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Christmas tree farm Yenser's Tree Farm, 1910 Mahoning Dr E, Lehighton, PA 18235, United States: 38 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1910 Mahoning Dr E, Lehighton, PA 18235, United States
Phone number: +1 570-386-2073

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Sergiy Asyeyev
I took my 9 month old nephew here last weekend and he absolutely loved it. The staff was super nice, prices were awesome. I paint $7 for 3 large pumpkins and a gourd. $7!!! There were so many things to do and although it was crowded there was a lot of room and there wasn’t a ton of people on top of each other. They offered food, drinks, and fun for a low price! It’s also the perfect place for cute fall photos.
6 months ago
Vicki W
1st time choosing and cutting our Christmas Tree ???? and we are super pleased. Reasonably priced and awesome customer service. Will visit again.
4 months ago
Chris Stanwood
Amazing! Had a TON of stuff to do for the kids. Everything was either new or well taken care of. Nothing felt unsafe or insecure. Pumpkin area was cute. Property overall was beautiful! Very much worth going and hanging out for a few hours. Corn maze was also fun! Very kid friendly. Also, shout out to the staff! We left our wallet on the hayride and a staff member went into the corn maze to return it!!! Thank you!!!
6 months ago
Sean Blonien
Fun time with family
8 months ago
Maurice Bell
I always give accurate information where I visit. This was the first time our family visited the Tenser's Tree Farm. What a tree farm they treat you like the family.1. the have great prices 2. They cut the tree and take it to be rap the tree and load the trees. 3. Free coffee & Hot chocolate for the children with two types of cookies. A free Christmas ornament.4. A playground also a food trailer if your hungry. 5 and wonderful worker's who are polite and respectful. Just like family 3 generations of dam ly owned. They get 10 + Starts.
5 months ago
Martha Rosales
This was our first time here because we had the grandsons up for their birthday. Everybody had a wonderful time to include myself. The corn maze was a lot of fun. The kids had a great time on the various playgrounds and on the air conons. Also if you get the package it's very affordable. Beautiful views, clean and friendly.
11 months ago
Karen Ethier
Great family oriented tree farm. Trees sold at a great price and nicely groomed. There was something for everyone in the family.
5 months ago
Arielle Segal
We went for the sunflower festival but I wouldn't really have called it a festival. The sunflowers were mostly gone or wilted. However, we did get some nice pictures in the growing Christmas trees and the view was nice from up there. There were 2 food trucks, 3 porta-potties, and a hay ride. Not too much else going on. We'll go with it was okay for summer time. possibly better in the fall and winter.
9 months ago
Sander Hickerson
Great place,friendly workers,beautiful trees ,prices are good the kids had a good time and loved it there.
5 months ago
patricia marsille
Their staff is the best. They go above and beyond to help you with your tree.
4 months ago
Laura Carlisle
Great place to get a tree. We go every year.
5 months ago
stephen duran
Great place to visit. Friendly folks. Lots of fun for the kids!
7 months ago
Ina Dajci
Been there for both Halloween and Christmas. Fantastic people and Fantastic experience
4 months ago
Jessica Torres
Very nice farm. Went for sunflower festival. Very nice people. Sunflowers were sold out but it was nice
9 months ago
Zachary Reed
Has nice long hay ride food is good to . Little play ground for the kids.
7 months ago
Timothy Wolfe
Fun Halloween corn maze for the kids and parents!!! A playground to run around in after.
6 months ago
Friendly staff, clean and safe environment, and so much fun; love this place!!
8 months ago
Robert Drabek
went to sunflower fest, and there where no more sunflowers. Went to buy pumpkins, but we where told we couldn't buy mums. WTH do they want to make money or not.
7 months ago
Hlobisile Mkhondwane
Crazy busy! Nice people and great prices!
6 months ago
Joe Offutt
I've never given a negative review so im not sure whats exactly appropriate to say but..... Maybe it was just OUR experience, im not sure but we went yesterday 8/ 8/ 2020 for the sunflower festival and it was terrible. Simply terrible. Folks you desperately need to get parking and popoulation control. There were people actually arguing which is so preventable with parking assistants. Put a couple kids out there to direct the parking. We are also in the middle of a pandemic. Social distancing needs to be considered for the hayrides. You guys jam packed the rides with people! Come on. Lastly, its a SUNFLOWER festival! Where were the SUNFLOWERS? It was our first time there. We drove over an hour with 4 kids. Smh. Disappointed. I mean, maybe your staffing was short? Idk. Did more people come than was expected? Was it a bad year for the sunflowers? Idk. It was a great effort I suppose. The prices were reasonable. The staff you did have was very very nice. Need better organization all the way around.
8 months ago
Keziah Morris
Nice spot, not too crowded, great view!
6 months ago
Ankt Sheen
My boyfriend and I have come in the fall for pumpkins, and we recently got our first Christmas tree from them. The staff is super friendly and helpful. It’s a cute little family run place. Defiantly recommended!
6 months ago
Mandy Perendy
Great selection of trees. I love that we were given a yellow ribbon with a number on it so it was easy to mark our tree. A map of the tree farm was available as well. Free refreshments, and food for purchase. !! Oh and they accept debit cards!
5 months ago
Melinda Bullock
Please visit and enjoy the Pumpkin Festival!!
7 months ago
Brittany Bennett
Great place ....
7 months ago
Bini babu
Friends of the family and have always loved our trees. Finding one each year is the start of our christmas.
4 months ago
Ruth Vaughn
I’ve been getting my Christmas tree here since I was little now I take my kids there!!
5 months ago
Jack Bradley
The family went to do the pumpkin patch and we all loved the experience. Very friendly people, fun ride out to pick from a large field. Had good prices for good food. Definitely will be going back! Most likely for out Xmas tree. :)
1 week ago
Jack Palin
Nice place friendly
8 months ago
Kevin M
Really cute family farm! So much for kids to do! Really nice family/owners. Stop in for some fall fun! Great job on the corn maze !!
9 months ago
Renard Currie
Excellent family farm. My wife and I enjoy the smaller, family run farms and Yenser's fit that perfectly. Activities for the kids to do, reasonably priced, and just a great family atmosphere!
6 months ago
Michael Russo
Went with my grandbaby and son. Was great! She loved it. Not mobbed with peope. No lines to wait!
5 months ago
Jesse Soto
Great staff and very friendly! We went for the pumpkin patch this past year and the experience was great!! Can't wait to go back again for the pumpkin patch and Christmas trees!!!!
9 months ago
Patty McKinney
I've been coming to yensers since I was a little girl and now I'm bringing my own children. The trees are beautiful and the staff are helpful and friendly. The quality of the trees is great. Prices are reasonable. Love Yensers!!
9 months ago
Kareem Razzaq
Great service, trees and employees. Would definitely go again.
9 months ago
ronandchris criel
Lot's of Sunflowers
8 months ago
Nicholas Pabon
6 months ago
Martin Koltz
4 months ago

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