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Metal supplier Aluminium Warehouse, Travellers Ln, Welham Green, Hatfield AL9 7HF, United Kingdom: 38 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: Travellers Ln, Welham Green, Hatfield AL9 7HF, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 800 520 0729

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Sebastian Smidt
Ordered some aluminium sheet cut to size and they did a brilliant job. Delivered well on time and really carefully packaged.
6 months ago
Christopher Kosa
I ordered online sheets 2500mmx 1250mm and i received squares 1250mmx1250mm i spoke with them on the phone and they said that is what i paid for. On the website was nothing about that length size but on the email was something. With bold letters on top was what i actually ordered 2500mm x 1250mm and down with normal letter was 1250 x1250. They are scammers at least online. I will show you the proof screenshots and picutures. I will go to citizen advice birou, police and everywhere i can go to make this comapany pay for this scam!!!!
11 months ago
Penny Collins
Great easy to use site, great product and service. Delivery time was fantastic too! Will definitely use again when required!
7 months ago
Kayla Heidinger
Fantastic company. Great product & super fast delivery. Very happy!
7 months ago
Sarah Strong
Unacceptably slow delivery, poor customer service and damaged goods. A dreadful experience from start to finish - avoid this company at all costs. I placed an online order on the 10th May, 'off the shelf' product with no special measurements or requirements and showing as high stock levels on the AW website. 1 week later, still no sign of the order, or any dispatch notification. I emailed, twice, neither of which were replied to. 2 subsequent phonecalls over 2 days - each of which I was falsely told the order would be with me the next day - and still no sign of the order. A third telephone call I spoke to Simon and he assured me that my order would be dispatched that same day, and as way of apology for the unacceptable delay he would refund my postage costs - the least he could do. Over a week later, and still no sign of this refund, I don't expect to see it either. When the order did finally arrive, 12 days later, it looked as if it had been kicked around the warehouse with numerous gouges and chunks of metal missing. I'd send it back for a refund, but the fact it has delayed my project for so long means I can't afford to waste any more time. I'll have to tidy up the damage as best I can.
9 months ago
Sarah Sawtell
If i could put in a minus rating then i would have within a heartbeat. I can only add to the negative comments here. They don't answer the phone, e-mails or respond to their webchats. AVOID AVOID AVOID. All i wanted to do was place an order. This company needs a character bypass.
1 month ago
Mark s
Despite the poor reviews on here I have to say I didn't have a problem. Great prices and prompt delivery . On that basis I would recommend them and certainly intend to use again.
11 months ago
Rich Rodrigues
My order was lost/stolen/misdelivered by Tuffnells. I fulfilled all my obligations, as a customer, to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, Aluminium Warehouse didn't even seem to be aware of their obligations as a merchant. After around 60 days I had to force a refund through Paypal, which came through immediately. Aluminium Warehouse were no help at all.
4 weeks ago
Carlyle Campbell
Im reading some of the negative reviews below. Im shocked ive always found them really helpful....sorry disagree as for the dont expect a second delivery, I actually had an order sent to an old address the river went above and beyond to bring it to the new one...sorry I think maybe its how your approaching them not the company itself theyve always been great with me and my company....Simon @ Crewbotics.
5 months ago
DeAnna Vonderheide
I don't know if I was lucky or they have got their act together but I placed an order at 10pm Monday involving 5 cuts. Received the goods Friday midday. Well packed.
1 month ago
Lamont Jackson
Placed an order over 2 weeks ago, the order confirmation states 2-5 days, chased the order as only part of it arrived, on 2 occasions to be given 2 different reasons why I hadn't received it. The third time i cancelled the order and given a different excuse for not delivering and blaming a delivery company you choose to use, they are an extension of your business if they fail use a different company. In the meantime I found a different supplier and nearly half the price. Working through covid-19 is difficult but not impossible and communication is key and they failed to commentate the delivery issues they are facing.
1 month ago
Frank Wagner
Interesting to read the reviews here! I needed a piece of aluminium for an art project. The website was pretty straight forward to use. I did ask to see the material to check I had ordered the right thing, and they said they couldn't walk me into the warehouse due to health & safety which is fair enough. But they said if it was wrong they would happily refund it. I met a gentleman outside with the paperwork and he helped me put it in my car. The phone in reception is a bit old school! but it serves a purpose and guess it saves them time and money employing someone to do that job. They were friendly enough to me. I was intrigued who was on the other end of the phone - as I could only see a tool shop and 2 big warehouses on the road. Def look for the alloy sales signs! I think Aluminium warehouse is part of the same business though. Would recommend.
6 months ago
Dee Zee
Purchased the easy fix fittings about a month ago and the delivery was very fast and product is amazing
3 months ago
Sarah Hutchinson
Don't expect to get a second delivery attempt. My company missed a delivery during a Friday lunchtime and was then told there would be a reschedule charge. That would be fine, except this was their first delivery attempt, I did not get a dispatch email notification (as per their website), and the £1k+ order! I was suprised they were so insistent on charging for delivery and would not absorb a second attempt into their costs. This is a poor level of customer service so I would recommend not purchasing form this company.
8 months ago
Alexa Bell
Seems strange to spend all that money producing a good website but not make it clear that there's no trade or retail counter. I turned up in good faith with cash and card in hand and they wouldn't sell to me. If you do decide to try your luck, look for a sign saying Alloy Sales, not Aluminium Warehouse.
8 months ago
Anisha Yadav
By the quality of custom service, just decided avoing this supplier.
