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Address: 3601 Thirlane Rd NW suite 2, Roanoke, VA 24019, United States
Phone number: +1 540-613-8220

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Paul Opdyke
This place doesn't Deserve the one star that's above here This place will not take phone calls Or have any kind of contact from the people who need their services the most What kind of place Stops paying people after they've been approved and confirmed Without any kind of contact or explanation email. There's a reason the Virginia office rates number 50 on a scale 1 to 50 in all the states about how bad they're handling the situation Va is the worst Ratings speak volumes....
4 months ago
Darshan Sakariya
I have 15 unpaid weekly claims since 9/5/20. They have received the separation reason from my employer 4 months ago and I am “waiting on the deputy decision” before I can receive a payment. If you stand in line for a call back, they change the number of people they help that day. Once was 48 then 23 and now 21 people per day. Maybe it will be dropped down to 10 next week? Virginia made national news as the worst state in the COUNTRY for backed up unemployment payments. Class action lawsuit against VEC about the backed up payments recently broadcast in the news. I can’t even make this up if I tried. Unbelievable.
5 months ago
Brent Mattison
Cannot get responses or get anyone on the phone or by email or what they seem to call live chat that does not function correctly. I am type 1 diabetic and really need to get some income really coming in. If anyone has ideas to get ideas that would be would be great.. Thank you
8 months ago
Raymond Fisher
There is very little useful information on the site. You can't get a person on the phone and the live chat on the website is a joke. The stop gap unemployment supplement is supposed to be paid today but I have not received a deposit. Smdh
8 months ago
Matthew Rutkowski
They are working to keep all safe. If you do not want to stand in line you should wait until after nine o'clock to arrive.
6 months ago
Dilia Ramos
If I could rate a 0 I would. I've been waiting on my benefits since June. Have actually reached people through unemployment via online chat. Every representative has told me they can't help me and ask me to call the main number that hangs up on you every time you call. Absolutely the WORST customer service I've ever experienced.
9 months ago
Melvin f
I can’t even get a In touch with a single live person. It’s actually the worst service ever. I have received a paper telling me I’ll receive benefits on a debit card. I never received the card. I worked for 5 years at the same establishment. I became unemployed 2+ weeks ago and I have yet to receive any compensation. I will Lose everything if I do not receive help. I tried emailing , calling and even faxing. Nothing works. Answer the phones !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 months ago
migi Gross
Employee #: 3790 She is an absolute angel! I was so lost and confused she assisted me with patience and kindness. She made me laugh and gave me such a relief that my issue on the claim would be sorted. God bless her and everything she does! Absolutely the best!
3 weeks ago
Roy Dowty
I’ve been calling since they opened this morning emailing and leaving messages from 8:30 am until 4:30 still no help... I’m on unpaid furlough and hadn’t had a issue until now it’s saying claim unprocessed due to issue. All I needed was for someone to correct it... horrible service and no help at all!!!!!
3 weeks ago
Barry T
I signed up for benefits, got the letter stating I was approved and to sign up for automatic payments online. I have done all of that on the vec website, been applying for jobs. The number I have been calling is the 866 number and even late at night around 11 pm it is still the same recording. "At this time all representatives are currently assisting other callers." If your gonna screw us over at least not make it obvious. I have called, emailed, called again, can't get anyone.
10 months ago
richard granger
Stressful. They taking their own time. They can care less about us. That's the vibe I'm getting
11 months ago
Robert Nichols
Called to ask a few questions about my unemployment and immediately when the lady answered the phone she was rude, constantly interrupting me and didn’t actually answer any of my questions. I was on the phone with her for TWO MINUTES before she hangs up on me, I understand that these are stressful times for these workers and truly appreciate all that they put up with but when I’m being as nice as I can possibly be and for you to hang up on me When I’m mid sentence, I literally was wasting my breath and time.
1 month ago
Melanie liu
Horrible service...well actually no service at all. No one picks up the local number listed. Also the old unemployment office address is still listed on line so I went to that location first only to find a print out taped on the door that there is a new location. The website gives conflicting contact info to the VEC site as well. This is by far one of the most bootlegged experiences I have ever had. I have sent emails and no response...still actively trying to get help. If anyone else has luck... please post.
3 weeks ago
Jennj Lopez
We’ll actually Ive signed up for the unemployment and they sent my paperwork a week later but still not recieving benefits when some people I know got there back within a week of applying it’s been a month and I haven’t receive anything I have bills to pay I’m constantly calling all numbers and can’t get noooooooo answers let alone talk to anyone I’m very frustrated I have 5 kids and right now I’m not working due to the pandemic I just need to know what to do
3 weeks ago
Mike Martin
Good luck if you are ever laid off. I can't ever get any help. Dealing with the VEC will be one of the worst experiences of your life. 1 star is too high.
