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Address: 101 Hospital Dr, Magnolia, AR 71753, United States
Phone number: +1 870-235-3000

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Myles Langers
Went to the hospital my mom was in bad pain and she sat there for almost an hour without anyone checking on her or even trying to help. Staff walked by didn’t say anything. In the end she was checked on and test were run, but they said that nothing was wrong and that everything was fine. They sent her home and no medications were given and still she was in pain. Yet again they can send high bills without them barley doing a thing. This hospital needs to get better because it is the only one in town and with a service like this makes no one want to go.
6 months ago
Mij Mason
Had a hysterectomy here 6 weeks ago with Dr Scow! One of the best experiences I have ever had. From the nurses and anesthesiologist in the surgery center, to all the nurses in labor and delivery who took great care of me! I can’t be more thankful for the care I received.
2 months ago
Linda Tillis
Our son was recently hospitalized at MRMC for pneumonia and they took excellent care of him. He even loved the food! I highly recommend our hometown hospital.
3 months ago
Anita Dybala
Had to visit the ER not only did they treat my child the nurse as well as the Doctor educated me. Much has changed in 30 + years. Thank You all again!!
4 months ago
Gregory Fernandez
I was scheduled to have x-rays taken and I checked into admissions and I was seen by Latoya Dixon Supervisor for Admissions and she was so rude and it ended up taking me 35 mins to be seen by admissions because this woman decided I didn't not deserve to be treated like the other patients I had to be seen by a different admissions personnel and she was delightful I do not think that the hospital wants Latoya Dixon to be the first person patients see when coming to there facility
3 months ago
Kassem Maksoud
Went in for a screening mammogram. Got right in and out very quickly. Everyone I encountered was helpful and friendly.
6 months ago
Billie Reid
If I could give negative stars I would. I came into the ER room on a Thursday night experiencing severe chest pain. Prior to showing up, part of my face had also gone numb, my lips turned blue, and I passed out. They did not take me seriously at all, they just assumed I had done a drug of some kind (I hadn't) and was experiencing negative side effects from it. I could hear nursing staff walking up and down the hall talking negatively about me. The doctor only gave me the answer of "I don't know" and just sent me home like everything was fine. I'm still experiencing chest pain along with spinal pain now, but because they don't care enough to run sufficient tests I'm stuck with "I don't know" during Thanksgiving week, unable to go visit my family because I'm incapable of driving due to the pain and dizziness. I will travel the 35 minutes to El Dorado or the 45 minutes to Texarkana before I ever go back to that hospital, even if I'm bleeding out. They are a JOKE. DO NOT GO HERE.
3 months ago
Jerry Williams
The staff is very friendly and the hospital is very efficient. I would highly recommend them.
4 months ago
Kingsley He
My husband and I have been treated at MRMC in different departments and have always had a wonderful experience!
3 months ago
Tonya Compton
it amazes me that on all the people that have complaints on the ER that this person always comments down below that they are sorry for their issues in the ER and they would like to make it right. If they made it right on all of these then why are there still complaints. Does anyone really care about these complaints? I will bet they don't care and they have not reached out to any of you that have had complaints. I go to Urgent Care or I go to Texarkana because I know they will do more for me then tell me to go see my primary doctor. If I had been able to go see my regular doctor don't you think I would have done that to begin with? Who seriously wants to come to Magnolia Hospital ER and wait for hours unless they absolutely had to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People should show they care more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 months ago
Amber Landry
I had a very unusual and unprofessional experience with a nurse named Kim, her supervisor (heather) did absolutely nothing to improve our situation. I have never seen such childish and rude behavior from nurses before, and it’s no wonder that this hospital only has two stars. It’s unfortunate that the behavior of two nurses can cause the image of so many people who truly work hard here to lose credit for what they do.
