Commercial cleaning service Sunny Side Cleaning Services, Inc.

Commercial cleaning service Sunny Side Cleaning Services, Inc. , 3539 Global Drive #2, Bismarck, ND 58501, United States : 28 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Commercial cleaning service  Sunny Side Cleaning Services, Inc.
Address: 3539 Global Drive #2, Bismarck, ND 58501, United States
Phone number: +1 701-595-0795

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Love Kifa
We hired sunny side to clean our home. We were very pleased with the initial deep clean. The team was very thorough. Jennifer was great to work with.
1 month ago
Latrina Yates
Sunny Side Cleaning arrived at my apartment and cleaned it top to bottom this morning. The two ladies who arrived were very professional and got the job done well, right and once. I was impressed at how accommodating they were and managed to still provide a quality service even when they had obstacles to work around. Definitely worth the call folks. They do come out and offer a free quote ahead of time and have a pretty flexible schedule and team. They cleaned all the utilities to include; sinks, tubs, oven, stove top and range, fridge, cleaned and ran the dishwasher, windows are spotless, counter tops were wiped clean, the flooring was mopped and the carpet was shampooed. They payed attention to walls, dusted the shelving and fan blades, cleaned doors along with the walls and finally foot boards. They are not expensive if you compare a full list to their price during the quote process. They were in and out in a mere couple hours too. I recommend their services folks!
9 months ago
ebrahim sarwari
Sean and Jennifer at Sunny Side were very quick in responding to my request for cleaning. Their team was extremely professional and left our place sparkling! Have already booked a repeat cleaning. Very impressed! A+++ Work!
4 months ago
Copple Escobedo
I hired Sunnyside Cleaning to do a deep cleaning of my sister’s townhouse. Sis has been sick and hasn’t been able to clean for a long time. And she has a naughty cat. All I can say is Jennifer and her team were amazing! They dealt with a lot of grime, cat hair and smell without judgement and with a lot of energy and attention to detail. They even scraped off some gummy residue on the tub, left from a glass shower door removal!!! And I thought the price was very reasonable for all that they did. I can endorse and recommend Sunnyside 100%. In fact, I’m recommending to my sister that she hire them for monthly cleaning to keep up with these wonderful results for the long term. Thank you Sunnyside and Jennifer, for creating a healthier happier environment for my sister!!!
6 months ago
Bonnie Morton
I had Sunny Side Cleaning Services come and do my move-out cleaning. They did a fantastic job! In fact, I was so pleased that I am going to hire them to clean my new house!
6 months ago
JD Burmeister
My husband (Kennedy) called Sunny Side on February 25 requesting cleaning services at the home we had just moved out of. He was scheduled for an estimate at 3:00 PM on February 26 and this was confirmed via email. He arrived at our old home at 2:50 and proceeded to wait...and wait...and wait. He called Sunny Side to see why they were delayed and was told no managers were available and someone would call him back right away. So he continued waiting...and waiting. At 3:50, after sitting in an empty house for an hour, he gave up and left. Shortly after 4 he received a call from a Sunny Side employee claiming she had been distracted by "paperwork" and asking if he still wanted the estimate, as she could finally meet him. As he had just gotten back to our new house, he declined. I cannot give any opinion on their actual service or the value of their service. However, based on our experience, this company doesn't seem too focused on the details or on their customers. Considering the nature of their business, those are pretty big problems. Look elsewhere!
9 months ago
Jeff flores
I called Jennifer and she came over that day gave me an estimate and said I can bring a team in tomorrow. She arrived on time, did what she said, and was out in record time. She did a very thorough job and I’m fussy! ! I definitely recommend them and will use them again. Thanks gals.
5 months ago
Lee Cooper
Excellent service, some of these reviews saying negitive things about them is not what I've experienced. They went above our expectations, quality, service and price was great. They saved me time dealing with the stress of getting my home ready to sell while working. Definitely worth the money so I can do other things, plus they are cheaper and do more for the money than my other quotes.
7 months ago
James Rosen
They scheduled two cleanings for me on very short notice which was amazing and really helped. I cannot say enough good things about the job they did, they were professional and courteous and the cleaning job was perfection! My landlord was very impressed and I received my entire security deposit back. Highly recommend!
10 months ago
Dan Mayer
Very professional. Used services since 2019. Very pleased with cleaning services. Highly recommend.
7 months ago
Jessica Rieser
They cleaned a recently purchased house prior to move in and my former house prior to listing it for sale. They were professional, thorough, and wonderful to work with. They did a fabulous job. I highly recommend them.
10 months ago
Richard Wood
These guys are the best!!! They cleaned our house before we sold it and they were exactly what we needed! I couldn’t believe how hard they worked. Highly recommend!
4 months ago
Denise Jayne
They helped me clean a townhouse prior to a relocation and were exceptionally professional to work with. Great communication and great work. Use them!
4 months ago
Brendan Nerney
Had them come for a move out clean and it was cleaner than when we moved into the rental! Thanks so much for making moving easier for us!!
8 months ago
Jamie Clark
Saw one of their employees drive recklessly over the road. She constantly tailgated people, cut them off, sped everywhere she went, and even did a nice little burn out when the light turned green. Not impressed on the people they hire. Wouldn’t trust in my home
11 months ago
Jonathan Underhill
Good service. I was getting my condo ready to put up for sale. They did an outstanding job of getting everything clean .
8 months ago
Cary Covington
Sunny Side is so good! Great staff! Excellent cleaning -- everything looks amazing!
4 months ago
Philip Carvalho
This is a wonderful company to work with - reliable and obviously cares about people a lot. Definitely the most authentic and personal company to work with in the area
3 weeks ago
Laura Graham
Hired for a move out inspection-Great service! Friendly and great time management. Everything is so clean. Looks better than when I moved in. Thanks sunny side!!
3 months ago
joe walker
We had them come out to our offices and clean and wax the floors. I was very impressed on how well they did and just as impressed on how professional they are. I will HIGHLY recommend them! Thank you all so much
1 month ago
Elodie Toussaint
Unfortunately, we have to change our review upon further inspection. None of the kitchen cabinets were wiped out, the kitchen island was not moved & cleaned under. There were several other sections that were left untouched by the crew. …
4 months ago
Brandon Reed
Outstanding service! I hardly recognized the house after their crew came in to clean our home before we finalized the sale. Everything is so clean! They were Super polite to deal with, I highly recommend using them.
2 months ago
Lucy Oswald
Very impressed with this company. Thank you for all your help. All the employees are very professional and do a great job.
1 month ago
Tab Bryan
Very professional and friendly. They even helped us out by securing the apartment so we could tend to other business. Highly recommended!
8 months ago
The Jane
These folks are top notch professionals who did a superb job spotlessly cleaning my apartment for a move out inspection. I am going to use them again and I am going to recommend them to anyone and everyone! Edit: Just had the inspection, …
4 months ago
Felicia Mahdi
I would like to thank you for all the help your amazing company has done this last few weeks. We had 4 months worth of construction clean up you, got it all done in less then 3 weeks. You did better then I would have expected any company to do and all are very profesional. Thank you so much I will referr you to everyone.
1 month ago
Thank you for taking over cleaning our offices. Today i came into work and thought i was in the wrong office because the floor was cleaner now then i have ever seen it. I know we just started with your company amd I'm so thankful for all the hard work you put in. Thank you again
2 months ago
Keillani Chamberlain
Not real happy with the cleaning done in my house as compared to what I payed for. The group did a great job with the dusting and carpet cleaning. Two of the bathrooms were taken care of as well. It was the kitchen floor that was left dirty …
11 months ago

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