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Address: 4358 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214, United States
Phone number: +1 614-268-0470

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Bernadette Parsley
I am a neighbor of someone who used this company. Not only did they not have the decency to knock on my door to tell me they were going to blow debris all over my cars, they left my neighbors yard a complete disaster. I went out and asked if they were planning on cleaning the mess up in my driveway and side yard, I got a pause and he said yeah I am going to blow it into the grass. They had zero intentions of raking and picking all the debris up. In the end, I told them they needed to clean it up and it was ridiculous to leave a mess when they claim to remove all debris and haul away. I'd recommend not wasting your money on this company that does not complete the job correctly and will leave your yard a complete mess.
5 months ago
Eric Mrazik
Didn't call on way to appointment like promised, luckily I was home. Sprayed garage gutter out with hose, all over side of house. No way they couldn't have known. Had to go by and ask to clean up, which they did, but shouldn't have come to that. For $200 I'll call someone else next time.
4 months ago
Billy Rae
I hired them to clean my gutters last year and was told it wouldn't be necessary to be home when the cleaning took place. I happened to be home for a few minutes when the agent initially arrived. He asked if there were any problem areas he should be aware of and I pointed a few places out to him. Most of the areas pointed out have been better, but there was a particular area that has still been overflowing all year, leading me to think there was a problem with the gutter. I inspected it this past weekend and found almost 2 inches of silt packed down in my gutter. It seemed clear this area had been completely missed during last years cleaning. I have concerns there may be other areas of my gutter system that were potentially missed as well. I spoke with someone from customer service who was kind, but unable to offer to a solution other charging me for another gutter cleaning, with a $20 discount for the inconvenience. If using their service I'd recommend being present for the cleaning and able to inspect their work in the days afterward. Based on this experience, I probably will look for someone else the next time I need my gutters cleaned.
6 months ago
Angie Yousif
We have only had wonderful experiences with Dan the Gutterman. We have used them multiple times at our personal residence and now have also had them clean the gutters at our family business. The service technician called before his arrival to verify it was a good time and was extremely polite. They worked quickly and efficiently and even had taken before and after photos for my review (no way I wasn't getting on the roof!). They cleaned up after themselves and let me know when they were complete. We will definitely use them again!
1 day ago
Donna Self
Not a fun situation when a tree branch damage your gutter. However, Dan the Gutterman team came quickly to fix it by not only replacing the gutter, but adjusting it to get a better water flow. The replacement is seamless. Very professional. I would recommend them anytime. Daniel
2 months ago
Natasha Pajak
First of all thank you for cleaning my gutters, I'm only assuming you did a thorough job from the amount of debris and gutter junk you left in my yards, driveway, flowerbeds, and neighbors driveway. The crew just blew off my walkways and anything on them went into the yards or my freshly mulched and manicured flower beds( reminder this service was done on July 3rd). Thank you very much for the extra yard work and clean up that you left the day before a major holiday. I would have to think this has to be a mistake because there is no way you could have a reputable business and operate in this manner, though I wont be using you again to find out.
1 month ago
Sharad Patel
Hired to do gutter cleaning and minor repair. Gutter cleaning was done. The repair to have gutter repositioned on a grade so water does not settle in middle did not occur. They said they needed a part and would return. Repair work was not completed and end result was over paying for simple gutter cleaning.
5 months ago
Katy Shea
This company was terrible to work with. They left my property a mess, left screws scattered over my driveway, mud on my house, driveway and sidewalk, muddied my hose, installed mismatched downspout pieces and the drains leaked...I do not reccomend!
6 months ago
Anthony Fleet
We called when we discovered our upper gutters were overflowing. They did the quote over the phone and were out the very next day. We paid half down and half when done. They were very nice and quick, and we would use them again in a heartbeat. Thanks guys!!
1 month ago
Clyde Garland
Everyone was friendly they work fast and did a great job at cleaning up... they even cleaned up my mess thanks guys... :-)
11 months ago
Larry B
Update: I scheduled for them to come back and look at the issue like the company suggested however, once again their service was nothing but a disappointment. They were supposed to come back last week at some point Monday -friday (they didn't give an exact day or time) to check out the situation, but they never showed up and didn't even have the courtesy to call to say they weren't coming. I'm highly disappointed. Now I'm stuck flipping the bill to have my gutter checked out to fixan issue that I did not have until Dan the gutter man cleaned my gutter. Im not sure what happened when they were here to clean my gutters however what I do know is that my gutter is still overflowing like it's still clogged and is now leaking down the side of my house when it wasn't doing that prior to their cleaning service. When I called to discuss the issue, the receptionist was quite rude and irritated. She told me that there could be many reasons why my gutter is still overflowing and now leaking down the side of my house then told me to send a picture so they will look at it. At this point, I don't trust them to come out and look at it. I want to make people aware of the fact that if you decide to receive service from Dan the Gutter Man that you must keep your expectations extremely low and know that you are throwing $200 away.
