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Animal hospital Sexton Animal Health Center, 1628 E Kentucky Ave, Ruston, LA 71270, United States: 38 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1628 E Kentucky Ave, Ruston, LA 71270, United States
Phone number: +1 318-251-8283

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Neil Crisp
Love this place! So good to my pets. Always answers all my questions and concerns. Very friendly atmosphere.
7 months ago
Tammy Stallard
Dr Sexton is extremely personable and very knowledgable. He examined my pup and was very kind to him. My overall visit was excellent. Staff and ancillary ssd's staff were all very kind and helpful.
7 months ago
Great clinic! Dr Sexton always goes the extra mile.
6 months ago
mitali goyal
Dr Sexton and staff have a big compassion for the good health of my dogs. I appreciate his work, attention to detail, and listening to me and to my dogs.
9 months ago
Loraine Bonello
The Puppy School is wonderful. My new Bassett Hound puppy has been attending and it is has been great for her!!
10 months ago
Karkeis Artis
After owning dozens of animals and using all vets in the area, at one time or another, I can say objectively that Dr. Sexton is the best, by a wide margin. After relocating out of state several years ago, we consistently find ourselves missing SAHC every time we go to the vet. Dr. Sexton is thoughtful and analytical, but also very practical. Throughout our 12 years in the area and the use of several vets on a consistent basis, Dr. Sexton was the most economical in the long term, and definitely the most attentive. There are other good vets out there, but we have yet to find one who is better than he is.
7 months ago
My sweet beagle got a large fishing hook stuck in her leg. I called Sexton’s Animal Clinic after hours and immediately got the answering service. They quickly connected me with Dr Sexton. He was kind and friendly and offered to meet me at his office. When we got there he was great with our dog and got it out quickly. We were so thankful we had his services close by and didn’t have to drive to West Monroe. He was also very kind to our little daughter who was so happy he “saved” our pet. ????Thanks so much for taking care of us after hours! It was a blessing.
7 months ago
Hemera Maybonni
Staff and Dr. Sexton were great with my Maine coon cat and most considerate of my concerns. Definitely recommend and will return!
5 months ago
Virginia Sugiura
We have used him since he started in Dubach. I would not hesitate to use him at all. He helped us through new breeding when we were breeding pugs, helped us through c-sections, eye surgery, ear flap surgery, and much more. Always compassionate and cares about the animals. Comforting when it is time to say goodbye to your fur babies.
6 months ago
Joey Barker
Very grateful the doctor was able to get Layla's eye fixed. And I do apologize if you thought I was putting down the Emergency Vet in West Monroe. They have saved my dog twice and I truly appreciate them. Thank you for your help Dr. Sexton, and also thank you for the card you sent to me. That meant a lot to me and I appreciate you helping us out on such short notice.
8 months ago
Austin Alexander
The staff at Sexton Animal Health Center are the best! Everyone there has a great love for animals. You couldn't find a more caring Veterinarian. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for care for their pets!
10 months ago
Matthew Doherty
Best vet in North Louisiana! We got one of our wonderful rescue dogs from Dr. Sexton. Later, we discovered that dog had epilepsy. Dr. Sexton was a huge help during that time as we figured out the best line of treatment for our dog. We have since moved to Dallas, Texas but we miss Dr. Sexton and his staff dearly. I would recommend Sexton Animal Health Center to anyone looking for the best level of care out there.
5 months ago
Greg Johnson
A couple people here are less than nice to customers but for the most part this is a good place. Edit: the vet himself called to reprimand my wife for something he wasn't even there for. She had called to check on something and the owner called her back to say she was being rude. I've never had the owner of a business go out of his way to be disrespectful to a customer. He could have handled things a lot better had he thought my wife was being rude to an employee of his. I really just think the owner is a hot head and needs to watch his temper.
5 months ago
Troy Nason
Sexton Animal Health Center is a wonderful place!! I never, ever, ever have to worry about leaving my pets with Dr. Sexton or his staff! Everyone is so caring and intentional about the care they give the animals! Dr. Sexton is very knowledgeable and extremely patient seeing as I usually have a plethora of questions that I need answered! I will always recommend anyone to Dr. Sexton and his staff!!
9 months ago
Brad Kingsbury
I worked for a great vet back in the 90’s who used his veterinary skills but did not charge you for every little cotton pickin thing that he could find to charge for. Ever since he retired, I found it very difficult to find a new vet that could utilize both his/her knowledge in veterinary medicine combined with just plain common sense. Someone who could look in a dogs ear and say “he’s got ear mites” rather than have to run a $50 test to figure that out. I finally found Dr. Sexton who is a great combo of new vet science plus old school “shoot you straight” veterinary medicine. I am very happy with this vet and all members of his staff. Fantastic place to work with. I will always go here and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a vet home in Ruston. Also their new Puppy Preschool is a definite MUST for new puppy owners!
7 months ago
J Thibert
We love Dr. Sexton and his staff! Their service and compassion are not matched with anyone we've seen in the North LA area. I would definitely recommend using Sexton AHC for your pet needs!
10 months ago
Lokendra Gupta
We have been using Sexton Animal Health Center for 7 years now and believe it's the best in the area. Consistent, good care for our dogs and help with after-hours issues. I always recommend Sexton to others looking for a vet in Ruston.
11 months ago
Austin Pretsch
Dr. Sexton has been caring for my family's pets since 2008 & we don't trust anyone else with our fur babies. Dr. Sexton, ROCKS!!!
5 months ago
Yari Torres
One of my favorites vets in Ruston. The cost is worth the service and the work is always great!
2 months ago
Coy Frazier
Dr. Sexton and his staff are very caring and compassionate. I highly recommend this veterinary practice.
7 months ago
Kelli Wetsel
Love this clinic! Everyone is so nice and personable. My cat loves going to the vet now!!
11 months ago
Lindsey Smith
I had a horrible situation a few years back. Staff shouting at me. I've already paid and demanded my dog. Tried to call the cops but they said that it was a civil matter. Finally got dog back with her blanket wet. I left a vm at the owners home. He was out of town at the time. Never got a call. I've had negative reviews from others in this area. Don't go there. I don't know how they're still in service, especially sonce the Tech mascot died there and a staff member tried to cover it up
10 months ago
Giannis Kazdaridis
Dr. Sexton loves animals and has always helped us when we call for advice. Great guy, great practice!
1 week ago
Ruth Tadema
This place gives the best care and always treats me with respect! I wouldn’t bring my animals anywhere else.
8 months ago
Robert Gottlieb
4 weeks ago
Mark Schafer
We took our animal to see about an aural hematoma (Blood in flap of ear). Service was okay, but overpriced after finding out from parents how much they paid for vaccinations for five dogs to the tune of $600.00.
10 months ago
Brenda Monroe
Fast, knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and the phones are manned after hours for emergencies.
11 months ago
Weiyu Lim
Best veterinarian in Louisiana.
9 months ago
Man Rocket
The food sucks
5 months ago
Ben Smasher
Professional pet and animal care
10 months ago
Sharon Ki
I took my 36 hour old puppies to have their tails/dewclaws done. Was there for two hours & certain members of the staff are horribly rude. Will NOT go back!
5 months ago
Richard Hill
I found the staff a little... distant. Not as sensitive to pets' needs/owner's concerns as I had with a previous vet.
11 months ago
Rashid Iqbal
9 months ago
Jam Andy
7 months ago
Ahado Abdi
7 months ago
Flo Moore
1 month ago
Danil Kornishev
5 months ago
Sonya Trust
3 weeks ago

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