Florist Becky's Flowers

Florist Becky's Flowers, 386 Roseville Square, Roseville, CA 95678, United States: 38 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Florist Becky's Flowers
Address: 386 Roseville Square, Roseville, CA 95678, United States
Phone number: +1 916-786-0313

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 38.7460227
Longitude: -121.2761021

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Andrew Delisle
Beautiful photos! This is NOT the Midland Texas trump florist. I'd order based on other great reviews and tulip photo if I knew anyone in the delivery area. Good luck!!!
10 months ago
Russ Hilton
The store has a welcoming atmosphere with so many selections."
5 months ago
Chase Cooper
Great flower shop. The staff, a young lady named Kali was extremely friendly when I phomed in my order. The flowers arrived as scheduled and looked BEAUTIFUL.
10 months ago
Traci Haapanen
EVERYONE - THIS IS NOT THE BUSINESS ASSOCIATED WITH THE CAPITOL RIOTER! I'm sorry to hear that your business has been mistaken for another! My friends in Sacramento have stopped by your shop and loved what they got!
10 months ago
Herman Hawk
Great shop! Personal attention to every arrangement. Wonderful flowers
10 months ago
Oscar Martinez
????Becky's Flower's has gotten hate because people can't be bothered to research before attacking!! I'm sending tons of LOVE & a 5 star review! Sorry you guys had to go through all this!! ????????????????????????
10 months ago
Jamie Childress
A great flower shop that makes gorgeous arrangements. Fast delivery and very friendly staff.
10 months ago
Sadichchha Dallakoti
This is a great flower shop. Friendly hardworking staff that make beautiful arrangements.
10 months ago
Carol Mauer
From the photos, these gals do beautiful work. They are in no way associated with Becky (Cudd) Flowers in Midland, Texas.
10 months ago
Jean Bui
Pretty flowers, They are in Roseville, California and wonderful people! Has NOTHING to do with the Becky's Flowers in Midland, TX or any affiliation with Jenny Cudd she is one has flower shop in Texas who storm the Capitol!
10 months ago
Gerri Strawberry
Best customer experience ever. I highly recommend Bejcky's Flowers for any occasion.
10 months ago
Ruben Pina
I live in Midland TX. This is NOT the Becky’s flowers that violated the US Capital. Please continue to support your local businesses, they do not need nor deserve any negative publicity that may wrongfully come their way due to this embarrassing situation. Steve
10 months ago
Nicole Sylvester
These people have good hearts to continue to serve our community even when they are being unjustly attacked. From now on I will never do flower business with anyone but Beckys Flowers as long as I'm a part of this community.
10 months ago
cindy duell
Great place with very nice and sweet people.
10 months ago
Logan M
I was having trouble with the website and called the store. Callie helped me order flowers and wine that I couldn't add to the cart. Very professional and a great representative of the company. Thank you for making my daughter in law's birthday extra special!
5 months ago
Heena Patel
Sorry the Midland, Texas business has caused your store so much harm. Hopefully people will be smarter than what they have been!
10 months ago
Mike McCarthy
Questionable business model Buy soon-to-expire flowers from other shops and foist them off on the public. Want dead flowers? Go here.
10 months ago
Adam Putt
Very friendly. Lovely attention to detail. And fair prices especially on roses.
9 months ago
Ramiro Roldan
Local owned shops are the foundation of any community. Support local, support Becky’s Flowers ????
10 months ago
rasha kanayati
Terrible company. Saw a rat ???? on the floor.
10 months ago
Joseph Crews
Beautiful website, and lovely people!!
10 months ago
Pilar Delaplane
Lovely shop.
10 months ago
Yasir Arafat
Great flowers!
10 months ago
John DiGiallonardo
Great services and beautiful flowers! My aunt loves her flowers! Thank you! Luvina
1 week ago
Carol Boyd
The customer service here was great. They were really helpful with helping me find a beautiful bouquet for my mom on her birthday. The order was delivered the next day and my mom was extremely happy with the roses she received. 10/10 will order from them again.
11 months ago
Yidi Li
Becky's flowers are so beautiful and they last really long. The people who answer the phone are very knowledgeable and helpful. I know many other people who order here instead of through other florists! And now they sell wine :)
11 months ago
Michael Perez
Only seem to deliver flowers at the end of the day. Hard for the recipient to enjoy them at work. Looked nothing like the arrangement I chose. Would not recommend
10 months ago
Konstantin Syrovatsky
I received an absolutely beautiful flower arrangement from my daughter from Becky’s!! The bouquet was fresh and the flowers are so beautiful. Thank you!
1 month ago
John Mcgowan
I have used them several times, both pick up and delivery. The staff is professional, and helpful. The work is amazing everything done is very beautiful.
3 months ago
Mishkat Khetran
Great place to get fresh flowers. Service was good too.
11 months ago
Rob Lewis
The flower arrangement for my friend Blair’s Celebration of Life was beautiful and it filled the entire room with such a wonderful fragrance Thank you so much Wendy
11 months ago
Blair Denholm
This florist is by far the most helpful shop in the area. No matter when I show up the guys at Becky's put together an amazing work of art for me while I wait and it only takes about 10 minutes. I used to go into their giant cooler myself to try to pick out my flowers which was nice, but now I let them design whatever they want for me and they seriously blow my mind with what they make every time let these people work their magic when you visit! My work takes me all over and often to the Bay Area and Becky's rivals the best flower shops in San Francisco.
3 months ago
Miguel Rod
Arrangement was beautiful. Price was good. Delivery was fast. Employees were helpful and friendly. Wife was happy. What more could I ask for?
3 months ago
Matthew Richardson
Fantastic customer service. Beautiful arrangements. Fast delivery. A trifecta!!! Called in the morning to order an arrangement for my daughters birthday that day. The lady I spoke to helped me choose an arrangement, took the delivery info and message and the arrangement was delivered by 2pm. Daughter was happy. Arrangement was great. Win Win.
3 months ago
Travis Thrapp
Awesome arrangements. My wife was having a bad day at work, so I called Becky's Flowers about having an arrangement sent. I don't know much about flowers and ask the lady on the phone for help. I told her the types of flowers and colors my wife likes and she said their designers could make an arrangement for me and have it delivered that day. Just over an hour later, my wife called me sounding very happy saying how beautiful the flowers were. She brought the arrangement home with her and it look fantastic. Definitely will be using these guys again.
4 months ago
Brian Reese
Beautiful arrangement! Recipient thought they were gorgeous. Was delivered a couple of hours after order was placed. Couldn't have worked out better. Thanks!
3 months ago
Kadie Crivello
I love this local flower shop! Alexander created a stellar fall arrangement for me.
2 months ago
Dakota Sechler
The flowers died in 1 day just horrible.... 100 dollars plus on flowers and they die in 1 day in a temperature controlled room.... stay away from this place product is terrible..... I am back to fix my rating as the company called and corrected the issue from the 1st post. The customer service was awesome they replaced the flowers no charge with an even better arrangement. So as one complains one must also make a correction when a company does the right thing. Stand up company and product delivered was awesome. Thank you very much Becky Flowers.... T
4 months ago

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