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Custom t-shirt store Galloree, 6801 Northpark Blvd B, Charlotte, NC 28216, United States: 28 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 6801 Northpark Blvd B, Charlotte, NC 28216, United States
Phone number: +1 704-644-0978

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Saqrodiliac Aliac
About 5 years ago this place was 5 stars easy but I do not know what happened to them they are terrible with orders now. I ordered rush production and I'm still waiting on items no working phone number and I was able to finally get an email from them after getting it through paypal. But still no response from them. The hat I purchased was the wrong colors and they are just not good anymore!! They have my money and I will be requesting a refund actually today.
4 months ago
Malena Braff
I uploaded a high quality file from a marketing agency and recieved 3 shirts with 3 different shades of blue in the logo and also blue transferred onto the white this is unacceptable also the lettering was doubled! Furthermore THEIR PHONE IS OUT OF SERVICE AND THEY DO NOT RESPOND TO EMAILS! Avoid at all cost! Take pride in your business or get out of it!
11 months ago
Ashrafur Rahman
They went from being a great company under the previous owner to a scam under the new owner, beware. I give it a ZERO.
2 months ago
Kristen Ralph
Every one is right, they do not answer emails, do not have a working phone and do not pay the commissions due the artists. It's unfortunate that I didn't find out sooner. I will be pursuing the monies owed.
4 months ago
Alexander Schmidt
This place use to be the best ever but I ordered from this company last September and still haven't got my items.
10 months ago
RIP OFF ALERT!! Do not open an account as they do not pay out profits and then ignore all ways to contact them. They provide a non working business number as well. However I did open a dispute with the Better Business Bureau and will be closing out my account after the dispute is settled. Scumbag business at it's finest.
3 months ago
Galaxie Story
WARNING THIS PLACE IS A SCAM! DO BUY FROM HERE Original owner sold company new owner not shipping out product and is not paying web store owners for their designs. Formal complaint sent to the dept of commerce for fraud.
9 months ago
Danielle Drollinger not use this company. I still have not received my order from August and I dont suspect I ever will. I wish I could give zero stars
3 months ago
Rosalie Bowers
Please DO NOT open an account or do any business with Galloree. They have TERRIBLE customer service. They never answer their phone, NEVER. If you open an account, you CANNOT delete it or get in touch with them by email. I have sent them multiple emails and NO RESPONSE. This business needs to be reported to the authorities!!
4 months ago
El Revelador
I was looking for a tshirt fulfillment company and tried to contact galloree. I called multiple times and on multiple days. No phone answer at all. Looks like I'll find another company to partner with. If you don't answer for a new potential client, chances are pretty low you'll answer and provide service once I start sending orders their way. Poor customer service overall.
4 months ago
Lavanya Venkatesh
I had to edit this post to add that many of the positive reviews are FAKE. The reviews are very generic and all from the past month. Also, if you look at the reviewers, many of them review the same places. You cant trust a company with fake reviews. Nice try Galloree! My Review: I had 2 separate orders of shirts that were misprinted by Galloree. There were multiple shirts where the designs were either missing or placed wrong, shirts were the wrong size, and some designs were already cracking upon arrival. One shirt even had a yellow stain on it like from a marker. After emailing them multiple times with pictures of the errors and also calling them multiple times (with no answer) I now believe that they are just going to avoid me entirely. Their printing quality and customer service are equally terrible. Buyer beware!
6 months ago
Richard Chance
I haven't received and order all the way back to August. It is December. I finally reached someone by email that promised a refund. Never got the order or my money back. They do not answer their phone. Bad business.
4 months ago
Louis Nash
If zero stars were an option, that’s what I would have put. Placed an order on Sept. 13th. Still haven’t received. Checked my order online and shipping status just says “waiting”? Called multiple times and phone just rings and rings and rings. No answer and no voicemail set up. Tried messaging through the website and still no response. Even tried messaging through their Facebook page and nothing. But they were real quick to take my money the second I placed the order. Now contacted the cancel the order and get a full refund and STILL no response. Must not want any business.
9 months ago
Armando Hernandez
I work with a large church in North Carolina (1000+ people) and we were so excited when we stumbled upon TShirt Charity. Well we ordered 500 shirts for volunteers and they came in the wrong color that we very clearly indicated that we wanted in order to match current volunteer shirts. When brought to the attention of the company, they apologized and assured us they would send us the corrected product. We waited. And waited. And waited. And they never came. The company then proceeded to ignore all communication from anybody associated with our church. So we were stuck with 500 shirts and a waste of that money. So rather than make things right, they just decided to ignore their problems to protect their bottom dollar. This is not a company I would recommend to anyone.
1 month ago
Jason Hulen
One time and great price. We ordered a couple hundred tshirts for screen printing. They came out great! Shirts washed well too! Love working with these guys.
5 months ago
Kevin Lenn
I ordered some products for my store,for first time to rate quality of their products.And I can tell you the quality of Galloree products is great.I will contact again this company because I will need many orders in future.
7 months ago
Tracie Tanner
No costumer service so to speak. The Phone # is not working (for a long time according to other costumers).I did send an inquiring email as well. My order was placed 10 days ago! Dec. 5th. no tracking number or any idea when it will get here.... Then I finally got an email from the company's manager. For some reason hard to understand they had decided to move their shop to another location in the middle of the busiest season. I is now the 16h day since I ordered. Still not here but she at least promised that it's coming hopefully before Christmas day. We'll see
8 months ago
Dennis Tubog
Great customer service!They answered to all my questions and they are very pleasant and patient.My order arrived soon after payment and products are fantastic.Thanks!
1 month ago
Hallie Murray
I ordered a sweatshirt and a t-shirt which they charged me for, that was 20 days ago. I got an e-mail acknowledgement of the order and they charged my credit card but I have since heard nothing from them. I have sent two e-mails with no …
10 months ago
kathy Thompson
I am very satisfied with order,it came on scheduled time.For first time I had small order but next time it will be much bigger.Thanks.
7 months ago
Kaia Haffner
I had special order from Galloree,some custom stickers and I love their work.Very professional company.This is my 3th order and will order again.
1 month ago
Julie Ball
DO NOT USE!! They never answer their phone or customer service email. They finally shipped a customer order one month later and still have yet to pay me the commission. Very disappointed.
7 months ago
Susan Agar
Had a design for some T shirts and I sent it to them and they did a great job with it. I was very impressed.
4 months ago
Mike Harry
Amazing Service! They always deliver, and the quality is top-notch.
8 months ago
Brian March
Great company to work with. Extremely helpful over the phone and the prices were great!
1 month ago
Courtney N
Mz order arrived in 3 days and everything was like described.I will use this compnay in future for t-shirt printing and similar service.
1 month ago
sean hodges
Terrible customer service, would not recommend
5 months ago
David Morel
2 months ago

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