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David Stewart
My dog was crazy and out of control now she is so much better to live with! I recommend live well dog training to all of my friends.
3 months ago
Megan Guare
Kim was great with working with our dog and family. She was patient and calm and provided great solutions to get our dog enjoying going on walks. We have been pleased with how much progress our puppy has made in the few weeks she had worked with us. Our dog has enjoyed seeing Kim every week and learning how to be a calm and respectful dog. We have some great tools in place to continue throughout his life.
6 months ago
Bill Treakle
We gave Kim our two Great Danes a 6 month old and a 1 year old. They had no formal training and we're a bit of a problem with behaving in the house. the transformation was amazing, they now have manners. Kim was polite, professional and very knowledgeable regarding dog training. I would highly recommend anyone looking to train their dogs to talk to Kim she's absolutely the best in Wichita.
10 months ago
Keith Williams
I recommend Kim and Live Well Dog Training 100%! My dog has fear aggression and went thru the behavior modification program. I honestly didn’t know if my dog would overcome his fears, but Kim did so well training him that he is able to go on walks, go out in public, have visitors at home, and go to the vet without having a meltdown! The coping mechanisms she taught him (and trained us) to use has changed our lives so much! She is completely committed to training our dog and doing whatever it takes to help him conquer his fears! She is flexible with our schedules when setting up training sessions and will come to your house for training. I can’t say enough good things about Kim and I’m so thankful for everything she has done for us! Our dog is living a much more fulfilled life because he has learned how to deal with and overcome his fears!
5 months ago
Diana Ciccolini
My Goldendoodle had poor behavior, but Kim worked him and he is a completely different dog. He is so good! He listens to my commands and isn't as hyperactive. I highly recommend Live Well Dog Training!
6 months ago
Carol Duncan
I have been to several dog trainers here in the ICT, in which based on my needs at the time the service was good. I reached out to Kim for I wanted to up my training and knowledge, and since I have three dogs, each dog is different and Kim fits the training for each dog's personality and ability. She is thorough and very knowledgeable about her craft. She brings insight and explains the "why", which for me, I need so I can become better. She has greatly improved my dog's obedience and working ability and she has made me a better dog person. Thank you, greatly appreciated.
1 month ago
Barbara Huddleston
Every experience that have had with Kim has been nothing short of amazing. From her behavior modification to boarding with her, she has given us advice and helped us train our fur babies. We definitely will be using her services in the future.
11 months ago
Kun W
Hands down, the absolute best trainer in Kansas! She worked wonders with my working protection dog and my wife's little ankle biter. I will recommend them to everyone I know! You won't find better trainers than these guys!
11 months ago
Shifali Doda
I'm so very happy we sent our dog to Kim! We had taken him through puppy classes in the past and I really didn't think he would ever get better. As he got older he seemed to just keep getting worse and worse. I sent him to Kim and not only did she train him, she showed my how to get him under control before he gets crazy. I recommend them to anyone looking to get their dog trained.
4 months ago
Matt West
I couldn't believe how impressive these guys are! I came out for training and their dogs blew me away!!! And what they were able to accomplish with my dog in just a few days is nothing short of a miracle! If you're thinking about using another trainer don't! These guys are the 100% best around!
4 months ago
Denise Graham
Our lab puppy Susie was very out of control. With the 5-week program that Kim provides, we are enjoying much better control and learned tricks and techniques that have helped Susie behave and this has made our lives much easier. My husband Daniel and I both highly recommend Kim's training programs for any dog or puppy situation. She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She truly cares about the animals and their owners! We are very grateful.
1 month ago
Melvin Phillips
My wife and I adopted a dog from the Kansas Humane Society approximately six weeks ago. We enrolled our dog in Kim's Mind Your Manners 101 course and our dog's obedience improved within the first week. Five weeks later, our dog obeys the basic commands without problems and she is a pleasure to take for a walk. Kim is a highly knowledgeable and professional trainer and I recommend her to anyone looking to have a well-behaved dog.
4 months ago
Andrea Schneider
Most knowledgeable trainers around. Too many "trainers" out there saying they know about dogs when they really dont and end up making matters worse. Kim has helped tremendously with my German shepherd and we're close to stepping on the trial field! One of the best places in kansas for dog training!
8 months ago
T Banacek
I didn't think there was any hope for our Husky. He was the most clever but stubborn dog on the face of the planet. We put him in the Dependable Dog program and couldn't have asked for better. I can take him to the lake with us now and know he can have the freedom to run and swim but will come back as soon as we call him. Jay and Kim were both very nice and helpful whenever I had a question about the training process. Thanks guys!
11 months ago
Full Mortise
My experience with live well dog training was great! They were able to solve all the problems i was having with my two dogs Chip and Gracie. Now i enjoy spending time with them again!
11 months ago
John Lester
Absolutely a great experience. My rescue dog was out of control on walks and anytime company came over we would have to put him in the yard. He is now a well mannered member of the family and we can take him to other's houses without worrying about him misbehaving.
11 months ago
Adam Wahlberg
So we rescued our dog a boxer pit bull mix. She was 2 years old and pretty timid at first. A few months after we got her she started to show some aggression out on walks and when people came in the house. We were concerned and put her in a basic obedience class. Halfway through the class our dog bit another dog. We were thinking about having to put her to sleep. I am just so so so happy my sister in law told us about these guys. They saved our dog's life! She is so well mannered now and we know what to do to help her get through situations that she doesn't know how to handle. I highly highly recommend Live Well Dog Training!
10 months ago
Randy Richter
Can you teach my dogs trick & Frisbee & Agility?
7 months ago
It's only been two weeks since Jay and Kim came into our home, to help us understand what was going wrong with our Dobermans. Our dogs were fighting nonstop and I thought that we would have to give one away, to our adult children, for this …
4 months ago
Junaid Channa
Won't return phone calls for protection training. All experiences with them has been unprofessional!
2 weeks ago
Tracy Brouillette
Thank you for all your help in getting my new puppy under control and showing me what I needed to change for her to see me as the leader.
10 months ago
Arnedra Bell
4 months ago
Fugere Leo
8 months ago
Tamara Williams
8 months ago
Dagniby Dali
9 months ago
Justin Lindh
8 months ago
Aadil Noor
11 months ago

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