9 months ago
Lyndsay Anson
Dan's Team came out in a timely manner and got my gutters cleaned efficiently at a fair price. I Recommend this Company.
1 month ago
Yaquelin Espinal
Extremely responsive, prompt and professional. thanks!
11 months ago
Good company...they helped me stop a leak, replaced my gutter and installed a splash guard.
2 weeks ago
Natalie Mays
Not impressed. Had to call 3 times and remind them to come out and then they did not even complete service as asked. Long story short I will be taking my business elsewhere in the future.
11 months ago
Grace Yoder
Our experience with Dan was very positive. He was on time and answered all of my questions before beginning the job. He explained things in detail and discussed how the products work. He communicated throughout, giving details about each section of work performed along the way. The work is quality and was done in a timely manner. Finally, upon completion of the job, Dan took the time to clean all working areas, even blowing off the entire deck for me.
5 months ago
Donovan Sigler
I requested they come out and inspect a leaky gutter and clean the gutters. They didnt provide me with a time or a window they just came out and did it then billed me. Worst of all they didnt inspect the problem, the entire reason I requested they come out! They then suggested I pay them more to come back and do the job they forgot to do.
5 months ago
Maddy Bemus
Thank you so much for the work you did on my gutter. It was very quick and painless and the price was very reasonable. I will definitely use your service again and reccomend you to anyone who asks!
5 months ago
Yasmin Majeed
I’m still stunned that Dan the Gutterman came out in 1 DAY! Todd arrived. Immediately diagnosed the issue and fixed the problem as efficient and effective as possible. Strongly recommend.
10 months ago
Marina Durovic
We had another "Gutter Guy" out and he just wanted to argue with us. Dan came out fixed our gutters no problem at all. They were fast polite and clean. Definitely would recommend.
11 months ago
Josette Dasilva
They did a good job with cleaning the gutters.They charge a reasonable flat rate.They did a thorough job.
5 months ago
Roslyn Vern
Last year they were suppose to come out to check on work they did. They cancelled on me 3 times, but didn't even call me to let me know. I had to call them! Then finally after a month they come out and do the work. Only to half do the job. When I asked if they were going to fix the other section of broken storm drain (that they originally said was broken) the technician told me that they did not need to because it is not broken. After they just told me a month ago that it was. Fast forward to present and guess what? That storm drain is clogged with mud because of the broken pipe. I am using roto router. I would not ever recommend these people to anyone and I tell all my friends to stay away. It was under the seller's realtor name Mary Sunderman. They took care of the costs of the "so called" repairs.
6 months ago
Jacob Cook
Literally just called this company for 2 gutter installs (2 different houses), and was told they are "not making estimates for gutters until January". So in other words, they'd want me to wait 2 1/2 MONTHS to let me know what it would cost to have gutters installed. One question. Why are these people even in business???
7 months ago
Josh Curtis
Always do a great job /come when they say they will /plan on using them next year
4 months ago
Nikkie A
We have used the service For many years and it has been done professionally
5 months ago
Nicholas Mariakis
They paid attention to details. Great customer service. Very friendly.
10 months ago
Linda Suarez
It is hard to review someone who never showed up. I called twice to get a quote, someone called me back and hung up on me, then I had to call a third time before I was able to speak with someone. Their website seemed better than most other gutter companies so I thought I would give them a chance and at least get a quote...too bad no one showed up to even do the quote. Two days in a row I was promised someone would come out to my one ever showed up nor did I receive a call letting me know that no one was coming or to reschedule the quote. If you give these people a call, hopefully you have better luck than I did.
4 months ago
Louie Lichtenberg
Always dependable.
5 months ago
antuan johnson
They answered questions over the phone, When their crews arrived, they were on time, and professional. They fixed my back gutter and also did a complete cleaning, The entire job took a couple hours, clean up was a breeze and my kids played …
11 months ago
Mitchell Jones
A+ customer service, extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Couldn’t ask for a better experience
7 months ago
Olivia Ilmakangas
I was very happy with Dan the Gutterman in the solution of a gutter issue. They are great to work with and I would use them again.
4 months ago
Mary Fredette
The are a great business to work with they are family owned business excellent reputation around the columns area
9 months ago
Kelly Christensen
They were supposed to show up for an appointment. They never showed and never even called to let us know they weren't coming.
1 week ago
Ann Harrington
could not be happier,very professionally done work,cortious and professional crew to work with and same for office personnel
4 months ago
Andrea Canon
BEWARE! Make sure you're home and supervising when they come to do the job. I was charged $175 for a so called "completed" job. I was on vacation at the time of service... Upon my return the job was "completed". I don't think they did a …
4 months ago
rinna brooke
Call them and talked about pricing they told me they are about 3 weeks out I said I talk to my wife and get back in touch next thing I know they sticking invoice in my mailbox which is against the law I called and talked and told him my son …
10 months ago
Ben Gibbin
7 months ago
Suzanne Parker
8 months ago

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