Locksmith VRIO Lock & Key AS

Locksmith VRIO Lock & Key AS, Chr. Krohgs gate 2, 0186 Oslo, Norway: 10 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: Chr. Krohgs gate 2, 0186 Oslo, Norway
Website: vrio.no
Phone number: +47 22 17 77 00

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Derek Thomas
A good place to change your keys or locks when there is an emergency.
4 months ago
Jargery Felix
Rask og hyggelig service, veldig flinke.
4 months ago
Kendrick Jones
(Translated by Google) I bought a lock on a Thursday and returned it on Saturday, because it turned out that my old lock worked well anyway. When I asked about getting the money back from an older employee at the store, his initial reaction …
4 months ago
Val Velichkov
Kjempe trivelig betjening og alltid god service
7 months ago
Trish Clark
Super service. "Gammeldags" god service der butikken forsøker alt for å hjelper kunder.
9 months ago
Alice Norman
(Translated by Google) The old ones are still the oldest! Was stopping by with a part for an electronic input system today. One or debris with cables, solder and circuit boards, by no means saw any simple matter. However, this bunch knows …
2 months ago
Arlene Rousseau
(Translated by Google) Was visiting yesterday with an old lock box from 1917 for which I was missing a key. Was at another big locksmith shop first. A lot of head-shaking and talking about how it could be expensive to feel a key. At Vrio …
7 months ago
Eddily Paulino
God service og dyktige folk
1 month ago
Dmitry S
(Translated by Google) Very nice staff, great service. Went your two key, one went fine but the person must have made a small mistake with the other because the copies did not work and the original suddenly did not work. Went back with a …
3 months ago
Adri Carz
Super kundeservice, vennlige folk og kjappe leveranser.
3 months ago

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