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Gutter cleaning service LeafFilter Gutter Protection, 690 Lakeview Plaza Blvd Suite K, Worthington, OH 43085, United States: 38 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 690 Lakeview Plaza Blvd Suite K, Worthington, OH 43085, United States
Phone number: +1 800-290-6106

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Sherrie Pooler
Darran townsend dose wonderful work
5 months ago
talha zafar
I had LeafFilter come out and put their product on all of my gutters. I live with the back of my house facing the woods and get a lot of leaves in my gutters. I'm getting too danged old to climb up on ladders and scrape leaves and debris out of my gutters, so I decided to get the best product out there to take care of that problem. I was very pleased with the installation and the quality of the product, and look forward to many years of not climbing ladders to clean out my gutters.
10 months ago
Matt Butler
I have nothing to say about the quality of the work, but apparently Leaf Filter was in our area doing work on another home. I'm writing this review because they put a flyer in my mailbox. I just hope they realize that this is a federal crime and violators can be fined up to $250,000 or imprisoned for 3 years. That's probably not the best way to advertise.
7 months ago
ross minardi
So far so good. The real test over a lot more time is to see there is no build up of debris from the trees on the screens... Installation, for a house as large and old as ours, went as well as could be expected. Workers did a good job and were pleasant to deal with. While we did get (and appreciate) commercial pricing, it is still an expensive product - however, expect a long term assessment that it will be worth it.
1 day ago
Sajid Md
I would give it a -5 star and that to much. The warranty is not worth the paper it's written on.Do not use leaf filter. ????????????????
8 months ago
Had a family member really interested in just their gutters after doing some research. Called the office and had someone come out for an estimate. The estimate went okay but was outrageously expensive but continued to use them anyways. The crew was supposed to arrive on Monday betweet 9-11. We waited and waited and no one ever showed up that day or called! After calling multiple times finally talked to the person in charge of the crew and they said sorry we will be out Friday. After the way customer service was the last few days of no communication they decided not to move on with the company. They tried to call to cancel them coming out but no answer, multiple times so left a voicemail. Friday comes and the crew shows up at the house to work! They had no idea it got cancelled. The project finally calls back after the crew leaves and cusses at my family member multiple times, threatens him that he cant cancel it because they are in a contract (which was false because it was not signed.) Overall this company is very unprofessional, lack communication, and ended up finding a company similar and more than half the price.
2 weeks ago
Aaron Story
had the LeafFilter system installed... my gutters were left a dirty mess, screens were sticking up and one part where a downspout is sitting on top of it with no screen n a hole in part of it. So so disappointed and should have just continued to pay to have them cleaned out twice a year...
6 months ago
Teri Fortune
been waiting three months for a fix to my installation. The customer service people will email a manager - HA HA. Or if you call the local installer they will promise to fix the problem but not show up. These guys only want your money. RAL21849
8 months ago
Flim Flam. Go to the website you see pics of gutters not a building or business. Read the BBB reviews. A lifetime warranty sounds good, but when your unable to reach anyone on the fon, you'll have to figure out another plan. 1. Fix the problem yourself. 2. Pay someone else to fix it.
1 day ago
Kevin Hogan
I'm not using it cause even in the commercial the screen is under the front lip of gutter. So my leaves or sticks won't get caught on that lip? Just a thought.
4 weeks ago
Yuliya Lasmovich
They did an outstanding job of installation and took their time, explained what they had to do, and made it look fantastic
11 months ago
Quanna Griffin
We have had 3 days of heavy rain since Leaf Filter installation. So far I remain impressed. Leaf Filter is not the cheapest, however I found them competitive and believe they offered the best product. The installers struck me as professional, polite, knowledgeable and skilled. Overall very happy with the service and product.
5 months ago
Caitlin Sommer
This company will rip you off. ..good luck.. if you have a service issue it will take months for them to come out. 100 feet of gutter. 1story straight runs charged 2200.. the there contractor pay was 90 dollers for the install.. they are seriously under payed. .it's plastic it will warp.. promise you that. The mesh screen is only a friction fit.. and will allow moss to grow.. I see Major law suits coming in the future of this company.. bad management
10 months ago
Maria Rios
This company definitely dropped the ball in my opinion. The initial interaction was fine. Everyone was friendly and polite. The problem started with scheduling. I was told the installers would be here between 9-10am. I had errands to run and left just after 11. The installers showed up around 11:30 and called me. I told them to go ahead and start and called the person I scheduled with. I was told they have a 2 hour window which was never communicated to me. Upon completion the installers left an empty tube of caulk on my driveway. They also did not clean up after cleaning the gutters which was very surprising and we were not satisfied with having to pick up the leaves from our gutters after them especially since we paid the company a few grand. I don’t feel this company is the “best” as they claim. Any one of these complaints by themselves would be fine but with all of this together it doesn’t leave a “professional” impression.
