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Rodney Wilson
Honestly where do I even begin? Let me start by saying that this whole experience start to finish has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Going into this I was totally out of my comfort zone but Angie quickly changed that feeling. I felt so comfortable around her the entire time and I’m pretty sure we talked and laughed the entire session. Everything from the set up, the music, the welcoming environment. It was way more than I expected it to be! I will definitely be scheduling another session in the near future! Thanks again Angie!????
4 months ago
Aracelly Vargas
Given the situation (her studio didn’t have heat) she was very accommodating. She offered me 2 sessions, one now in a hotel room, and a second part when her audio is back up and running. While she had to change the date of the appointment last minute she was very understanding of finding a time to fit my busy schedule! I LOVE about half of the photos I got from the hotel room! They made me feel good! She made me feel less awkward then I often am! I’m excited for part two! (I’ll update my review after part two!)
4 months ago
Kiwana Reliford
I chose to have a photo shoot prior to having a double mastectomy. Ang was so kind & made me feel very comfortable. My surgery was moved up 6 weeks and she even accommodated my last minute schedule change. The pictures are beautiful. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Ang!
4 months ago
Katie Quirk
Angie is awesome! I was super nervous for my first time and she made it so I was comfortable. She made me laugh and has a great personality as well!!
4 months ago
Crystal Bowen
I was very very pleased with my experience during my session in Nov. '19. It was something I wanted to do for me. I wanted to see me in a way that I don't get to see myself. I am a breast cancer survivor and I have had a few surgeries, so showing my body in that way wasn't easy. Angie helped to make me feel comfortable and she encouraged me to just be me. She asked for what I wanted before the session and laid out all of the things to expect before during and after the session. I was very happy with the photos that I received back. I could tell that it was my body, just softer. She told me beforehand that she doesn't doctor the photos and I respected that. She talks positively about each and every body she photographs, knowing this from her website. Her message then and now is that all women are beautiful just the way they are. And now when I look at my photos, I am reminded of that truth. The experience was totally worth it!
9 months ago
Preston Blake
Angie was absolutely amazing! Hands down the best experience I have ever had! I have told soooo many people to take pics if they have been thinking about it. It can be hard to step out of your comfort zone for something like this but it truly gives you an insane confidence boost! My husband loved them as a first anniversary present and I definitely will be going back to do more!
6 months ago
Anton Loschilov
This was my second boudoir shoot with Angie and she is absolutely amazing! My first shoot I was a little shy and nervous not knowing what to expect and she laid it all out with me. She made me feel very comfortable and secure during the session and the pictures turned out stunning! Angie does great quality work, is very professional, but still keeps things light and EXTREMELY fun! I booked a family session with her AND I’ll be booking another boudoir! What a great experience! Thank you Angie!
9 months ago
Marlene Cabanaw
Angie is an amazing photographer. From the time you walk into the door to the time you leave. She makes you feel so comfy in the surroundings and focuses on the image you want to be portrayed. She also asks your insecurities in your body as she will make sure to work poses around that area to make you look stunning. I can't believe how amazing my pictures are and the fact after having 3 kids I can be a stunning mother. Highly recommend.
8 months ago
Dan Shaw
I was SO nervous about my first experience but she made it stress free and helped me love myself a lot more!! Such an amazing time with an amazing woman!
4 months ago
Laurin Hart
Booked boudoir pictures in November. Wanted to feel good about myself and would make a good Christmas present. Was told I’d get my pictures back no later than 4 weeks. It took almost 6. Pictures came back unedited and nowhere near what quality others pictures came out as. Tags/loops on my clothes were not tucked in or edited out. My skin tones were all different colors. I was posed in the most unflattering positions. She brought a cat with and it was in a good portion of my pictures..? Then the lady that was coming to get the cat was coming in the middle of my session! What! She talked about her health that was affecting her ability to do her job. After I got my pictures back, I cried. Several times. I couldn’t believe how terrible I looked. I wanted to get these pictures done to feel better about myself. I had my boyfriend look at them and a few close people to get second opinions in case I was over reacting. They also agreed that this was terrible work. So I messaged Angie(the owner) about all of this and she came back at me with the excuse that I was a photographer and she thought I was in there to steal her ideas and to tell her how to run her business. At this point not only was it a slap in the face that she intentionally did a terrible job on my pictures but she continued to make excuses and point fingers at me. 0 stars. Can’t believe that experience.
6 days ago
Suzanne Dobranski
Angie made my experience so comfortable, that by the time I was done I wanted to do another shoot. I loved how the pictures turned out. If you are looking for a photographer she is your gal.
9 months ago
Pompilio Pavon
Angie did absolutely AHHHHHMAZING!!!! She made me feel so comfortable in my own body and after two kids (csections) that's something I struggle with. She was patient and made sure I was comfortable doing the poses/shots before hand. I have now had 3 sessions and have been extremely happy with the outcome of all of my photos!! If you are on the fence about booking an appointment, look into doing a consultation! I hands down recommend Angie and Bodhi Boudoir!!
9 months ago
Aleisha Southerland
Angie is legitimately THE best at what she does! From the moment you walk through those doors she just has this presence about her that puts you at ease right away. She has this way of making you feel like you've known each other for years ( I personally have ???? ) but the conversation just flows so naturally. All nerves and doubts are gone when you're with Angie. A heart of gold and she takes the best pictures out there!
4 months ago
Shawn Troughton
I absolutely LOVED working with Angela!! She ensured to make this experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible which maybe not always be the most easiest in a setting like this. Her works is AMAZING as well!! She is very open and honest in talking to you about what it is you want and what it is she is able to provide. I would 10/10 recommended her to anyone and will most definitely be doing more sessions with her in the future!
3 months ago
I am very insecure with myself and I did my first session on a last minute decision. And it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Angie made me feel so at ease and actually comfortable in my own skin. I still struggle with my insecurities but I look at my images and remember that I am beautiful. Highly recommend Angie if you are thinking of doing this type of shoot!
3 months ago
Inge Rogers
Angie is amazing!! She makes you feel so comfortable and tells you exactly what to do. She's very creative and has so many ideas. Everyone should have a session for themselves at least once. You will see yourself in a new light.
3 months ago
Chris Reaves
Angie is fantastic!! The older I get, the more changes I see with my body. Angie made me feel so comfortable the whole session!!! I can’t wait to schedule my next session!! Highly recommended!
6 months ago
yif Fish
You will feel so welcomed and so comfortable in your own skin! She is so so kind and will make you feel like a model!! The best decision I’ve ever made and I recommend her to everyone!!
5 months ago

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