Drug store Walgreens

Drug store Walgreens, 1900 Cameron St, Raleigh, NC 27605, United States: 16 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Drug store Walgreens
Address: 1900 Cameron St, Raleigh, NC 27605, United States
Website: walgreens.com
Phone number: +1 919-833-5523

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Natasha Mora
Selection, variety, sales/deals, and product quality are great at this location. Unfortunately, the parking lot can be quite dark/creepy at night time so it would be nice to see that updated with better lighting. Have always found the staff/employees to be very helpful and polite in the store. Will return for sure
11 months ago
Danny Dale
Called to just to ask an inventory question and was spoken to very rudely by two staff members in a row. The second on essentially hung us on me. Not going to bother going to the store if the customer service is that horrible just over the phone.
10 months ago
Sharon Husmann
I normally don’t write reviews, but I feel this place needs it. You’d think with it being the time of Covid and flu season, there would be masks worn by staff. While cashing out, who I was told is the manager here was frantically running around the store trying to find something with NO mask on and COUGHING nonstop. If you want to get Covid, then this store is right for you. Absolutely gross.
9 months ago
Java Jane
I have never once had a good or easy experience filling a prescription at this pharmacy.
10 months ago
Marshall Doane
Worst customer service, rude employees. I do not recommend this store.
10 months ago
Rachel Lamory
The pharmacy at this Walgreens is one of the worst I have EVER dealt with they never get it right, they are never on the same page and impossible to contact. Never know what is going on??? Will be transferring to other pharmacy soon. Please save yourself the headache and choose another pharmacy. May be convenient but not competent enough to trust I had. Refill for 2/26 that they always have to order, today they had not ordered it yet and told me it would be 2/29 but to call back on 28th. Now tell me does this make any sense to you? I get it every month. One would think they would have enough foresight to order the drugs. I HAVE GIVEN THEM CHANCE AFTER CHANCE. DONE TRYING...
7 months ago
Mary Estes
The Pharmacy SUCKS at this location. They told me my prescription was ready and when I got there they told me they no longer had it. The Walgreens near Avent Ferry RD they ALWAYS get it right and they're super friendly.
3 months ago
Jere Crowley
Got my prescription wrong, and are now sending me to new pharmacy across town. Staff incompetent, DO NOT GO HERE
4 months ago
Terri McManus
The pharmacy staff is helpful and friendly with the exception of one person, who did not seem to know how to smile. I needed prescriptions filled from an out of state Walgreens. They were very helpful and courteous. When visiting Raleigh, I would gladly return to this Walgreens.
10 months ago
Ronnie Lindsey
Waited in the drive-through line with a nobody else in it for 10 minutes while no one came to the window I had to get to work so I had to leave thank you wall greens at this particular location for proving to me that I better take my business somewhere else
2 months ago
Service at this pharmacy is maddeningly slow and inept.
1 month ago
Soni Lachhwani
Since this location became Walgreens it has gone downhill tremendously. They never answer the phone and there is always a line of five people or more waiting at the pharmacy and they serve each person with incredible slowness. It’s impossible to find items you’re shopping for because the labels don’t make any sense, and everything is expensive. As soon as the Harris Teeter pharmacy reopens up the street I’ll be transferring my medications there and never coming back to this Walgreens.
3 weeks ago
Joshua Leverett
This Walgreens has the worst phone system I have ever encountered and that is a high bar to achieve. You cannot get a live human from any department on the phone and are out on hold forever to a machine constantly repeating “We’re sorry, our stuff is assisting other calls. Please continue to hold.” Also the pharmacy is totally understaffed and takes forever!
9 months ago
Richard Daggett
Clean store
11 months ago
Jonathan Spelman
10 months ago
2 months ago

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