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Outdoor furniture store Patio Pro - Outdoor Furniture, 8921 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27617, United States: 28 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 8921 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27617, United States
Website: patio-pro.com
Phone number: +1 919-789-8444

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Paige Yvette
We are loyal customers of Patio Pro. We bought our patio furniture and mosaic tables over 10 years ago and yesterday the neighbor asked if we got new lawn furniture it looks so good. Recently we bought a swing in white and needed to exchange it for a black one and Jared at Patio Pro made the exchange so easy. It is the most comfortable swing. We took pictures of our son and his new bride last night under the pergola on our new swing under the lights they put up. Beautiful! We highly recommend Patio Pro!! Quality products with friendly professional service!
7 months ago
Vijay Shivaswamy
Expensive, but good quality. So if you can afford their prices, I’d say go there. It is important to sit in the furniture you are buying. Their selection is high-end, much better than Walmart, Home Depot or Lowe’s. I also believe that their customer service would be better than any other store or on line service, because patio furniture is all they do, and they are easy to contact. Go there when things are on sale.
10 months ago
Evelyn Lee
I called the store first before visiting and spoke with Josh who was very patience, kind and knowledgeable of outdoor furniture. I decided to visit (within 3 days) and like someone noted in the comments was NOT acknowledged when I entered the store. I felt ignored. However, I was later acknowledged by Andy. I asked for Josh b/c I had spoke with him early. I proved to be a great visit. Furniture is very high-end and expensive but of good quality. I overheard a repeat customer talk about how well her furniture pieces have maintained its looked from 12 years ago. I am thinking about making a purchase in the very near future, this is an investment as mentioned these pieces are expensive.
5 months ago
Job rodriguez
A special thank you to Jared who helped me with ordering patio furniture for our neighborhood pool. He was so helpful from recommendations to helping set up delivery. He returned calls and messages in a very timely manner and was always pleasant. We will return next year for more patio furniture we will need and will definitely recommend to anyone needing any outdoor furniture. A GREAT experience-thank you again Jared!
7 months ago
Luis Rivera
Beautiful, high quality patio furniture at outrageous markups. Typical wicker (grey) and wood furniture as well as metal and overstuffed heaven (pictured) and durawood (in all colors). A nice selection and layout for a small store. Even a discount selection downstairs.
3 months ago
The Strat
Purchased a "new-to-me" home a few years back and have been working to furnish the screen porch, front porch and pool patio areas. Jared and the team at Patio Pro have been helpful (and patient) while working to choose high quality and comfortable pieces for the right locations. Jared has always gone above and beyond to assist including off-hours communications when needed. The staff is knowledgeable and very familiar with their products and have always found time to assist although they can become busy given the popularity of their products combined with new and repeat customers. My experiences have been positive and I'm enjoying the products so its a thumbs up recommendation from me!
7 months ago
Hello, my family and myself went in this store for the first time and was not greeted upon entrance and a salesman walked right by us without saying excuse me. The customers he had following him look amazed and stopped to let us by while this tunnel vision salesman waited for them and never acknowledged us. They lost a good sale and we really liked what the store offered. But their lost!
7 months ago
Wendell Davis
Highly priced, but great for ideas
3 months ago
Terri Hishmeh
Good furniture at high end prices, but bargains can be had. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Ask for Jared!
1 month ago
Bob Johnson
Lots of options! Jared gave excellent information and allowed us to wander and explore!
8 months ago
Michael Rosales
Great selection and knowledgeable staff.
5 months ago
Regina Vali
Great selection and service
4 months ago
Sheleen Maish
Great furniture at an expensive price. I guess you pay for what you get, but yikes.
10 months ago
Michel Hobson
We have been passing Patio Pro almost every day on our way, but never actually made ourselves to the store until recently, when our cheap plastic wicker patio furniture broke and we decided to get something high quality that will serve us reliably for long time. We picked a beautiful Berlin Garden set. Funny enough, there was a mistake in the order, and we received not the color we ordered. That was not a problem at all. The store offered us a temporary loaner of the same quality/materials until our originally order was fulfilled. Great product and great service.
4 months ago
Patty McKinney
Was in from Pennsylvania, so glad we stopped there, friend, friendly people there
8 months ago
Van Quaia
Made our third purchase from these guys the other day. Great service, best variety in the area for high quality outdoor furniture
4 months ago
Tammy Foley
Great sales people. Great prices, delivery charge of only $40, no matter how big. Will definitely come back!
7 months ago
fernando montejo
We visited on a sunday afternoon, Jared somehow managed to deal with us patiently as our 2 kids were bouncing off the walls. He worked with us to get exactly what we wanted in our budget. If you're looking for cheap outdoor furniture, go elsewhere. They carry quality furniture that will last. The only thing I could suggest is the delivery truck needs to be marked or the employees need to be uniformed. They still did a phenomenal job regardless.
4 months ago
Val Holland
Lots of high-end outdoor and casual living furniture. For a high-end furniture store it is crowded and somewhat hard to navigate. Good stuff, but no bargains. The lines they sell are not sold online so you won't be able to comparison shop.
6 months ago
Jennie Florez
Saw some fantastic Adirondack chairs. Jared helped me pick out some that'll last forever and be comfortable.
4 months ago
Becky Cahoon
Great selection, staff and price!!!
1 month ago
Grace LeClair
Great stuff but very pricey for us
5 months ago
Brenda Ramsey
I just had to take a moment to give Andy there some huge kudos, very helpful, very responsive. Helped me with some fire glass (aka lava rocks), went out of his way to take care of me with a pretty small thing, impressive.
6 months ago
Nancy Khera
Josh was very helpful. Have beautiful furniture.
7 months ago
Janmark Rotarla
Come here to buy furniture that will last a very long time from it very knowledgeable staff
1 month ago
Most was over priced
3 months ago
Dilraj Singh
Poor selection high prices
5 months ago
Joseph Brunner
9 months ago

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