2 months ago
Kalaya Mayan
Needed some aluminium flat bar for a project, main DIY stores only seemed to list 19 x 2 mm in 2 metre lengths at £7, Aluminium Warehouse had 25 x 5 mm, much more suitable and cheaper. ordered on Friday for collection, email on Monday morning that it was ready. collected within an hour of the email. only negative is the parking is limited but everything else spot on, excellent service and prices, highly recommended.
6 months ago
Catherine Shea
Wow what a mix of reviews, so I will add my own. Ive used them twice - spending about £500 on both orders. I had no problems at all from queries pre-order, placing the order, receiving goods on time and exceptionally well packed with no scratches. Are we all talking about the same company!!!???
6 months ago
Jayna Ellsworth
Avoid ,avoid ,avoid . Place order on 22 June 2020 , they call me today and cancel my order because they are not avaible to delivery in my area . Rubbish company and rubbish manager . Avoid this awful company . I still wait for my money back
1 month ago
Paula Westcott
Called in good faith that I could collect at counter - was told we could get it ready in 2 hours. 28 hours later and a screwed deadline, i'm still waiting
7 months ago
Laura Brissette
Place an order on the 28th May and still have not received my goods 5th June! I have not received a reply via email from staff “Bev” as I requested a tracking number! This order has upset my work flow and now this is costing me money due to the delay in the delivery! Very disappointing! Thank you to Kelly for getting back to me in the end.
5 months ago
Bruce Soper
Worst service ever. Arrived to their warehouse entrance where no one was present but a phone with instructions to call extension 218. After called, literally on the room adjacent to where I was someone picked up to tell me they don't offer a counter service but only online. I kindly asked to sell me three simple items as measurements on the website were not clear and I travelled all the way down there toom check them by myself; plus, on their website nothing states they don't sell over the counter. The answer was "there is nothing on the website that says we do it neither" Never been treated so apathetically.
8 months ago
Blessing Johnson
Order was delivered promptly and materials were as requested. Excellent service.
6 months ago
Tawanna Mcfarland
Travelled down there to buy material that is supposedly in stock. Met with terrible customer service saying they do not sell over the counter. Offered to buy the stuff then and there online And just take it away. The response was it will take a couple of hours to which I replied I don’t mind waiting to which the guy then said actually it might be a couple of days???? When I pointed out that it doesn’t say online that there is no trade counter, they replied, “ maybe you should’ve called and saved yourself some time “ Its almost like this company doesn’t want your business....
6 months ago
Doc Hussey
Very poor customer service; the woman who attended me couldn't advice me about which material to buy according to my specification because she couldn't understand that the material needed to support certain weight. Shocking. Her answer was that she didn't know what the customers' use the material for...
7 months ago
zhen Eric
Ordered on Friday, arrived on Tuesday. Good price, can't complain. Well packed in 5m cardboard tubes. At that length, you are reliant on the care of the carrier. Fortunately, mine were all fine. TM
11 months ago
Appallingly shoddy service. I ordered for 3-5 day delivery 28 days ago. They sent about half of it 2 weeks after the order when I kept chasing them up with phone calls (no mention that half of it would be missing). Whenever I chase them for the remaining stock they make various excuses (pretending to have spoken to different people at my company already for instance - they haven't). The worst aspect is that they think this level of service is totally acceptable - no apology for their abysmal performance. Today the man said they've just taken delivery of some new stock so I might get the delivery sent out in the next few days; but I might not. What a shower of incompetence. They also get b*tchy and passive-aggressive that I don't understand how their backoffice systems work - as if it's my job to understand how their systems work rather than just to expect them to deliver metal in the time they advertise. They should have been sued into oblivion years ago. Never again. Avoid.
1 month ago
hamed esmaeili
Used this firm many times but never again. Customer service is shocking! Avoid like the plague. Being busy is no excuse. Couldn't even be bothered to look into order to see whereabouts in process it was. Typical "computer says no" attitude. For all he knew the order was 5 minutes from being completed. Also never use the message facility they promote as I think the messages they receive just get ignored!
8 months ago
Katrina Henderson
AVOID THIS COMPANY! I would of rated no stars but google doesn't allow it! A complete disaster from start to finish. I arranged to collect my order when I turned up at the warehouse and my items were not even cut after having an email …
11 months ago
Ted Chung
They sell a wide range of metal. They are OK if you don't mind when you get it. 3 days to pick up an order is usual. They don't realy do customer service. They don't return calls. To pick up ( office hours only) you go to a porch and use a …
7 months ago
John Mackin
Convenient and fast cut-to-order online system, great customer service and fantastic value for money. Can't recommend these guys enough.
2 months ago
David Everson
I use them on a regular basis and the Aluminium is heavily marked every time. Delivery is usually prompt though, and they are cheap. If only they could process their stock without scratching hell out of it.
9 months ago
Lyn Harrison
We tried the Aluminium Warehouse out of desperation for some material and never, ever again. We ordered material on the 22nd August on a 2 to 5 day delivery and after 3 weeks of constant phone calls and different excuses every time we …
7 months ago
Viktor Warhola
poor company ordered stainless sheets on the 6th with a 2 to 5 day delivery 6 days later no order or email or any contact shame I have to give them 1 star
9 months ago
Mabel Vasquez
10 months ago
surya saji
Use these guys all the time, very helpful and the metal is always well packed.
10 months ago
Annette Bannerman
Most items are lacking good specifications, such as inner/outer dimensions and no diagrams. The 'custom cuts' also states to phone them for cuts smaller then 50mm so I gave them a call. The woman who answered was only a phone operator and …
8 months ago
Kristine Middendorf
Ordered some ally plate, was a little marked from delivery but was replaced quickly , happy customer
5 months ago

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