1 month ago
David Erickson
Poor poor poor customer service!! No1 everrrrrr answers!! No emails nor call backs!!! I need help ASAP and apparently I’m up the creek without a paddle! Great job VEC during a PANDEMIC!
1 month ago
Jessica Pita
I have been unemployed for 8 weeks. I have done the PUA application and have no access to weekly claims on the timeline. I need help please. I need my benefits and cannot get any help by phone or email. I am worried and frustrated. PLEASE HELP ME
3 months ago
prasant sahu
Horrible service never answers and definitely never calls back been calling for weeks then get told if I’m calling about unemployment call the Richmond how are you an Unemployment office but Can’t answer unemployment questions
11 months ago
Kenya Casey
I've been trying for over a week, atleast 4-5 hrs a day, everyday except sunday, thru phone, computer, and call back request. I've gotten now where and everything's messed up and I can't get any help PLEASE HELP ME
2 months ago
Annette Reichling
On Google it shows that they are open I drove down to the office and they are closed. I called 15 before I came and there was no answer.. they should not post that they are open.
9 months ago
Dan Domme
Waiting since June. I have called, emailed and sent certified mail. No avail.
9 months ago
Arthur Jackson
I left my job after experiencing extreme unconscious bias towards me due to my race. I was the only minority in a heavily homogeneous atmosphere. On a daily basis I had to listen to minorities be referred to as "Colored People". Daily, I would hear negative jokes / stories that involved my race. There were a handful of co-workers that would NOT work with me. I reported this to HR, nothing happened. The lady that conducted my claim was very apathetic. Rude, disdainful and dismissive. Stating my claims "were not so egregious as to constitute good cause for leaving". Complete apathy. Racial / Discriminative allegations is not something she could sympathize with being a white female. She claimed I was over-reacting.. Would this be stated to anyone if the harassment was sexual and not racial? The VEC is doing a disservice to America. I'm sure they would be extremely apathetic to males leaving due to sexual harassment and racial / discrimination claims. I would like to see the statistics of unemployment being overturned due to discrimination not being taken as serious as it should be. Virginia and the VEC is a disgrace to this Country. Welcome to the South! Instead of just appealing their determination I've contacted our Government agencies to further investigate their doings. They are now very aware. I hope they have some good statistics! :)
5 months ago
Olivia Parker
I stopped by the Workforce Center and was seen within 15 minutes of arriving, even though there were several people who had checked in before me. The folks there were very kind and knowledgeable and were able to discuss my current situation with me and advise me on next steps. They had thorough comprehension of unemployment laws and communicated clearly, and effectively. I stayed for several hours, working on my resume and looking at job postings. They were very considerate and offered every resource I needed. During the time I was there, I observed them helping others with the same compassion and caring that they showed me. They walked some folks who were computer illiterate through the process of submitting an unemployment claim, uploading a resume, and searching for a job. This is an underutilized resource in the area, and I was happy to have had a positive experience with them during a difficult time.
8 months ago
Brittany Kawas
I've tried calling for weeks.No call back.Ive emailed.No email back.Horrible customer service during a pandemic!
4 days ago
Usand Sports
No one answers a phone there no one responds to emails or anything
3 weeks ago
Glen Maylone
I have tried repeatedly to call to talk to someone and no one answers the phone.
1 month ago
Hugh Scholey
Due to Covid19, location closed until further notice... Posted on 04162020
2 months ago
Bradley Shulda
I have called, sent emails, asking why is my application is not being accepted. I have not heard from anybody and you cant call cuz no one is working or you are on hold and the
3 months ago
Patrick Glaros
They never answer the phone
1 month ago
Me T
You can't talk to anyone I understand that things are pretty crazy right now, I've been waiting 7 weeks to have a phone interview and nothing they told me they couldn't give me a day week month time nothing why not hire some of these unemployed people to answer phones
7 months ago
Nathaniel Epstein
You can’t speak to anybody on that number
2 months ago
Peter Recchia
There really are no words I can think of to express my gratitude for the ladies who work here. They are a Godsend who have the sincerest motivation and desire to see those of us who seek their services succeed.
8 months ago
Naddie Naddie
Doesn’t Answer the phone
5 months ago
Jessenia Martinez
I like the computer
11 months ago
Madeline Maldonado
9 months ago
Riley Grant
10 months ago
Eddy Burchell
1 month ago
Jason Brasch
5 months ago

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