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Address: 7651 Shaffer Pkwy Suite A, Littleton, CO 80127, United States
Phone number: +1 303-948-2038

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anime watts
I have been satisfied with the support given me by Doug Chambers at Metal Buildings Outlet. We worked together starting from the design stage all the way through to completion. He was very helpful and courteous. The parts support Doug received from the factory needs some improvement. I am very appreciative of Doug helping me to obtain the correct foam spacers.
4 months ago
ashish sharma
Dustin did a really good job keeping us informed of when our building would show up on site. I did have a couple of questions as my son and I put an 80x100 building up ourselves. Fairly simple and straight forward. Our cattle shed looks great!!
4 months ago
Joseph Payumo
I ordered a 30x40 steel building to use as a shop in my property in Conifer. Doug helped all the way through making sure that all of the designs were satisfactory to me and that they met the code requirements for my county. I had contacted multiple building manufactures and many said they did not even produce a building that met my snow load for 9000ft above sea level. Doug was great all the way through the project and is definitely an asset to this company. Many places I have found you have trouble getting someone to answer questions or figure out solutions once they have your check. This was not the case here.
4 months ago
Steve Clark
The experience we have had with Metal Building Outlet has been positive! Dustin has been very helpful with all aspects of the project. All questions have been answered promptly and any changes dealt with in a timely manor. If we ever have to build again, I would not hesitate to use them again!
4 months ago
Sarah Conner
Great business to work with. Dustin F. walked me through every step and took care of me very well. Top notch group!! Dustin did a great job coordinating and communicating every detail as the process moved along. I will referring everyone to Dustin @ Metal Building Outlet. Great job!
4 months ago
Denise Martin
We have been working with Brandon Follis and Metal Building Outlet for the last few years and have been extremely satisfied with their customer service and material quality. From the beginning stages of the estimate to the final stages of erecting the building, Brandon is there making sure that our needs are met. We appreciate him going above and beyond to help us give our customers their dream building. Every single one of our customers love the finished product. So, thank you, Brandon and Metal Building Outlet for making our lives as contractors easy!
5 months ago
Dawn Way
We have took the huge leap to sell our home and purchased a metal building to convert into our home. Nick Feldman has been solid from the first phone call to the closing of the deal. He helped with all the plans and was always honest. If your looking for a great person with excellent products nick Feldman with metal building outlets is your man!!
4 months ago
Jennifer Booker
Working with Metal Building Outlet was a fantastic experience. Nick was great to work with. From placing the order to shipping it was a smooth experience. We highly recommend Metal Building Outlet.
4 months ago
TheChoclate Cappuccino
I decided to start a new business this year. Doug with Metal Building Outlet helped me match the perfect barn for my business needs. Doug helped throughout the entire process, multitasking at times to get the job done. When I’m ready to put up my next building I know the team I will choose, Doug and Metal Building Outlet. Thanks everyone project well done! Tana Gerstenberger
6 months ago
Deryn Hannapel
I've had the pleasure of working with Nick Feldmann at Metal Building Outlet on 3 projects over the last 4 years and all of them have worked out well. Nick is accommodating and knowledgeable when it comes to specific needs in the metal building arena, including special requirments. We have built several different styles of buildings and will finish the final one this spring. I would recommend Nick for whatever building needs you might have. You will be satisfied.
4 months ago
Travis Roy
Finishing up the second shed I purchased from Metal Building Outlet in last 2 1/2 years. (30x40 then 38 x48 )The quality is the same or better on the second building as it was on the first building. I built both buildings as a one guy DIY project and needed the shed to come as a kit with all the parts. Since I am a hobbyist handyman I am sunk if things don't fit sunk. The bolt holes need to line up every time on every part and piece. I would not be able to fabricate fixes on site. When I have questions on the plans I can call Brett and he is available most days and either knows how to help me, or will research and get back with me in a day or two. I would be glad to buy from them again and recommend to others.
5 months ago
Trever Simes
John Strine was our project manager and did a wonderful job. He designed a perfect building for our needs. I called him a million times and he was always happy to talk about the project. Due to a narrow twisty driveway, he had to arrange delivery by gooseneck which he setup without problems. I wish I needed another building because I'd use Metal Building Outlet without hesitation.
5 months ago
Dessa Marie
Metal building outlet is the only place to get a building from. Dustin was amazing with pricing design and dumb questions I may have had. I was nervous going in because I have contacted multiple other company’s and they wouldn’t return calls or get quotes to me. Dustin is more than exceptional at his job does what he says he’s going to do. My building shipped on time delivered on time. We build this shop with no problems everything was there I would highly recommend this company for any steel building jobs. I know I will be and currently working on another building with them.
