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Executive search firm Employment Network Canada Inc., 2080 Rae St, Regina, SK S4T 2E5, Canada: 22 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 2080 Rae St, Regina, SK S4T 2E5, Canada
Website: employmentnetwork.ca
Phone number: +1 306-585-7244

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Hugh Scholey
Talk about a firm that puts its heart and mind into what they do! That's what I got with the amazing team of Employment Network Canada Inc. I met Kristen at my first ever job fair in Regina barely 2 weeks after landing Canada. Not minding the queue, she gave every person she spoke with her utmost attention and when it was my turn, she made me feel so comfortable and confident in my skills. Her approach with me on that day dimmed the gloominess of job search and I knew there and then that I would enjoy working with her and her team, and my expectations were exceeded in multiple ways than I can recount. From email exchanges, to telephone conversations, to the interview at their office, to the interview with a potential employer (now my employer), to conducting my reference exercises, to keeping me updated with progress reports, Kristen, David and Linda were an amazingly professional bunch. I have had experiences with recruiters whom I classified as great at their jobs, meeting the Employment Network Team however opened my eye to a phenomenal way of recruiting... one that is personable enough to know you, care about your welfare and comfort; as well as professional enough to relentlessly help you chase after your dreams... Even when you want to settle for less (all in a bid to be employed), Employment Network helps you see your worth and work with you to achieve same. Another remarkable thing about Employment Network is how they make it their duty to let you know there are no guarantees with jobs or when they can get you your right-fit job but that they will do their best to place you in a right fitting job, and oh yeah, they do go all out to keep their words. Not only did they get me a job with a great company, they also mailed me a congratulatory card that they individually signed with lovely words... I love my employer (Thanks to Kristen) and I wholeheartedly love the Employment Network Team without whom none of these would have been possible... I recommend Employment Network to everyone looking to be rightfully and gainful employed. Their services are free of all encumbrances and if you have met with them but are yet to get a job, please be patient and give them time... They will most definitely come through for you... To Kristen, David, Linda and Teresa, Thank you for all you do for people like me... Thank you for everything!
8 months ago
Pokey Clark
I have only positive things to say about Employment Network Canada. Right from when you walk into their door, they put their heart and soul into making sure that they find the career of your dreams for you. Kristin is an absolute sweetheart while extremely professional and very competent at what she does. The Employment Network Canada makes sure to ask you the right questions in an environment which I found very relaxing and easy to open up to particularly when it comes to discussing something as serious and life-changing as your job and your career. For the people with the negative experience and the comments, please understand that ultimately for getting the job, it is not up to the recruiting company but the decision of the hiring manager of a company. And as a recruiting team, Employment Network Canada is FANTASTIC for all the reasons I said above :) I highly recommend them!
4 months ago
John Burgos
Kristen has helped me with open arms and offering me a great opportunity with an company I feel appreciated at and they are so welcoming. Employment Network Canada has provided me with incredible learning and development opportunities, I look forward to what the future holds for me.
4 months ago
manuel ramos
Thank you to Kristen and the employment network team for helping me in the past, great people to work with!
7 months ago
Brian Tehan
Even 1 star is too much because going there is absolutely waste of time. They take your time and then they do absolutely nothing, no job offer, nothing.
6 months ago
Josh Bulger
I found my dream job with this company! At first I was hesitant when they said they would pair me up with a company who shares my values, but boy did they ever! David and his team really know what they are doing. If I'm ever stuck looking for employees in the future, they will be my first call!
7 months ago
vivian brooks
Kristen and the staff of Employment Network are good people to work with. It is more than just finding a job placement for them. They take time out to discuss your career goals and work with you to find the right placement that would offer you the training and experience to point you in the right direction to achieve your goals. I would recommend Employment Network to anyone.
8 months ago
Timofey Russkih
Employment Network Canada has provided me with incredible learning and development opportunities throughout my time with the company. I have seen first hand the amount of effort they put into candidates to ensure a successful placement for all parties involved. I love working here..
8 months ago
Diane Jones
Employment Network Canada provided a friendly and personable experience, landing me a position in a reputable firm with time being of the essence. Not only did they ensure to match my needs with the most appropriate employer, but the position speedily transpired into a promotion and permanent career. I highly recommend and encourage others to use their services, as I can affirmatively say that I would not be where I am without them. Thank you especially to Kristen who supported me every step of the way!
1 month ago
Peter Krawec
Worst Experience. When I entered into their office, lady took my resume, asked me 2-3 general questions and i was out of the office within 2 minutes. She didn't discussed anything about my preferences or the jobs they have. On your website you mention that, job seekers will be valued. Seriously is this how you value a person who drives 15 minutes to reach to your office. By the way, it has been more than 2 months now, i have not heard anything back from their side.
7 months ago
Tessa Bennett
The Employment Network were fantastic. They found me employment right away and were supportive throughout the whole process. Kristen and Jovi were great contacts there and both professional testaments of the Employment Network's awesome service. I would highly recommend using them if you are looking for employment.
8 months ago
Bethany Mack
Our experience in finding Jobs with Employment Network was a great success in Regina. Kristen and her team always have the best advice and are very helpful. We definitely recommend Employment Network Canada Inc. Special thanks to Kristen for her hard work, Support and guidance. Rishi and Monisha.
4 months ago
Sara Wilder
Great place. I highly recommend. They took the time to get to know what I was looking for and found me the perfect job.
9 months ago
Brian Tacke
Employment network was great! However I did get a position with one of their clients and the position was not at all what I was told it would be. The most disappointing thing is that the owner of the business and persons at Employment Network knew my employer at that time on a personal level, which I felt I had no support. I did leave with no notice, and yes, this was very unprofessional of me to do! However I did bring this up with my employer concerning job tasks I was expected to do (which by the way were not mentioned in my interview and totally out of scope). The conversation ended as either perform or leave. So I left! I have never heard from Employment Network since.
8 months ago
Michael Hueter
Please do not waste your time. This organization is more focused on highlighting your shortcomings rather than helping your find a job. I had applied there once 4 years back and had a terrible experience.
4 months ago
Abigail Eckert
Great business focused on supporting people in their career!
8 months ago
Angel McBean
Employment Network helped me get a good career opportunity. I would say they are one of the best employment agencies in Regina.
8 months ago
Floyd Lowman
4 months ago
Idan F
4 months ago
Sobin Benny
8 months ago
Gabriel Duke
5 months ago
5 months ago

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