7 months ago
Laure Debure
Dr. Brown, the emergency room doctor has to be the absolute worse!!!! Every time I take my children to the emergency room, he seems to be at work. Everything is diagnosed as a VIRUS!!! There’s nothing they can do...his motto...”Treat the pain and treat the fever”!!!! On 6/22/19 after running a very high fever since early Friday morning, (alternating Motrin & ibuprofen) my daughters temperature ???? hit a high of 103.4. She wouldn’t eat, hardly drink anything, rapid heartbeat, complain of her eyes hurting and her breathe smelled like bile.... I knew something was wrong. But of course, according to MRMC, after almost 3 hours of waiting, the diagnosis was, it’s just a virus that has to run its course ????????‍♀️. Sunday evening, she’s gotten even worse and I can’t take it. I drove my daughter to ElDorado to their emergency room. After checking in, we were immediately called to triage (temperature was 103.1) and placed in a room. Immediately they swabbed her throat, nose and took urine sample and checked her ears!! Within 2 hours, we were discharged with a double ear infection. She received a shot, antibiotics and eye drops. She’s now able to rest peacefully and this mama can relax. Magnolia Hospital needs new doctors that will at least ACT like they know and care about their patients!!!
4 months ago
Who sits anymore in an ER waiting room for 2.5 hours without being seen? Amazing! This is a college town so 18 to 21 year olds will be visiting you. Take their issues seriously...most times they have reached out to their parents before they drove down there. I am shaking my head in disbelief that I recommended she go to the ER versus the Urgent care because the ER has everything that would possibly be needed to evaluate her issues After 1.5 hours I told her to leave , after 2.5 hours she finally did leave. Thanks for nothing but the continued unknown.
2 months ago
Piyush Labhsetwar
This is one of the most unprofessional hospitals I have ever went to the nurses are completely rude and non caring of their patients they even ask you questions rudely even when your I pain they still come at you so rude and ask so many questions even though they will most likely send you home with no care at all I waited almost 2.5 hours in the waiting room with only me in it how is that possible? They lack training in all fields and obviously only care about getting paid and please (KAREN) DONT reply and say you will help because you don’t this hospital only has two stars and thousands of people have complained and still nothing is done your nurse Kim and heather are completely rude and you still employ them this hospital gives no care at all they act if they are so overwhelmed when there is never no one barley there we need to band together and report them to higher chains of command this is people life’s that they are messing with
6 months ago
Jesse Morris
Went for a sleep study and the staff was great!!!
3 months ago
Very unprofessional and ridiculous wait time terrible service this places need to be worked on severely
5 months ago
raymond moure
A waste of time. My wife fell hard and had to be transported to the ER by ambulance. After xrays the “doctor” came in and said first that nothing was broken, then in the same rambling speech said there may be a hairline fracture. Although she insisted she would not take an opioid painkiller he just kept pushing it. They had desided on an anti- inflammatory. When we left she had two opioids in hand and a scrip for more. This dr “brown’s” main job seemed to be drug pushing.
5 months ago
Brittany Cruse
I will try not to ever go there again in my life because they will not try to help you and they will try to talk to you like you're some kind of kid I took my wife there for schizophrenia and they were saying that they could not help her out because she had signed herself in while my wife was over there at hearing people in hearing voices and seeing people and she wasn't even herself and they wanted her to sign herself in so I ended up having to take her to El Dorado hospital and they finally sent her to Malvern Baptist mental hospital cuz she does need help and the people in Magnolia didn't even bother to draw blood or do any kind of tests on her they just blew us away if I could give them a negative 10 I would I think if I ever have a dying situation I think I would just rather take a chance of dying than going there
6 months ago
Karen Bennett
Day shift was fantastic. Night shift came around, fed me (a diabetic) lots of carbs, with zero insulin (protocol?? Ridiculous protocol for a diabetic). My parents had to go complain because my sugar was skyrocketing, and a nurse came in, caught an attitude with my mother as she was apologising for sounding rude, a charge nurse came in to handle our complaint (Heather) and immediately told us not to get attitudes with her nurses, looked at me disgustingly, and both her and Kim made rude remarks to me and my family in front of my kid brother. These people are supposed to be professional, trained to handle angry/upset families, not attack them in front of their children. This is a highly unprofessional workplace, and the nurses immediately clique together and treat their patients poorly.