5 months ago
Dan LaVorgna
Douglas Chambers was awesome to work with, he was very helpful and responsive thru the whole process until my building was delivered. He also was great at helping me with the permit process, at times would even communicate with the building plan checkers directly to help resolve permit issues. I am extremely satisfied with Metal Building Outlet and Douglas. If your in the market for a building I highly recommend Douglas.
5 months ago
Tina Thomas
I had a great experience with Anthony at Metal Building Outlet. He was very helpful in the overall design and implementation of my project and was always available to help with questions or any issues. Good quality product also. I would highly recommend them.
5 months ago
Eric Mouser
I have always had great service and quality from MBO. Nick has gone way out of his way to make sure my needs were taken care of.
4 months ago
Anthony and the engineers at Metal Building Outlet have gone over and beyond my expectations. The process has been awesome from start to finish. California has strict standards, and we sailed through the permit process thanks to MBO. We’re erecting the building with family and friends, and we’ve had no problems whatsoever. In addition, the price was within our budget. Thank you, Anthony and the stellar engineers at Metal Building Outlet. Stoked! ????????????????
5 months ago
manolo Tunchez
I have been working with Doug Chambers for almost two years to get the building I wanted. He has been very patient and kind and wonderful to work with. This is an awesome company and I highly recommend them!!
5 months ago
Susie Ratzlaff
I have had a great experience working with Doug Chambers and his team at Metal Building Outlet. Doug has gone above and beyond when it comes to customer service. He has been available to answer questions and give advice. Doug was genuinely interest in the progress of my build. When shopping for a metal building I was told that all of the metal building companies are the same and just want to push the sale and move on, but that is not the case with MBO they have some of the best customer service that I have ever dealt with. When I say customer service I don’t mean some 1 800 number, I have a direct line to the sales rep and he himself helps me out. If you are in the market for a metal building I would definitely recommend Metal Building Outlet.
5 months ago
Braden Hayes
I’ll start out by saying it was a breath of fresh air finally finding Brandon Follis that was referred to me by a good friend that is a builder. Right off the bat when i called to talk to Brandon I just knew that he wasn’t like the rest of the other 3 slimy, pushy, salesman from these other metal building companies that i spoke with. Brandon was very informative, knows his job very well and got me a rough quote that i was extremely happy with very quickly. He never tried to be a pushy salesman, he was extremely helpful every step of the way and kept me informed about everything. It was overall a great experience and I will continue to refer people to Brandon every time. Make No Mistake Call These Guys First!!!! Save yourself the hassle.
6 months ago
Paula Stout
I have been working with Anthony at Metal Building Outlet for several years now. The last building we did we had several steel panels stolen from the job site. I called Anthony and made a request for the replacement sheets. He made it so easy and we had the panels in several days, and we did lose one day of down time. When I have call Metal Building Outlet it seem like every body know my name and who I’m calling for. This is what you call customer service. The product is great and the service is impressive.
1 week ago
Logan Bass
Metal Building Outlet supplied Communication Construction & Engineering, Inc. with our new 9000 sq ft building. During construction some issues came up that were not MBO's fault but MBO offered to fix everything to keep the project moving forward. To do that speaks to the character and type of company MBO is. Needless to say we are very happy with chose Danny and Metal Building Outlet!
4 months ago
Bar Wolk
Christi Rodriguez with metal building outlet has been so helpful she would get the answers to any questions I had or customizations of the building she found the best price after getting quotes from several other companies I am extremely satisfied with Christi customer service and every time I contacted her with a change or a question she was always happy to help
5 months ago
Adam Castelsky
Friendly and knowledgeable ! Both Christi Rodiguez and Charlie have been a pleasure to work with . Even though this is an unusual building they have made the process easy. Can't wait to take delivery !
5 months ago
Sejal Baldha
I'm A DIY kind of guy I shopped around for a steel building for 3 years before I decided to buy this one. I worked with Nick Feldmann The hole time. My biggest fear was once I bought the building from MBO and they had my money they would stop helping me along the road to getting this building up. Just fyi My building is 80X100X16 insulated. I must say this project was a beast to get up and no I have never done this before. It took me 5 months to build the hole thing from poring concrete to standing the building up. Along the way we had a few problems and I would call MBA and if it was a part I was missing or something was not fitting they would over night me the parts or express ship them out. So yes we had a few hick ups along the way but they took really great care of me and treated me right. I must say the building is amazing the parts were top notch from the screws to the trim. I will be buying another building down the road for a horse barn. The building is done but I only had this one on my phone for a picture. Thanks guys. Clinton Merrill Deweyville UT
4 months ago
Jason Clarke
I have know Danny and his family for over 30 years and have worked with him and Metal Building Outlet for the past 10 years or so. MBO has given me the best Bang for my Buck consistently. The Quality, Convenience of having a factory close to me, and the Great Customer service. MBO is a Great place to get your next metal building.
