt
I stayed for a weekend and it was amazing. I could only imagine living at a place like this all the time!! I'm looking forward to returning and have nothing but praise for the Team at E2 apartments. It's always clean!!
3 months ago
Michael Burns
Awesome place to live. Basketball court and fitness center are state of the art. Faculty is very friendly -- especially Mosood. He always goes the extra mile to help out and brighten residents' days.
2 months ago
The staff that runs the front desk couldn’t be nicer and more helpful. The leasing office on the other hand has been far less helpful. Working with them has been the major issue.
1 month ago
Brian Vlogs
Fire or retrain your staff highly unprofessional, made me wait 10 minutes to open the elevator door while he socialized on the phone.
7 months ago
Alexandre Tundela
Best apartments in Evanston. Amazing amenities. Vonda and Pam are just simply amazing helping you find the perfect apartment.
5 months ago
Laura Sherry
Pros: - nice hot tub, pool, and chairs outside - great views from higher floors - nice in unit appliances and counters - in unit washer/dryer - really the only nice apartment building in the area - close to el and metra - package receiving - online maintenance requests and they are usually pretty responsive Cons: - too expensive - the west tower elevators break literally every few months (brand new building!) - a new property manager literally every 6 months - if you live in West tower, it's difficult to get package delivery right - really cheap paint in unit - most of the units are taken up by rich northwestern students, which means stuff gets trashed all the time and now the communal areas close early
2 weeks ago
Vikram Singh
Living at E2 for a year now. Amazing service and care from the staff. Especial shout out to Mosood and Salko, who are very kind and always trying to help out. Highly recommend living here.
11 months ago
Katrina Jones
Nice place to live, beautiful views, and great staff. Mosood is awesome! Always in a good mood.
9 months ago
Jimmy White
This is easily the worst apartment I have ever lived in. It's hard to list all the issues with this place, but to name a few: the staff is very rude, the apartment is WAY overpriced, no one is ever at the front desk, boxes can be easily stolen, the apartment and garage functioning is terrible (half the time it never works), internet and cable barely work (you must use the services they provide), the just list goes on. I have had several encounters with the management about problems with this facility, and they all ended in no resolution. The apartment looks nice at first, but you are being fooled. I would never consider living here again.
3 months ago
Philip True
E2 is an excellent place to live in Evanston. The amenities are excellent and the staff is awesome. The leasing agents made the move in process smooth and they often send out fun events and reminders to all the residents. Mosood, Salko, and Mac are so nice and helpful to every individual that walks through the front doors. Additionally, whenever there is something that needs to be fixed in the apartment, maintenance is always so responsive. So glad I chose to live at E2!
2 months ago
Trav R
Great place. Mosood and Salko are the best
8 months ago
Cam Stapelfeld
Had a great stay this summer at E2. Facilities were great. I also want to call out Mosood who was excellent at the concierge desk this summer.
9 months ago
Walter James
Absolutely rude and unhelpful management staff. I lived in E2 for two years and a week ago I asked one of the women who works in the leasing office if she could quickly write me a housing recommendation as I will be moving to San Francisco and they are more stringent about tenant requirements. After telling her I only needed one to two sentences sent to my email address just saying that I paid on time, the woman looked at me, said she was too busy with other priorities, and told me she would get to it within 24 to 48 hours. After telling her I needed it by tomorrow, she said she was already too busy and refused to help me. Seeing as I gave her my email already, it would have taken her 2 minutes to send me the email as she was already on her computer, but she still refused to do so. To this day, a week later, I have still not received any recommendation. This is typical of E2 management as they have shown time and time again they are indifferent to the needs of their tenants. The amenities are nice but often times things become inoperable and E2 takes forever to fix them properly.
9 months ago
Rachel Decamp
Was a resident there for the last 20 months. E2 is by far the best upscale apartment building in Evanston. Best amenities, high security and many exceptional perks for the money. Wonderful building management team and AMAZING concierge personnel. Thank you Mac, Salko, Mosood, Vonda, John and the long list of amazing people working at this facility.
10 months ago
red perry
we have been living here for 3 months and it has been very good .. the facilities are awesome and the staff too .. a highlight to the concierge Mosood .. he is super attentive and helpful.
4 weeks ago
niece curry
I really enjoy living here. The apartments are nice and the building is always kept clean. The location is close to the Evanston theatre, restaurants and Metra train stop.
11 months ago
Ant Miller
Building amenities are quite nice - gym, basketball court, theater room, patio and pool. Front desk staff is especially courteous and helpful - especially Salko, Mac, and Mosood. It's a high priced building but you get what you pay for.
9 months ago
Teresa Lesure
Way overpriced. At $3000-4000/mo for a 1000sq ft 2-bedroom you can be assured that most professors can't afford to live here. I see many students living here though. Ask them how many 1-bedrooms vs studios vs 2-bedrooms they have to get a sense of the potential student distribution if you are a professional or empty-nester. Staff appears to be nice, yet pompous. Facility is top notch. If money is no object and you don't mind living with students then I definitely recommend this place! If not, consider alternatives.
11 months ago
Ann Mabry
So nice and beautiful .......good security .,and so well maintained this apartment so good than any other from Evanston.heartly thanks for good staffs.
10 months ago
Zachary Elliot
The service is awful, and it's very over priced for the market. It is absolutely not worth the price. Look at 1717 or anything else.
3 months ago
Tony Bliss
I've been living here for the past year. Everything is ok, you have a gym and if you're lucky you get Mosood as your doorman. When he is here the service is impecable. I must say salko is too., I hope you keep him (msssood) because I know it's a reason why a lot of us decided to stay here second year. Masood is always in a good mood and willing to help , he has the best attitude I've ever seeen and takes care of the building and its customers as if they were His Best , Flavia
11 months ago
Owen Duda
Mosood is an excellent doorman and is always so helpful!
5 months ago
Patricia Rolph
There is an assistant manager named John. He is pretty RUDE. If you do not want to ruin your day, try not to talk to him. I do not think anyone should be treated like that.
5 months ago

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