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Address: 38 Merab Kostava St, Tbilisi 0179, Georgia
Phone number: +995 32 295 33 11

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Sherry Mewbourn
Chachava made our dreams come true, In 2011. I had Cancer and in 2020 we found this world class centre by word of mouth referral. We were introduced to Maka and Dr Keti who helped us start our family in 9 months exactly. We now have a beautiful baby girl. She is our dream come true. One day we hope to return and make a baby brother or sister. As for the facility, we were fortunate during the covid period to check in and stay 3 days for the birth at Chachava. It was an amazing experience to share this with our Surrogate mummy and for us as new parents. Four months later, I am so happy that I can keep in touch with the team at Chachava and keep our connection with our Surrogate mummy, this was the biggest part of my dream which came true at the end.
1 month ago
Ashek Khan
We are thrilled that we used Chachava clinic. The whole process from beginning to post birth was very smooth, and the team at chachava are excellent including our coordinator Tatiana and their lawyer Khatia who was extremely helpful to me. The medical care was also excellent. I highly recommend chachava clinic
2 months ago
James Horobetz
Thanks to the wonderful team at chachava clinic who made the whole process seamless. From day one they were professional and ensured all our needs were accounted for. We are trilled to have our precious princess with us safe and sound. With covid, Maka and her team overcome all the obstacles put in front of them and successfully facilitated or entry and exit of Georgia. I highly recommend chachava clinic to all intended parents.
2 months ago
Lori Applebaum
There is no better place in Georgia or a better team to have a baby then Chachava. Complete care, make you feel at ease and their goal is to ensure you bring a healthy baby into the world! Coming from Australia, we visited 18 months in advance to check out the facilities and were impressed by the standard and the quality. The new accommodation is also fantastic. Blessed to return for the birth of our twin girls. With thanks to Dr Keti and her team for their guidance with everything IVF related. Dr Salome and Dr Pati for pre birth and after birth care who are both wonderful communicators and experts in what they do. Xatia in legal is absolutely brilliant also. Lastly to Tatiana for being the best coordinator who ensured the entire journey went smoothly and became part of the family. If you’re looking for a place to have a family you must choose Chachava.
2 months ago
Masha Dany
Had great experience in Chachava couple of years ago. Thanks to Tatyana and Dr. Keti .
2 months ago
Yossi Lieberman
After 23 years of struggle with infertility, our dreams finally came true. With the help of Chachava clinic we were blessed with a little angel. The staff were so compassionate. Maka my case officer was my support system for the entire stay in Tbilisi, I could call her day or night. I would also like to thank and appreciate the support of all the staff at Chachava including: • Dr Keti who made it happen, • Dr Tata who provided us weekly reports till the baby was born, • Dr Tamta for helping us with the immigration forms, • The maternity ward nurses who showed me how to take care of my baby. • The nanny who took care of my baby like her own whenever she looked after her. • The paediatrician who came for a home visit to see my baby when I was panicking, • Mari who organised the birth certificate and our meals. • The driver who brought us meals every day, took us around Tbilisi and also dropped us off at the airport on our last day. He was there with us till we checked in and settled. Basically, a 5-star treatment throughout our stay. So once again THANK YOU Chachava Clinic you have a great setup and wish you all success.
2 months ago
Herb Klemz
The pregnancy period and the process is an incredibly overwhelming one. I am extremely lucky to have the care and support of the doctors and nursing staff at Chachava Clinic. Words cannot begin to describe the gratefulness, the thanks that we have in our hearts for the Chachava team . It is very reassuring to be in the hands of such competent, highly experienced and caring professionals. All my concerned were addressed at every stage and the doctors and nurses were with me every step of the way to ensure that I have a safe and happy pregnancy. Thank you all for your positive attitude, understanding, encouragement and care.
4 months ago
Kathryn Gillett
To our care team at Chachava Clinic, Thank you for everything you did to make our dream of becoming a parent come true! We know that without your expertise, care & good wishes we wouldn't have our little Molly here with us today. She is perfect--happy, healthy & strong. We love Chachava Clinic! Life begins here!
5 months ago
After so much effort trying to concieve, it was impossible for me to have a baby unless we used an egg donor, because of my premature ovarian failure, diagnosed when I was only 28 years old. We searched the internet and because of the good communication, no waiting list and good prices, we chose Chachava Clinic in Georgia. We are extremely grateful tu dr Keti who was very profesional, answered all our questions and did an amazing job! She is our angel! ???? We also want to thank Maka, our coordinator who helped us with anything we asked her to and made our stay in Tbilisi very comfortable. Thanks to the embryologist and to the whole team! Now I am 6 weeks pregnant for the first time in my life, I had a great time and a beautiful vacation in Georgia and I would always recommend the clinic. I wish that I would come back there for future pregnancies! ❤️
2 months ago
geni sharma
Amazing, highly qualified doctors, true professionals! The staff surprised me by their attentiveness and consideration. I did use the service of a dermatologist and my girlfriend went to the reproductive department. I highly recommend this clinic to everybody!
6 months ago
Stacy Baughman
I can never thank you enough for all you did for my wife and me - helping us to have beautiful baby girl. The team at Chachava clinic were so supportive and very professional! Keti, TaTa and others, we love you so much!
6 months ago
jenna barron
I have such special memories of my experience at Chachava Clinic. My baby and I not only received the best of medical care, but we also received such wonderful care and support.It was my unique,lifetime experience.…love u so much!!!
1 month ago
Yes O
I can't sing enough praises about the staff at Chachavas Clinic.Just outstanding. From the consultation and range of procedures' felt supported by the staff at every step. Dr. Ketie was warm, readily available for questions , professional and always available. they provided me a once in a lifetime experience and i can't express my gratitude enough . i am so grateful for my experience at Chachavas Clinic. Thank you, everyone.