6 months ago
Henry Maduka
I have purchased a total of 8 separate buildings from Metal Building Outlet totaling 14,400 sq ft. Start to finish, I have always had a great experience with the entire process. Their pricing is on point (I have shopped them EVERY time????) and their team is dedicated to helping your project be successful! I highly recommend MBO for all of your metal building needs!
4 months ago
What a great company to deal with! You don’t have to be an expert to put it up yourself. I definitely recommend a forklift to unload it and lift the main pieces. I also recommend the ability to read a technical drawing. The building has been up for a few years now and has been problem free! The better insulation was a great investment and one that I recommend to anyone. Good quality, easy to deal with, and low maintenance, just buy it here and be done. You won’t regret it!
11 months ago
Evelin Castillo
Bought a 40x100 building. Over all the project was nice and easy. I put the building up myself. The few little issue's i had were taken care of quickly and my over all experience was great ???? I would definitely be interested in a future build when that te comes and always recommend MBO thanks again!
7 months ago
Francis SAYDEE
Quick and easy. Project turned out great
4 months ago
Jens Schulz
I have worked with Brett Ruegsegger on several projects and both the service and quality of the buildings have been great!
5 months ago
Karen Welch
I had a great experience working with Luke at the metal building outlet. He quoted and figured out what I needed for my 60X40 Pole Building ceiling. He also let me know how far apart the metal banding needs to be determined by the space between trusses. I used their R25 Faced w/ WMP-VPR and 2 taped tabs. The adhesive on the tabs were very sticky which helped make my ceiling look finished. Very happy with how it turned out especially with never installing one of these ceilings before. Luke answered all my questions on installation and was able to get everything shipped out quickly with the correct number of rolls and cut to fit based on my Pole Building size. I would highly recommend Metal Building Outlet. Very impressed with their quality of product and customer service. The ceiling looks finished and well insulated for the winters here in Northern Indiana. Their prices are very good also.
2 months ago
Charles Ferreira
Great company we bought a 80Wide x 175Long x 18Tall. Great people to deal with great service use our building for our different entities. Kelley is great for finding out the answer to any question you have.
11 months ago
Becky W
Great place to buy a metal building! Doug was Awesome to work with. He was easy to get a hold of on a whim and always eager to help. Definitely would recommend. Great experience!!!
1 month ago
Hachu Vb
Thank you Metal Building Outlet for a pleasant experience. I worked with Dustin. He is very conscientious and went out of his way to make sure I understood and got everything I needed. The process was smooth and all the parts were delivered right on time. We are constructing the building now so no pictures yet. thank you again.
2 months ago
Mr Bodich
I purchased a barn from Metal Building Outlet a couple of years ago with the plan of erecting it myself. Due to business commitments, concrete contractor problems, and permitting issues it took me over a year to start erecting. Once I started building it I had a ton of questions. Anthony held my hand through the process and was very patient with me. We ran into a problem with the doors being located in the wrong place, but Anthony was quick to understand the problem, to get the proper components, and to work through the engineering issues. Since I didn't have any experience putting up a metal building it was a huge relief to be able to pick up the phone and bounce questions off of Anthony. I highly recommend purchasing a building from them.
1 week ago
Christopher Lee
Very pleased with my metal building! James was great working on my project from start to finish! Selection and options was great! Price was fair and delivery was quick! I would highly recommend them and would buy from them again in a heartbeat!
11 months ago
Nakul Bende
Wow! After shopping the NIGHTMARE of other building companies Metal Building outlets was found Anthony was professional, met our budget we needed and went out of his way with patience waiting for our county to approve the building and then went out of his way to make sure after a minor delivery glitch that it was early on the scheduled time. After making sure our building met all our code requirements. Ive trained salespeople for over 30 years Anthony has exhibited every positive trait you could hope to deal with, Professional polite courteous and LISTENS to his clients. VERY Happy with the purchase. All Parts on inventory sheets were there. I reserve the right to alter this review after construction of building but I really can see NO pieces missing that Anthony wouldn't replace.
8 months ago

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