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Airline Asky Airlines, Douala, Cameroon: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: Douala, Cameroon
Phone number: +237 2 33 42 82 10

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john millwood
Flight home from Cameroon was cancelled on Aug 11 causing a missed connection to another flight. They offered next available flight later that night hotel stay in another country until the next connection flight would be available, however, could not provide information about the connection flight. I refused to sleep in another country for an unspecified time. They were unresponsive to my many inquiries regarding the replacement flight. Eventually, on Aug 18, I was placed on a different flight to get me home to USA. Understanding that this is a regular route and schedule, they should really try harder to expedite their work to make it more realistic that they could fulfil their obligation
8 months ago
Joseph Xerri
Bel accueil et service rapide.
7 months ago
Keri YoungBear
10 months ago
Peter Baldacci
Le week-end t'es dans une situation compliquée à gérer les gars se présentent carrément à midi pourtant ils sont sensés être ouverts à 8h
8 months ago
Alba Dj
7 months ago
Allan Short
Très accueillant et ponctuelle. Je reviendrai..
4 months ago
Captain Michael
Qualite de service excellent, bonne accueille, ponctualite garantie
10 months ago
Mike Gallagher
Efficace ici
4 months ago
Shundra Kuenning
Fantastique lieu et on se régale ????
5 months ago
Ajay Jain
Cest bien
6 months ago
Melissa Proctor
Bel endroit
4 months ago
Nishana Taylor
4 months ago
Monica S
8 months ago
coco nut
2 months ago
Cristy Rios
3 months ago
Dominque Wade
8 months ago
shari schaefer
2 months ago
Albert James
6 months ago

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