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Laboratory Excel Labs, Reshi Building, 110 A.K.M. Fazl-ul-Haq Rd, Block I G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan: 38 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: Reshi Building, 110 A.K.M. Fazl-ul-Haq Rd, Block I G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan
Phone number: +92 51 8311000

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ramy Antunez
I call from Gujrat for COVID-19 test for traveling on urgent basis.they promis with mi for report in 12 hour,s for my son Ali Ahmad.I thought they must help mi because I have short period for flight.they are angel for me.when they send mi report i comment again for my experience with them
5 months ago
Laura Adams
Excellent and reliable lab. 24 hours service even on national holidays. Very cooperative staff and always helpful.
7 months ago
Stiina H
The worst and pathatic service of counter. Only one counter person provide service while other always missing on pretext oe other. Customers are made foodball and referred to one another counter. No doctor to read report. Wasteof money and timee in blue area lab.
5 months ago
Michael Sorrels
My dad had to take the covid test for travelling and they said the result would be delivered within 24hrs and we got it in about 5 hours which was so unexpected but great service. The guy at the desk on the top floor was super helpful and kind.
9 months ago
Butterfli Toker
24 hour service. Quick and excellent work.
5 months ago
Olivia Raya
There service is fast & reliable. discount is also offered if you are a member of ICCI. The prices of the test should be revised a bit.
8 months ago
lllinconsilva G
It was overall a pleasant experience with ground staff, Dr. Tipu and his assistant/receptionist were professional and humble. But I did not understood the attitude/behavior of Mr. Ahmed Fayyaz at front desk and Ms Unknown from call center. Underlines; (Mr. Ahmed Fayyaz said there is no doctor available for Ultrasound, when we explained our visit scheduled prior to arrival (and I called twice for scheduling and once to ask operation timing of lab during Corona) he Dial to operator when we insisted on our schedule, he told us there is no visit schedule found and than he asked us to speak to call center. Ms Unknown asked our phone number and replied as she don’t find any record, she told she always record every call she receives on paper (woah!!!! seriously !!! on the paper that was surprising),on the other hand refused to remind any conversation regarding our inquiry ( there must be incoming phone call record other than that stup** paper). But Mr Majestic Ahmed Fayyaz was Rude enough all through it when asked me to hand the phone and said “Ab Behas karne ka keya fayda” (Ager aik customer 20-25 km dour with confirmation aya hy or woh apna call record dekha k insist karay tu yeh behad hy??) This phrase is stuck somewhere in head He was unacceptably rude. On argument he called and found us a-doctor available which was surprising to the fact we didn’t had a booking as per them and send us immediately for further process during all this but to my surprise if they found us right or even if we were lucky enough to get the available spot. Why can not he apologize for his behavior and whatever happened together he remained keeping a very arrogant tone even when we asked his name in order to report on his behavior as he do not care at all. Is he the owner of the Lab or staff is allowed to throw their tantrums on customers??
9 months ago
Jennifer Brown
The number 1 lab in Pakistan. Every system is on cloud fully automated and best software is used in this laboratory and every test is perform on a imported machines. The results of every test is send towards you on sms and through email.
4 months ago
Gwen Cameron
Always welcoming n caring helpful understanding @Saidpur Road Branch .
2 months ago
Juli Wall
Observed poor communication .I got appointment in main branch fazle haq road blue area once reached their they replied today doctor is not available...also i tried to reach manager but no buddy was from management was their to attend complain.Also receptionist attitude was not good
10 months ago
Meital Heber
Excellent with corona testing for travelling.
9 months ago
24hr Service, you can see your normal Blood CP report within 15hrs online. Blood CP report charge fee was Rs.750 on 23 Oct 2019
6 months ago
Xin Weng
Cooperative staff, clean environment.
3 weeks ago
Marshall Doane
An excellent lab with a consultants' clinic attached as well. One of two best labs in town! This is their main lab/head office. Their other branches/sample collection points need some improvement thgh.
10 months ago
Darlene King
I am very disappointed by their performance and I now believe that they are unprofessional and need more training to deal with the clients. I am still waiting for the test results that should be received after 14 days but still they are in the air after a month they charged me a big amount for it too. Poor services and I curse that idiot pediatrician who recommended us this lab for my newborn boy's blood tests.
5 months ago
Jefe Combs
Hi everyone Couple of Week back, Doctor from Ali medical ask my wife to do blood test to check levels of IGG and IGA. The test also included TSH test as well. After the result doctor start treatment for IGG and IGA and recommended to consult with Medical Specialist for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (since TSH level was high 10.46). Medical Specialist asked us to repeat the test again. I went to EXCELL LAB, since I trusted them. Following is the result share by EXCELL LAB. Result show that TSH is very slightly elevated (4.90 instead of 10.40). When doctor saw this result he immediately asked us to recheck it. I went to EXCELL LAB to meet with the Pathologist. I waited at least for 20 mins because pathologist was dealing another customer who had similar issue regarding the test results. Pathologist instantly turn us down and said that result of Medical Lab is false, and their lab results are accurate. He told us that he will recheck the result and if the result is same he will call us within 2 hours. Eventually he called us and said result are same. Next morning, we went to GRS lab and their result and same as Ali Medical. (Image 03 ) In short, they are playing with the life of people. One test result can change everything. Highly highly disappointed. I will not recommend anyone to use facilities of excel Lab. I admit that they were very good but in recent past their quality of standard has nose dive into the deepest depth of ludicrousness. Their test results are not reliable and the pathologist siting there are very unprofessional.
5 months ago
Very good location at Fazal e Haq road Islamabad. They send you the reports on your email if you do not want to collect them in physical. Local Labs are in almost all parts of Islamabad.
11 months ago
Brent Crenshaw
24 hours service... Staff is cooperative too
9 months ago
Tammy Hubbard
Amongst Islamabad's finest pathology labs.
5 months ago
joe marotz
1st time i went this Lab in 2009, v gud staf n Lab as well
2 months ago
Braxton McKee
One of the best labs in islamabad
8 months ago
Ana Sarmiento
Excellent services
5 months ago
Patrick Berube
Very helping staff
6 months ago
Leroy Brinker
5 months ago
Janie Barnett
6 months ago
George V
7 months ago
tremayne mcintyre
Very professional and deal every patient with care and attention.
7 months ago
William Schmitz
Good lab.
8 months ago
Jan Finlayson
Get our clinical tests for my family
10 months ago
Rich Goccia
Best lab
11 months ago
Brandon Montecinos
Good Lab
5 months ago
Viraj Ghodekar
Good lab
9 months ago
Jim Leinart
Good Quality Lab!
2 months ago
T Castillo
One of the best pathology laboratory in town.
11 months ago
Tara Shields
5 months ago
3 months ago
Ahado Abdi
Very good lab service
5 months ago
Kara Cope
9 months ago

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