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Veterinarian New Berlin Veterinary Clinic, 5094 NY-8, New Berlin, NY 13411, United States: 48 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 5094 NY-8, New Berlin, NY 13411, United States
Phone number: +1 607-847-6118

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Ernesto Ortega
Sadly had to put my German Shepherd down , my wife first called Compassionate Care Veterinary being they are the closest to our house , and they said they are not taking any new patients , and said that we could drive to East Syracuse which is over an hour ride . So we called New Berlin Veterinary , and they said come ASAP , which we did .They were very caring , and "COMPASSIONATE" and professional . They made a horrible day peaceful for my dog and us . Maybe Compassionate Care Veterinary should look up the definition of "COMPASSIONATE" .
4 months ago
Beth Kailukaitis
Brought my kitty Cleo for a bad tooth , end up being cancerous tumor. I wanna Thank New Berlin Vet.
11 months ago
Belle Bundy
My dog passed three days before Christmas New Berlin vet took her and had her cremated I got her back in a beautiful hand carved box five out of five
5 months ago
Yan Zhu
Great staff, very compassionate and took great care of my Oliver
5 months ago
gourav gaykwad
Thanks for taking such good care of wilber and calling to check in him
5 months ago
J Doe
We took our 14 yr old lab. to Dr. Kenison at 4:40 pm on a Sunday afternoon after she suddenly became extremely sick. Dr. Kenison had no hesitation to give up her evening to come check on Kalie on an after hour call. She was forthright with fees throughout the visit and very understanding to our emotions. Dr. Kenison was gentle and extremely compassionate to Kalie and to my family. She is a wonderful human being and has a kind heart to animals. I cannot say enough nice things about her and the way she helped us through a very difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so kind to Kalie and our family in this very difficult time.
6 months ago
Marsha Revere
Great staff! Haven't physically met the doctor due to covid but the staff are awesome!
7 months ago
Elizabeth Lee
Very caring and friendly staff would highly recommend
5 months ago
John Solomon
The New Berlin veterinary clinic is a wonderful place I love the staff and crew the location is great they are such warm loving and caring people completely!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
7 months ago
Vasilis Petridis
I loved the staff they are super friendly and very nice. I walk on crutches due to a prosthetic and they helped me walk my dog to the clinic and out of the clinic.
9 months ago
Jessica Huerta
Got my dog right in that day and got him on antibiotics all at a reasonable price.
10 months ago
Jennifer Ploeger
As always they are great
5 months ago
Dakota Cohen
They've been my dogs vet for 4 years. Did a good job on her spay, barely a scar even.
2 hours ago
Naveed Ghafoor
Very nice people would recommend to everyone
10 months ago
Signe Borisa
Great place n great people
9 months ago
Scott Hollowell
First time bringing my pup to this vet. Absolutely amazing experience. The staff were extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. They were so gentle and good with my dog, he is a senior Chihuahua and is quite fragile. The way they handled him was beyond my expectations! This vet absolutely will receive my loyalty and business from here on out! Thank you New Berlin Vet!
8 months ago
Thelma Bouts
the staff is wonderful and they were very good to my cat.
2 months ago
Kristina Andberg
Great place
4 months ago
cindy meyer
Ladies at the counter are very nice and polite. The vet is really good with our dogs. I would recommend!
5 months ago
Wayne Ferguson
Took my cat in to get spayed. She was treated very well
10 months ago
Anindita Ghosh
Dr. Kathy and the nurses/ assistamts are great with animals. Friendly, professional people.
6 months ago
Serg Sneg
They charge an outrageous amount!
8 months ago
Stephanie Pare
We love this place! Dr Kathy is FANTASTIC with our dogs!!!
6 months ago
Patricia Balthrop
Love these people, very good with our animals!
5 months ago
fedrico chrisnanda
Wonderful staff of animal lovers!
3 months ago
wendy grover
Had to spend the most sad day of my life there my poor dog had cancer and had to be put down they were so gentle and kind to him i sat with him till the end
7 months ago
anders nikula
Love the Staff & Services
11 months ago
On Monday, May 21st, I brought 2 of my cats in to be neutered - Shenanigans & Beauregard. I would like to express my gratitude for a job well done. The surgical sites look fantastic, and my cats have not displayed any signs of stress or trauma. Your office manager & receptionist are very pleasant as well as professional. The reception area itself was very clean & organized. Unlike other local Veterinary hospitals, there were no unpleasant odors upon entering your facility. It has been a very positive experience all around and I heretofore plan to utilize your clinic for all of my future Veterinary needs.
7 months ago
Rosie Young
Very nice and helpful very good with my dog ????????
7 months ago
Cecelia Cook
Wonderful and compassionate staff. Rates are comparable to other vet clinics in the area. Conveniently located and great availability of office hours to make appointments.
6 months ago
Noe Saavedra
love this place. they really care for your pets here.
5 months ago
Clint Vennari
Very good with Achilles.. picture is after the visit..was tiring..
5 months ago
Kimber Standridge
The staff is very friendly and informed. Their prices are reasonable. They care about your pet and take time to answer any questions you may have.
2 days ago
john paiva
Very nice place. Great staff very caring people
8 months ago
Avi Merkado
It has been a great place to take my pets
7 months ago
Cecilia Tran
Great ppl here. Great vet,i take my wiener dog here!
10 months ago
Angie Lewis
They charge you outrageous amounts of money if you cancel your appointment 10 days ahead of time. When you have paid your bill in full, you will get another bill in the mail threatening you. The money is going into someones pocket as this is a constant theme. Then they send nasty letters canceling appointments for your animals without your permission. They punish you by hurting your animals. The vet's there were wonderful. The admin and staff should be reviewed and replaced. They told me point blank that Yes I have a farm call appointment and Yes my filly foal has Strangles and Yes She's not worth saving because she is a rescue. CEO Bill said "Let her die. She's worthless" and the vet never showed up. Cruelty to animals by a vet hospital. My how the mighty have fallen. The goal is to take as much money as they can from clients. And for kicks, they let your animals suffer rather than sending a vet out to help the animal. Pretty sick strategy to gain money by an animal helper - so called . . .
7 months ago
Brian Bakerman
They are always very helpful and take great care of my pets... Prices are great and staff is wonderful!!
1 month ago
Mackenzie Ditus
Great place. Friendly staff. Always treat my animals with respect.
8 months ago
Jeanette Lendon
Every time I took my Moshi over there they went up and beyond my visit. When I called about my problem they said come over now. I took him over because I though the flea medicine wasn't working. After the vet got done he did his nails for me. I went to go pay they said no charge. I just love the vet that owns the place.
9 months ago
Michael Hennessy
Work stop
5 months ago
Jeffrey Housner
Amazing staff, not all about the money. Very compationate
8 months ago
Victoria Trull
Best clinic ever!
7 months ago
Good service. High prices
4 months ago
Del Goedeken
A valuable asset to our community!
4 months ago
Jason Hayes
Can't say enough about the staff.
6 months ago
Vladislav Veselovskij
Went to get health certificates.
6 months ago
Boost Mobile
Love it!
7 months ago

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