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Visa and passport office Canada Visa Application Centre, Lee & Man Commercial Center, Unit A2 6/F, 169 Electric Rd, North Point, Hong Kong: 20 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: Lee & Man Commercial Center, Unit A2 6/F, 169 Electric Rd, North Point, Hong Kong
Phone number: +852 800 966 983

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Wanda Knows
Office was Relocated but the appointment slip (booked after the relocation) showed the old address. When updating service info, they often does not make "new" updates. Instead, they amend the details on the existing post on "news and updates". some updates made in November (service days and time) is still displaying as 22 Oct 2020". Someone would have missed important info if they had just looked at the "date" of the latest release, as they were misled to think that there has been no further updates since the displayed date.
8 months ago
Tonya Underwood
A most frustrating experience, as the staff were extremely impolite and rude. I went there to get my biometrics done. The staff must have had a really bad day before hand, but in anycase they shouldn't unload their burden onto customers/guests.
10 months ago
Bee Vee
Lazy & incompetent of their staffs causing unnecessary delays and upset. Absolute rubbish, IMHO.
2 weeks ago
Miler Sanchez
During my passport submission, a staff asked for my phone just to copy the visa application number I received on my email. I didn’t expect she is going to take my phone and walk and walk(!), go into their staff area(!), and copy the number at a corner with her back against me.
6 months ago
[Uk T4 visa] Really disappointed, angry and unhappy that I paid for an extra HKD2000 for the pirority service (promise to make a decision within 5working days). However I don't hear anything from the centre for more than two weeks... Then paying another extra £5 to email UKVI and they told me the decision was made but I still don't receive any notification from the centre. No email address and no phone no, wasting my time to queue up (yep...many people got the same problems) in the centre to ask and they told me "we have a good news! your visa will arrive tmr! " well, I don't think that's a good news anyway. Paying extra money for nothing but anxiety and worry. (my friend had submitted info later than me but already got the visa a week ago.) I won't give any star if I would. Also endless errors in the UK gov online complaint page that you can't even complain anything, really bad experience...
6 months ago
Jerry Dwyer
really impolite, bad services, no communication or explanations (about the visa or any further information). my boyfriend went there to seek help for his visa from this old lady (apparently she was the only one in the counter). she was supposed to tell him what he has to do politely, instead she was just giving him attitudes WITH NO PATIENCE (he only told the lady that he’s here to apply visa and she was already giving him attitudes). i don’t think this is how you should be treating the customers, if the workers are really having a bad time working there, they should change their job. period.
9 months ago
Manasi shah
Shameless money making scheme. In all visa centres around the world I have never experienced such an incompetent and money oriented making service. - We paid for the 5day priority processing the extraorbitant amount of 2200 HKD and 2 weeks later no news. - We called the ‘help’ line in the U.K. which charge 1,3uk sterling per min(!) just to find out that they don’t have a clue.( 10 U.K. sterling later) Seriously? - As a result we are scrubbing on the very last minute to change flights and collect the passport back so we can go ahead with our traveling plans. One of the worst experiences I have event encountered while things are not so complicated in reality. And all the above for 1 hour layover as our original flight was via London. U.K. officials should definitely regulate this incompetent and waste of time VFS centre. Avoid at all costs if you can.
9 months ago
Rahiem Martin
Very impolite counter staff. Don't put any documents in wrong order, otherwise, the woman will sound like a policeman talking to the crime, speak to you very loudly. Very insulting. Definitely the worst service I have ever encountered in HK.
6 months ago
Rene Nammour
no communication or explanation of what's going on. did not even check or look at my documents during my appointment, and they made a mistake in my visa application.
8 months ago
Matthew Coulter
dreadful service - the site crashes all the time and for the time-sensitive situations that are stressful by definition, this is an absolute nightmare. horrendous
5 months ago
James Comiskey
My wife went here to give her biometrics, the staff is so rude. They need a management overhaul, current staff does not represent Canadian Values at all.i was on the call with my wife while she was there and i could hear this lady yelling.
9 months ago
Steve Messersmith
1. no one ever answers the phone 2. the reception lady is super rude 3. instructions are unclear so most likely you'd need to use their computers, which is old and slow
11 months ago
kawthar Eljabri
It's alright, not sure why people are unsatisfied with the staff when they're just a bunch of middle-aged women like what do you expect them to act like actual consulate officers?
6 months ago
T Banacek
Compared with many other (unreasonably slow) visa centers, this one is definitely efficient (only 20 minutes to finish the whole process) and the staffs there are friendly.
7 months ago
Robin Branch
Terrible service provider
9 months ago
michael middleton
How can i be here only me
6 months ago
Anthony Lester
Online service is impossible to use...
6 months ago
Slow and incompetent service
9 months ago
Ayeeshah Speakes
Efficient and fast service but at an extra transmission and service coat.
11 months ago
Tarsha White
terrible service
6 months ago

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