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Butcher shop Burgundy's Local, 3314 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75204, United States: 28 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 3314 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75204, United States
Website: burgundypasturebeef.com
Phone number: +1 972-707-7241

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Вероника Муравьева
So far a great place to find grass feed beef And other meat's and cheese raw cheese at that great
5 months ago
Валерий Терехов
So awesome and knowledgeable. Will Definitely be back!
8 months ago
Dima Titov
So much more than just excellent beef. Duck, lamb, chicken, pork, cheese, jerky, spices. Great service. Ty!
6 months ago
Ольга Самойлова
Best place ever for high quality proteins! Also love the cheeses, eggs and jerky!
6 months ago
Мария Борисоглебская
Thrilled to have them in the neighborhood. Wonderful cuts of meat, delicious breakfast sausage, beautiful eggs and nice people. Live and local is the way to go!
9 months ago
Дмитрий Ваулин
I'm so glad this place exists. I can finally feel good about what I'm eating. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Best meat selection AND some of the best cheese around! Also, my dog is loving their new treats.
3 months ago
Алексей Архиреев
We absolutely love Burgundy's! The flavors, tenderness of everything we purchase here is like no other. Eggs are better here too. We buy all our meat and chicken here.
3 months ago
Данила Тарасенко
Great customer service. Enjoyed the burger patties!!
3 weeks ago
Алексей Птицын
Love this place. Great meat, friendly staff, and they have low carb/keto products!!!
5 months ago
Jonh Woolf
Great place, great people, even better products! I love the quality beef and they now offer gulf shrimp! Perfect surf and turf pairing!!
6 months ago
Владимир Кузьмин
Great quality- makes you question the grass fed meats from the grocery. Worth the price knowing you are getting local and well cared for product. We budget accordingly and keep coming back.
7 months ago
Dfgtryhypltl Wpekrqle
Great quality meats, always fresh, love the simplicity of shopping, knowing that everything is grass fed, raised and treated humanely. Great service as well!
7 months ago
Василий Пупкин
Wonderful and simple place to go visit. In a hurry to grab some locally sourced meats and goods? They have their meats packaged and ready to rock!
5 months ago
Никита Мамаев
I just found this place a few weeks back! You'll pay a bit more than the grocery store, but It's high quality animal products that are responsibly raised and well fed. It's difficult to find things like quality pastured chicken and lamb anywhere, much less local. We're lucky to have a such a great resource so conveniently located in downtown.
8 months ago
Екатерина Субботина
The cuts are great. The ground sirloin was delicious. The jerky is so good...
7 months ago
Максим Новоселов
Love this place! I decided to start my dog on a raw food diet and came here to get all the ingredients. They were super helpful and patient with getting everything that I needed. I'd highly recommend them and if you have any questions they're very knowledgeable.
8 months ago
Екатерина Бесчастных
Love having this place in the neighborhood. Amazing meats, chicken and other products. The employees are great and always helpful too.
8 months ago
Таня Воронкова
This guy does it right. It is sad that we have to seek out this type of clean and sustainable food in our country, but nonetheless, the practices and food quality are superb.
11 months ago
Андрей Матвеев
They have excellent meat, extremely fresh and the team is super friendly! Looking forward to my burgers tonight!!!!
7 months ago
Александр Пономаренко
So happy to have found a market with grass fed meat in Dallas. Plus you can buy fresh bone broth. Just perfect.
8 months ago
Леонид Рыбак
Great local, sustainable, they do their own butchering (so no slaughterhouse), and the prices are competitive. They offer frozen and thawed meats so you can get meat for the day and for the week. Sell excellent spice blends as well. As one consumer, it's hard to feel like you can make an impact in the industrial food system world, but by buying from local farmers via Burgundy's we can vote with our dollar for good practices and delicious natural food.
7 months ago
Дмитрий Манкин
If you like grass-fed beef, this is the best in North Texas. I've tried several local ranches, stuff labeled grass-fed in supermarkets, and most pale in comparison. I haven't been to the store, but first ordered for their bi-weekly delivery several years ago. Also, their eggs are also excellent.
10 months ago
Вячеслав Анохин
Love Burgundy's the best grass feed Beef in DFW area. What I like they Dry Age their Beef 14 days. They have Pork, Chicken, Lamb and Bones for Broth. Go check them out.
8 months ago
Роман Агапов
Great selection of true grass fed beef. Owned by a ranching family.
1 month ago
Ольга Медведева
The burger meat is really good! I can defiantly taste the difference. I'm seriously only going to buy my meat from here.
5 months ago
Дмитрий Сабитов
I try and only eat grass-fed, free range beef. Burgundy is currently my favorite butcher in town to get flash frozen or never frozen meats of all varieties. They come packed as single or double servings and have a huge selection of beef, chicken, lamb, eggs and cheese. You can even get beef tallow and bone broth here!
11 months ago
Ольга Донченко
Best tasting steaks I have cooked.
6 months ago
Андрей Шевелев
Absolutely love this place! Just got a brisket to make barbacoa, the fat cap on it is about a quarter inch thick, perfect! And a HUGE bag of XL pet bones for $5!!! My ridgeback is going to town on them! Been there before and will be back! Soon!!!!
11 months ago

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