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Law firm Match Solicitors, 3 Bolt Ct, Fleet St, London EC4A 3DQ, United Kingdom: 7 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 3 Bolt Ct, Fleet St, London EC4A 3DQ, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 20 7353 6881

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Kris Carter
Sinclairslaw own this now and i am very impressed by them
5 months ago
Todd Lamkin
I am posting behalf of a dear friend. The teachers at his private schools ganged up on him because he was brown and studied English literature (they followed him everywhere playing ridiculous mind games even as he was walking to class at school). This is not all they did - they targeted him from day one sabotaging friendships, potential acquaintances, job opporutnies etc. etc. They followed him to University in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY sending agents to hack his computer and leak out his private information to other students and staff. They contacted staff at his University for no reason and tried to overcharge him everywhere - of course they failed. So Match Solicitors came to the rescue in the guise of a job opportunity where they weren't. This is not all they did, they did things a million times worse but I am unable to write for fear others would copy (such is the British mindset). These are two Pakistani scumbag girls, who are just the most useless people on the planet. They celebrate their success by opening different offices around the country. They are a complete joke. The school PAID THEM to NOT TAKE THE CASE and they took it. This is Shrewsbury House Surbiton and KCS Wimbledon and Match Solicitors at its finest. Everyone knows about them, they sit around doing fake work and they think it's real. A true modern law firm. A true job in English society. Such noble beasts. What are they going to do with their millions? They aren't even real anymore. They are disconnected. DEAD TO EVERYONE. They're going to do it you know. ?
5 months ago
Chris Davis
I was delighted with the service I received from Match Solicitors. They were responsive, professional and resolved my case quickly and effectively. I would not hesitate to use them again.
3 weeks ago
Erin Smith
My friend used them as well and the same happened to her. I am glad I did not go to them. It is hard to find solicitors who actually are honest and do their job without trying to mislead and overcharge you.
10 months ago
Mildred Bencosme
Great, friend;y and professional service and they achieved a positive outcome for me and our case.
9 months ago
imin lin
They will over charge you with unsufull information, you better off with find free legal advise. Not a very good company at all
7 months ago
Lilly Nanny
Money hungry firm with no regard for their clients wishes and needs. They fill you with confidence right up to the point you pay. Then they slow right down.
3 months ago

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