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Antique store Hunt & Gather, 1910 Bernard St, Raleigh, NC 27608, United States: 28 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1910 Bernard St, Raleigh, NC 27608, United States
Phone number: +1 919-834-9989

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Jyoti Jindal
Consignment vintage goods... A treasure in every book and corner. Welcoming and friendly these wonderful scented soaps..
6 months ago
Adam Lechowicz
They have lots of merchandise to choose from but could use some help in the customer service area. Their merchandising style is a little cluttered but there are lots of treasures hidden throughout the store.
11 months ago
Allan Holden
Nice variety of antiques at good prices.
5 months ago
Sumkio Early
Staff are very welcoming. Lots to look at. Greg was great person. He is a great asset.
4 weeks ago
Emmanuel Egote
Love this spot! Have since moving here 8ish years ago...took this pic this week, 'a memory of ole'. I used to have one of these on my bedroom door, at Christmastime, as a child!
4 months ago
Susan Montague
Very welcoming and kind staff, huge variety of antiques and collectibles
1 week ago
Jingjing Ling
Moldy and musty - no customer service - nothing very interesting to see
8 months ago
Nichole Blank
It’s rare that I find a store that impresses me. I drove four hours and will do it again. Hunt & Gather is a win from product to service. Their selection of quality furnishings and antiques is unparalleled. Special thanks to Cathy and Gregory for their accommodating hospitality, kindness and excellent service. You made my first visit a memorable experience.
6 months ago
RichLisa Wark
Well organized. Nice things
4 months ago
Kimberly Graves
I have been visiting this venue over the past few years. Some great, diverse inventory (art, antiques, MCM, etc), but the prices in some of the booths are rather optimistic. Not a big deal, but I do not find the staff to be welcoming; however, I am not one to chat, so a win for me. Also in their defense, the staff is usually pretty busy. Definitely worth a stop!
6 months ago
Anna Jennett
Absolutely gorgeous pieces!
10 months ago
Jovan Veskovic
We call our North Ridge home Hunt and Gather because we have gotten so many wonderful items from there. You name it and they have it. Be sure to check out their chandeliers and mirrors, my weakness...Linda
7 months ago
Rut Albornoz
The staff was helpful and kind plus their selection is really nice. They made a great deal with me for the piece I wanted and we're able to hold it until my husband was in town a week later to help me pick it up!
4 months ago
Abiodun Adegbenro
Very welcoming, attentive staff. Affordable finds!!!!!! Quite a pleasant atmosphere. One more purchase would likely have been made had the dealer priced it. The staff readily made an attempt to contact the dealer, more than once while we were there. The effort was sincerely appreciated!
9 months ago
Jason Hulen
I called this place due to having BRAND NEW furniture that is in impeccable condition that we are wanting to sale because we decided we wanted something different and the lady on the phone asked what we have, I told her what we have, and she immediately got snotty and said 'I highly doubt we would even accept those.' Not a very good way to represent a company!
5 months ago
Hunter Smith
Great store quality antiques
8 months ago
Mariam Abul
I LOVE Hunt & Gather! I have been going there ever since I moved to Raleigh over 7 years ago. They have beautiful things. I have bought chairs and beautiful tables and stunning antique petite point pillows. I recommend them highly. I do not understand the reviews. I've been to both locations and they are filled up with amazing things. You can't find things like this unless you shop online and then you have to pay enormous shipping prices. I have found the staff to be friendly and helpful, but even if they weren't, WHO CARES, I'm not taking them home with me, I'm buying furniture and accessories. I am in the process of selling an old chair with them, but if not for Hunt & Gather I would be donating the chair to Good Will, so at least I have a chance to get some money back this way and it costs me nothing. SOOOOOO take all these reviews with a grain of salt. I can't say enough great things about them... I give them 5 stars...
4 months ago
Ruby Reynozo
The Hunt and Gather in Seaboard Station at 10W Franklin St is totally different then this place. Great staff. Friendly and goes out of their way. Beautiful unique pieces with a wide variety. It's upscale. Not a thrift store or yard sale. You get what you pay for there. They are picky about their pieces. They refuse damaged consignment. A piece from the 1800's will most likely show its age to some extent. It's an antique. All their pieces are well known name brand. Hoke and Currey and Co. Brand new and marked 60% lower then if you were to go online and buy straight from the company themselves. Look for yourselves.
1 week ago
Tammy Heidemann
Good inventory. Even saw some cufflinks. Prices are a bit lofty but not unreasonable.
4 months ago
katlyn shea
My experiences here have been excellent. They have a great selection of antiques. Even when they have not carried what I was looking for they were helpful in sending me in the right direction.
8 months ago
Webmaster CW
Waaaaay over priced! Whew!
5 months ago
Liliana Esterhazi
You will find something you like here...
4 months ago
Usually a nice selection of antiques, with some non-antique mixed in, at competitive prices. Staff is friendly and helpful. Definitely worth checking it out.
4 months ago
Gregory Connors
I have shopped Hunt & Gather for many years. In the early years, they were the go to shop. Over the years they no longer enjoy this distinction. Many items are not priced. Have brought this to the attention of management several times. Nothing improves. This shop has no respect nor manners for those who enter there. I was in there as late as Nov 6, 2015. The person at the front desk did not acknowledged me on my entering nor exiting. I found several painting I was very interested in. However, they continued to be displayed without a price. Enough is enough! No respect for potential customers. I will not go there again. However, in the same building is a very friendly shop, Form & Function, with a very polite staff, all items are priced = respect for those who visit their shop. Goodbye Hunt & Gather.
10 months ago
Goddess Nicole
Great place to get antique, vintage, and estate items. Fantastic staff.
4 months ago
Patrick Mullins
Very low prices for very high quality pieces!
11 months ago
Hiran Kevitiyagala
Is it because I'm black lol. Sike..I don't know. The staff here sucks. They just stare like you are going to steal something. Some pieces are nice but it's mostly antique junk. Shop online and save ur money.
8 months ago
Eddie Tapan
Two days ago my mother and I took a trip to Raleigh specifically to go to Hunt and Gather. Their website seemed so appealing we figured it would be a sure hit. It wasn't. HUGE disappointment. The staff was RUDE. Not one staff member uttered a word to us as we walked in and through the store. We were dressed very nice but were treated like the homeless walking into their highly overpriced sorry excuse for an antique/consignment store. There are no prices on their website for a reason. If people could view the prices initially no one would waste their time. I am very familiar with the prices of antiques and realize they are not cheap but dear god..... A set of chairs I figured would be around 400 for the two were 995 EACH! They werent a fancy designer just USED chairs... Dont waste your time at Hunt and Gather, that is unless you are into being treated like a piece of trash and interested in price gauging.
11 months ago

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