4 months ago
Samuel Jose
Couple from Australia Thanks to Dr Keti, Tatiana and all the staff at Chachava Clinic in Tbilisi, Georgia we got pregnant after trying for years. The Chachava Clinic and all the staff have first class customer service and standards, the apartment was stunning as well. We also enjoyed the beautiful city, Tbilisi. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and could not do enough for us. We also got a much better quality, efficient, professional and personalised service than we got in Australia and would highly recommend Dr Keti, Tatiana and the Chachava Clinic to others. We hope to visit again soon.
4 months ago
Martha Braunbach
The staff is obviously trying to position this sad place as "posh" clinic but in fact it is only overpriced. The difference between how they treat local "celebrities" and regular patients is so obvious it is awkward to observe. Paying a very high price does not mean you will get a decent care and attention.
7 months ago
Maybellene Brederson
I've delivered my baby at Chachava clinic. After 10 years of infertility the complex procedures conducted by my doctors brought me baby. I would like to thank you to the IVF department, especially doctors Keti and Irma, my happiness is endless...
8 months ago
kimberley matthews
i do my pregnant checkup in this clinic, my experience is very good, doctors are professional and helpful. also i took my daughter to see the pediatracian, even there is a translator/consultant to help you when your doctor doesnt speak english, a big relief when you need to communicate with the doctor in details.
6 months ago
Gloria Giles
I highly recommend chachava infertility clinic. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience from start to finish we felt well looked after starting from our hero Dr. Ketie, our beloved Tatiana, the angels Mariam and Tamta, and all staff thank you for supporting us medically and emotionally ????????????
5 months ago
Gauthier Treu
I would like to offer my deepest feelings of gratitude and respect towards your hard working staff. I was admitted to this hospital for a week and your nursing staff took very well care of me. I am really grateful to you for all the nights you stayed up for me. Your doctors have been really supportive in all that time and it’s only because of your caring attitude that I did not have to worry so much about my self. The kindness of all the nurses to me is something I will always treasure. I again thank your entire nursing staff for your special care and the doctors for their full support. Special thanks to Dr.Keti , Dr.Tata , Maka , I acknowledge all of your hard work and I hope all the best for your future. Thank you very much.​
7 months ago
I was egg donor there and wanna say how I am grateful of the staff ???????????? Thank you and Thanks again to have great time in Georgia with you Doctor Keti ????????????
7 months ago
Adrianus Sandy
As husband and wife, we have been trying to have our own child from the moment we got married, and it has taken over 11 years. Today we have Chachava Clinic and its professional, helpful and friendly staff to thank for it. Thank you to Dr. Keti, to the embryology staff, Tatiana the international patient coordinator, Dr. Tata the pre-natal OB GYN doctor, Dr. Pati and the other post-natal pediatric doctors and nurses in the maternity ward and nursery, Xatia and Mariam with the fertility clinic administration, the housekeeping staff, the lovely ladies of the kitchen, thank you to all of you! Since we learned that it would be very difficult for us to naturally have our own children, we have tried many different methods to achieve our dream of having a child over the years. We have checked different methods and markets and agencies. Even within Georgia itself, we have acquainted ourselves with nearly all the agencies that offer surrogacy programs. Prior to our work with Chachava Clinic, we had also attempted surrogacy in another country. Of all the programs we saw, we realized that Chachava Clinic had the most comprehensive program for its clients. We began our work with the clinic positively, but we also appreciate that the clinic was candid and honest with us with the progress of the program and kept our expectations realistic. A big positive for the Chachava Clinic program is that it is part of a larger maternity hospital system. We saw the good quality of staff and facilities when we first met them, and these have been maintained throughout our whole program. It was very beneficial and convenient for us who have to take care of a newborn for the first time to be able to stay within the hospital itself, in their spacious and well-appointed hotel room within the hospital. We have access to their nursery and maternity staff, and their invaluable lessons and help have significantly reduced the anxiety we had. During the pregnancy of the surrogate, the OB GYN doctor responsible for tracking the progress of our child was communicating regularly with us, providing the information we needed to know about the health and condition of both our child and the surrogate. The Chachava clinic is located centrally in the city of Tbilisi, and along a main road, so travelling to and from the clinic to other places in the city is convenient. The friendly staff helped us with our translation needs when we needed it, as they do speak good English. The necessary documentation for the child such as recognition documents, birth and hospital health certificates, official translations and notarizations are all straightforward and done expediently, and the program staff all provide excellent support and assistance to be able to accomplish these. If you do wish to undertake a surrogacy attempt, we recommend that you contact the Chachava Clinic surrogacy program. We believe they have many good things to offer you. We wish everyone who wishes to go through surrogacy the best!
5 months ago
Very good doctors and fine place with apartments for pregnants
8 months ago
Nikita Chug
With its professional and helpful staff Chachava Clinic seems to be really incomparable. My baby girl was born there 2 years ago and I would like to say special thanks to my personal doctor Dr. Maka Chikovani, My obsterician Dr. Nukri Qsnelashvili and all the nurses and pediatricians who were always ready to help.
6 months ago
Monique Hines
Tu nacnobi sr gyavs an imdenad fuliani rom gicnon yuradgebas ar mogaqceven normalurad da mainc gagatyaveben
1 month ago
Janet S
good hospital for future mothers
8 months ago
Mark Sullivan
Good service good place
7 months ago
Barry Rush
Old clinic means experience.
8 months ago
Mo Man
High level, but....
8 months ago
Aquarius Phillips
One of the best.
1 month ago
Eric Kelley
10 months ago

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