4 months ago
Steve Hindman
I received a post card in the mail that indicated a 15% discount so I decided to call in to get a quote. The call center indicated that a salesperson would be available on location my 7pm that evening. He was polite and arrived around 640pm. He indicated that it would take about 20 minutes to evaluate the property and then he would come in and show me some samples and elaborate on their product. I told him that I am just looking to get a quote at this time. About 45 minutes later, he was finished and we sat down to review. After about a 30 minute presentation, he gave me the price and then showed me the price at the 15% off. Then he asked me what I thought and I reiterated that I was only looking for a quote. Then he attempted to discount it again and I stopped him. If this is your business practice to discount until you get a sale and you attempt to push you way into this, then you have found a good way to piss me off and provide you with all the free publicity that I can provide. Good luck on your extensive sales, spotless record, and perfect product, but I will NOT be a buyer
6 months ago
Linda Coyle
My mother in law got the lead gutter system put on her home and has had some issues and has reach out to the company several times as well as my husband leaving messages . It gas been 2 weeks and neither have received a return call .
9 months ago
Nestor Duran
Best gutter protection system in the nation.
2 months ago
Justin Mcgowan
Product works but as many companies do , make sure you get everything agreed on done Before you pay them . Have a small problem that has been ignored and no luck getting it taken care of .
8 months ago
Jason Will
My opinion of this may be a little biased as I do work for them but I am a customer as well. This product is amazing, keeps everything but the water out of gutters, even pine needles! They don't stick to it either! If you are looking for the best in gutter protection look no further than Leaf Filter. Actual LIFETIME transferable warranty, NO CLOG guarantee that they have NEVER had to honor and you can use your existing gutters! And you can find them at just about any fair, home show, or online to set up free no obligation gutter inspection and quote, and that price is good for a full year!! Don't wait till it's too late, get yours today!
8 months ago
Jim Laning
Paid top dollar for this product. Was told I’d have a lifetime guarantee for any repairs. Had the same issue with installation....nails and metal debris all over my yard and driveway. It’s been a year later and I’m still finding nails and metal. Now for the real issue. My gutters have leaked since installation (they guaranteed no leaks). I’ve been trying to reach them for 6 weeks to fix. The first scheduled repair never showed up and I’ve called 7 times since and no one will return my call. If I had to do it all over again I’d never pay such a high price for such low quality work and no customer service whatsoever.
4 months ago
Motty Smith
We are pleased with the product so far.
2 months ago
michel plamondon
Last year when we bought our house and we discovered the wrong product was placed on the gutters for a wooded lot. We had serious gutter clogs, downspouts packed with years of debris and compacted ground drains. It certainly was an unexpected expense right at move in, but we had to clear the issue. It was quite significant. Leaf Filter was our solution and we have been very happy with the product. We did have to call Leaf Filter back, but they were spot on top of the appointment. Additionally they made suggestions to assist us in ground drain replacement. In 2 places we decided to replace with larger gutters to accept the large amount of water from heavy rains. Tony Teresi, Leaf Filter Operations Manager, was super helpful, explained the the installation and made the appointment. I have over the past year, dealt with a lot of contractors for our home, Tony went above to make our house gutter system work properly.
5 months ago
Saro Saravanan
Do not work with these people! they will do a bad job, not fix the issues forget you even had any issues, act surprised and inconvenienced when you remind them of the issues and still fail to fix the initial issues. Stay far away. I only gave one star because I had to to post this id give 0 stars if I could. In response to bellow Ive been in touch with you guys for over 5 months. You guys are a mess. My family reached out and requested a refund for failure to address issue from initial poor job performed and I had to call 2 days later for anyone to get on this. Then they pressured my mom into letting them address the issue this week. We want a refund and nothing to do with your company. You can fix the issue as well as provide a refund which would at least reflect some culpability for this ridiculous issue... if you choose to do whats right.
4 months ago
John Billy
They are very quick. I purchased and it was I think 2 days later they installed it. Very friendly people in sales and installer cleaned up very nice
6 months ago
Sam Murphy
Scam. Handing out $250 off coupons at The Ohio State Fair but won't actually honor the coupon. After being jerked around by these people, I ended up getting other quotes. Even if the coupon were applied, leaffilter price is still higher than everyone else I contacted.
5 months ago
Arun Kumar
Really pushy salesmen that tried to force himself into my home. Quote came out to $~4200 for 1500 sq foot home. When the quote was presented he immediately “offered” a 15% discount.
7 months ago
Alexandra Galego
They did a great job except that thet left the debris all over my lawn and old nails all over. Then we have an issue with one that was not done correctly and water is leaking all over when it rains and they tell my husband they can't do anything else.
7 months ago
Douglas Smith
After sitting thru a hard sell with one of LeafFilters sales people, in which I was insulted for not having my wife involved and for wanting to think about it, I eventually came to an agreement on price with LeafFilter. However, I was sent a message two days later stating they would not honor our agreement due to bidding my job too low. How it is possible to not know their own costs after having sold a product for years, is beyond me. At the very least, UNPROFESSIONAL! At this point, I left several messages for the area district manager, who did not return my calls until I posted a bad review online. I then began reading others’ reviews of LeafFilter and most of them were negative. I can not recommend LeafFilter due to their underhanded sales practices, the lack of interest in complaints at the corporate level, and the apparent poor performance of the product itself. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! And then, if you still decide to use LeafFilter, don’t pay more than $15.00 per linear foot.
6 months ago
qasem farahi
Horrible communication. Never completed job. Won't return calls.
6 months ago
Samantha Beauchamp
Very professional
9 months ago
Very Raft
4 months ago
Erkan Anatolia
6 months ago
luca corucci
2 months ago
Debra Nix
10 months ago
Franck Rabier
10 months ago
Jeffery Costigan
1 month ago
Gopi Rajendran
10 months ago
ming zheng
8 months ago

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