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Disability services & support organisation Bridge Disability Ministries, 12356 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA 98005, United States: 30 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 12356 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA 98005, United States
Website: bridgemin.org
Phone number: +1 425-885-1006

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John Barnett
As a physical therapist, I often send my patients here to buy medical equipment. They are a great organization with friendly staff that are providing an incredible service to the community. They are following appropriate covid precautions and thoroughly clean each piece of equipment. You can buy used equipment at a fraction of the price of buying it new all while helping reduce our impact on the environment. 100% recommend!
6 months ago
Justin Hong
Walker by side of the street, nobody to be seen, . Address, phone, all on the walker. Happy to bring it back. My good deed for the day!
9 months ago
john Rivers
I can't even remotely express my gratitude to this ministry. I was in need of a wheelchair and they graciously provided me with something that is just phenomenally nice. I was either going to need many thousands of dollars to have mobility, or wait for Medicaid to eventually approve me and supply a chair. I came in as was treated with kindness and love. I am over the moon that they could help me.
6 months ago
Mohammad Abdullah
Great place for Seniors or general public to get mobility equipment for a fair price, get people to work with support them.
1 month ago
Big Dog
Great service. Great ministry and well-stocked with equipment.
3 months ago
Pradeep Radhakrishna
The knee scooters are super cheap and they expect you to pay for it. Could have bought a new one on amazon that is nicer quality and given better mobility for the same price they ask you to rent a terrible one. Sorry not a fan. The scooter is not helping my mom, she wishes we got a nicer one with better wheels that can also turn. But its a waste of money to buy another one after paying for this junk. If you are going to rent equipment and run it like a business at least have quality gear. I dont recommend.
5 months ago
Sawyer Grashel
Very helpful nice and people are accommodating
10 months ago
Lawton Curtis
They gave my boyfriend both a high quality heavy duty cane and walker for free. They do that here, they give them away to people who need it. I can't express how much that means to me and him. I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone in a tight spot that needs medical equipment. They had tons of stuff, not just canes. You could even ask if were so inclined for 'depends' or a medical bed. If they have it available you can get it.
5 months ago
manoj tammineni
It is helping people who are in need. The people who work here are very humble and supportive. They understand your requirements and needs and provide equal support to all the people reaching out to them irrespective of their caste, religion or ethnicity. I would request everyone to support this altruistic act and donate as much as you can, so that they can maintain their support and help to our elderly and disabled society.
6 months ago
Deb Berry
Phemominal group helped mom so much when she was in need of clean recycled wheelchair and appliances. PLEASE Tip them well, as a donation. One immaculate guy repairing and cleaning appliiances !
6 months ago
John Dodge
Great place for lots of used stuff for disabled people who cant afford full price because business take advantage of their products for disabled people it's a shame!!! At this place they take whatever you can afford to donate????I highly recommend Bridge Disability Mission very friendly staff plus they deliver too if needed for a reasonable price.????
5 months ago
Jess Olivo
The amount of love and assistance they give to the many in need is unbelievably amazing!
5 months ago
liz Grant
I'd give five stars except one person was kinda rude on the phone. Everyone else was very nice. I am very grateful for the things they supplied after my surgery...it really helped me in my recovery and I would not have been able to afford them other wise
5 months ago
Valeri Singh
Awesome place 2 get items for seniors and disabled
5 months ago
Furkan Ermut
Very helpful people and inexpensive
9 months ago
Joyce Bright
Great place-good people to work with
7 months ago
merlin obreslin
These people are SO GREAT!! I was able to get a hospital bed table here for my mom in law for a great price a couple weeks ago. That was my first contact with these folks. After talking with Jerry, the experience was so nice, I was finally able to donate a scooter we didn't use anymore. These folks don't ask who you are... they only ask what you need! I would highly recommend these people for needs as well as donations! Ron
6 months ago
Anish Roy
Loved it! great service! He couldn't help me with an exchange (because chair was not purchased here) But gave a unvelievable price for a great chair!! Thank you very much my mom is way better in her new chair! She loves it
7 months ago
Anita Monaghan
They are so so nice!!! I love this place.
5 months ago
Marc Rich
Used Medical Equipment for all types of needs. Thanks for being here and finding the items (wheelchair arm pads, tub side grab bars, extra long shoe horn).
7 months ago
Paulina Guerrero
Helped get my sons wheelchair up to par. We were looking pretty ghetto before they helped us. We didn't have money to donate and they still helped us.
6 months ago
Sherzetta Watson
Always has medical and disability devices to help with any issue. Electric wheelchairs beds, any need. Can rent or buy for a donation. They'll help no matter how much $ one doesn't have. Please donate for they give to Mexico & other places where wheelchairs walkers and etc arent available to all.
6 months ago
Meagan Stewart
My wife and I left there disappointed. We saw a Transport Wheelchair and was told it "REQUIRED " a $50 donation. We asked if we can donate a four-wheel walker we brought in, and was denied. I directed the man to a sign inside the store …
11 months ago
Jennifer Parker
Very helpful staff. A bigger selection would have been most ideal but I get it that they only have available what has been donated to them.
7 months ago
I'm so grateful for this place! I donated an item and walked out with another item. My Mother loves her new walker.Thank you Bridge Ministries
7 months ago
Jessica Torres
This place was recommended by my mom's doctor's office, I called and asked for wide wheelchair and the person who answered found one and he said that it will be on hold until Monday, it was weekend, and I have to pay $70, I was surprised, …
6 months ago
Justin Adams
Very pleased. Found the business to be extremely Professional,and helpful. Inventory in the place,is extensive, as well as compressive.
9 months ago
John Oyer
These folks are helpful, kind and a great community asset. Neil has been especially helpful.
9 months ago
Sanjay Kumar
Expensive medical equipment available on loan during post surgery recovery.
5 months ago
Vimal Joice
If you are looking for crutches or any medical equipments this the place to go.. very friendly staff and there is no set price for equipments, they just take ur donation
6 months ago

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