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Phone number: +1 214-434-0974

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Настя Стрельцова
I had a very small project that I wanted to get done and Econ Granite was the only company that would give me the time of day. I appreciate them taking on my small project and doing such a beautiful job. The cost was almost nothing and Aldo told me they often do things for people like me in our local community simply to help out. Thank you so much!!!
11 months ago
Анаит Крджацян
They agreed to install backsplash as part of the job. The installers did not put in the backsplash even though they areed it was on my order. They told me they would come back with the materials and install it. I have left several emails and phone messages but no reply back.They only response back was when i went on their website requesting a quote. They did call me back immediately but once they found out my request I have not heard back from them. I would not trust this company. Terrible customer service and will not honor agreements after payment has been made. Hitoshi Mosby
1 week ago
Ольчик Скурятина
My wife wanted black soapstone in our master bedroom. We got an estimate from Econ Granite and were pleased with the pricing. The material itself was better than what I expected. The installation was fast and after all was said and done, it looked like nobody was there because the cleanup was great!
8 months ago
Юлианна Карпенко
By the way they don't have close to 20 years experience. Save yourself the headache and run away. Use someone who cares and is respectful
2 weeks ago
Андрей Сухов
The quality of materials provided from this company is outstanding. I had a wonderful experience with everyone that works here! I am pleased with the results and will contact them in the future for any needed work. If you are looking for high quality materials, professional demeanor, hard working individuals and excellent pricing, this is the place to call!
2 weeks ago
Владимир Колесов
It’s hard to find places with quality products. These guys have it all! Great everything! Affordable prices on all material!
6 months ago
Jewgenij Kirschin
I really liked all the styles they had to choose from. We got something small done in our basement but we will definitely use them in the future!
2 weeks ago
Алексей Ершов
Great experience, excellent prices, professionalism all the way around. I couldn’t be any more happier with this place.
7 months ago
Иван Соловьев
I went looking to find this company's location and all of the locations are bogus on website. Their Plano location is their home address.
2 weeks ago
Gal Liap
Everything looked great when it was all said and done. Will be using these guys to replace our kitchen!
6 months ago
Евгений Назаренко
Great prices, awesome selections to choose from, excellent customer service! These guys work hard!
8 months ago
Алексей Петрунькин
Great service, use them for all my investment properties! Always on time and in budget :)
10 months ago
Юрий Рябцев
love the carrara marble!
9 months ago
Anny Onika
Very professional and friendly. Will call them for all my granite work.
9 months ago
Андрей Кузнецов
6 months ago
Анатолий Педченко
10 months ago
Владимир Кожин
7 months ago
Юра Паткин
9 months ago

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