8 months ago
Khushee Purohit
This was a waste of money for magnolia town. Doctors feel racist and the staff are short handed. If you want to live go to another hospital because this one isn't for saving lives, and good luck on filing a complaint. JS.
2 months ago
Josefina Ramos
I will never go back for anything The worst experience in my life And I am not talking about just one visit I'm talking about multiple visits to this hospital
4 months ago
Mike Archer
Asking a 3 year old with an open wound on his head to wait for hours just to be seen is incredibly irresponsible and inconsiderate. Been here for 2 hours now and still haven't seen the dr and he's still bleeding.
4 months ago
Ephraim h
Well... took my at the time 1 year old daughter for extremely high fever... we sat in the waiting area with only 2 other people there for 1 hour... and then waiting in the back for nearly 3... at the bottom of the last hour doc enters asks some questions and leaves.. then we wait another hour only for him to come back in and say they're switching shifts and another doc would start all over again.. I expressed my concerns to the nurse she then went and told the doctor and both the doc and nurse came back in and the doctor says: You gotta problem with me?? You gotta problem with me?? All the while his face was red as a firecracker and the nurse standing in the back like the "yeah" man you see in old movies... I've never seen such unprofessionalism in my life!!!(Dallas) This hospital is a joke... Go to TK if you think you can make it... chances of living and being treated like a human being will shoot through the roof
1 month ago
Bill Emmrich
The hospital is unprofessional. My daughter went in for stomach pains and with a knot you can see it. The doctor told her to see her regular doctor and gave us our discharge papers. I should have took my daughter to Eldorado they are a LOT more professional and they care for their patients. Anyway, she saw her regular doctor and he order an ultrasound found in alarming things but she is doing better. Thanks to her docyor.
10 months ago
Jessica Lastname
I've actually had several bad experiences with this hospital, and only ONE good one. First of all, I had a hysterectomy done in Shreveport & later suffered a spinal headache, which Magnolia hospital refused to treat (after making me wait in the waiting room in excruciating pain for hours). Then I took my son in for a sunburn, and they allowed him to scream in pain in the waiting room for and HOUR, then for another hour in the exam room. Only to have this smug doctor come in, BARELY glance at him and then say "put some Neosporin on it". I was FURIOUS. The only good thing that came out of that visit, was a prescription for Tylenol with codeine that at least helped him sleep. But Neosporin??? On a 2nd degree burn??? These people are idiots. The ONLY good experience I had was when my daughter was diagnosed with appendicitis. She was treated well, and surgery was a success. That's the only reason they got a second star.
9 months ago
Michelle Holley
The absolute worse experience!The ER is terrible and unprofessional! I had a stay in the hospital for 5 days. The nursing staff is a complete mess and rude. The respiratory dept. is the only professional dept. in the hospital.
5 months ago
Laura Weigler
I always receive excellent care in all departments!
9 months ago
Christopher Lewis
Actual Rating: -5 One of the most unprofessional facility and staff I have ever experienced. I had a procedure done in Texarkana on Tuesday. Here it is Thursday, I'm having allergic symptom and the damn doctor (Cowan- name on checkout sheet) ask me why didn't I go back there to Texarkana ER? After dismissing that,,, smile,,, Breath... I told him of my allergic reactions, and in his 20 years of practice, he never heard of such... this drug doesn't cause such symptoms... so i showed him all symptoms I had experienced, from the drug manufacturer printout from the pharmacy . His (Dr Cowan) real bedside manner came out. Standing in the doorway in an aggressive manner. Doctor exit, never to be seen again. Blood work, EKG, X-ray ... Next thing I know, nurse (bad attitude also) giving me new antibiotic script, not able to answer any question... just want a signature. Ask for test results, said all was alright... yet on the checkout sheet, indicates reading will be done in the morning by the radiologist. I proceed to checkout and got rude experience there... OVERALL... BAD EXPERIENCE Would not recommend!!!!! CORRECTION: The EKG Tech, X-Ray Tech and Phlebotomist were great, professional and compassionate people. All others SUCK
5 months ago

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