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Foreign consulate US Consulate in Calgary, 615 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2M1, Canada: 108 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 615 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2M1, Canada
Phone number: +1 403-266-8962

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Сергей Иванов
all the information they have given me has been out right lies. the last time they told me to do something i lost 600 USD to the Montreal us embassy that i can get in contact with either. you are better off looking for information on the internet and calling around then wasting your time here
8 months ago
Сергей Удут
I just had an amazing experience here. They are very quick to respond to emails and set up an appointment (you have to email them, their online appointment scheduling system is down because of COVID-19 reasons). The appointment was very seamless, and took less than 50 minutes. There is paid 2 hour parking along 6th ave, then you can just walk the one block to 7th ave (using MacLeod). There was also 1 hour paid parking in front of the Central Library, on 3rd St, then you could just walk the 1.5 blocks (to 7th ave then along 7th to the Consulate) to the Consulate from there. I paid $3.55 for parking. I attached a photo of what the building entrance looks like, because it's not too obvious that it's the consulate. There is lots of security so don't bring much except for your wallet with ID, keys, and the paperwork you need. They ask you to shut off your phone and they keep it with them (along with smartwatches) while you're waiting for/in your appointment, so make sure to text anyone that may want to reach you that you won't be able to respond for about an hour. The staff were very helpful and friendly! I was very pleased with my experience.
8 months ago
Николай Селезнев
Nice place, security is very tight so don't bother bringing your bags. U can hold/ bring your phones as u can be assisted with keeping them but don't bring big bags and the likes. In all it was a good experience for me and most people's visas were approved on the day I went it. Just be confident and b specific, no biggie.
6 months ago
Ирина Салита
From the security personnels to the officers you interview, every one is so organized and professional. The process is streamlined and organized to make you go in and out and fast as possible and without any hurdles. Do your part and read the email they send about what you can bring and what you can't. Very impressed with this consulate.
5 months ago
Аникей Новиков
My service in US consulate Calgary is ends up with friendly staff including security staff.All the staff will direct you in well behave manner if you don’t know what to do. Advice not to take any mobile phones, smart watches and any sharp objects. There is a option to deposit you phone or car keys into next building business name called ( your print and copy solution) they have a option of safety box for your stuff that cost you $5. Fully impressed with service of US consulate . Thanks
10 months ago
Максим Килимов
Great staff and Excellent service.
8 months ago
Шаэн Первый
Very professional, no complains. Staff very helpful and straightforward. Everyone treated with the same amount of attention, no preferential treatment. I liked that.
5 months ago
Анна Николаева
Friendly staff, smooth process! I read previous reviews before visiting but the reviews were mixed. Security people on level-1 were friendly. I only had room keys, phone and wallet. Security checked for any suspicious items and makeup items - I did not have any. They asked me to switch off my phone, asked for my ID and checked that phone into the small lockers with my name which I could collect back after my interview. They had a set procedure to escort certain number of people upstairs at the consulate office. The staff at the upstairs office was helpful and nice. Staff in red vests check you in, ask for a photo and then line you up inside at the windows to get the fingerprints. They were also helping some people practice for fingerprints and also getting people with toddlers ahead of the lines as well. Staff behind the window getting the fingerprints and asking for the necessary documents as well as the officers giving you interview are friendly and respectful. I arrived 40 minutes before my appointment and was out in 1 hour.
10 months ago
Елена Румянцева
Everyone was so friendly from security to consular members best place for interview. And one thing dont bring bags because they can just hold your mobilephones only. ????
4 months ago
Роман Яременко
Great service. I like the nature and orgainisation of the place. Security is superb. I was able to renew my J1 Visa while visiting Canada. All the staff here are so nice and welcoming, they gave clear instructions from one step to the next. Keep the good work spirit as you serve.....though some will not appreciate your efforts some will definitely do.
6 months ago
Дмитрий Михненко
My service at the consulate itself was efficient, kind and friendly. However, since the majority of visits DON'T require appointments, please do something about the security guard out front (the one who looks like the Family Guy) who asks EVERYONE why they don't have an appointment, rolls his eyes and sighs loudly, trying to stall until the brains of the outfit escort you in. It really tanks the professionalism of the consulate when your first impression is as needlessly silly as that.
7 months ago
Виталий Леонтьев
This review is a few years late. Nonetheless, it is worth writing. When I was there back in 2016, I found the staff extremely rude and inefficient. I was there for a visa renewal, so should have been a quick and easy process since I was with the same company that had applied for my original visa. And yet, it took them 10 days to give me me my passport back despite the visa being approved and issued. There was no reason given whatsoever for the delay with absolutely no communication. I had no idea how long I was so stay there considering my passport was with them. I'm never getting my visa renewed there again.
9 months ago
Тамара Яворская
The worst consulate I’ve ever seen. The officer provided incorrect information. And their efficiency is extremely low. It will take them one week to finish the process which will only cost one day in other places. Highly unrecommended.
1 month ago
Алена Шиц
Do not go if you are looking for information or have questions. You won't be allowed to enter and the guards won't be able to answer questions. If you are resilient enough to continue asking for help, eventually they will give you pieces of paper with websites and numbers. We went to the website on the paper ( and it was not an active website. Important because they told us in order to make an appointment we must visit that site (as seen in the images attached.) We showed them on the spot and they said we needed to do it from a computer. We said, "Riiiiiiggghhhtt..." fully knowing thats not true because I requested the desktop website from my phone. Tried it when I got home, and of course, it still didn't work. They gave us papers with numbers on it to call. We called, waited on hold, explained what information we were looking for, and after a ten minute back and forth they referred us to the website that didn't work. This is an obvious example of why robots are replacing the work force. There was literally 0 problem solving skills through anybody we contacted, just basically an automated response. As a dual citizen, I also had to go to the Harry Hays building that day to ask a question at the Canadian passport office. I was greeted by another security guard. However instead of saying, "Go to the website that doesn't work." he actually explained the entire process, all documentation needed, fees, etc. and then referred me to a working website where I could download the form. He even told me the exact name of the form I should look for. Answered all questions and prepared me for my next step in under one minute. The difference was glaring, and this is coming from somebody who lived 90% of their life on the US side of the border. I only give them 2 stars instead of one because contrary to what I have read in other reviews, they weren't rude. Just not useful. For those who encountered a similar situation, I was able to track down the real website that has additional information. You need to go to , then on the top menu you will see "Embassy & Consulates", and under that menu you can find the Calgary office link.
11 months ago
Маришка Владимирова
Trump will definitely win a 2nd term.
6 months ago
Евгений Захаров
Security like to scare you a little. Nothing is allowed inside. Even the light up sneakers of a little girl had to be left with security. The actual consulate is upstairs. I had a B1/B2 visa as a child and had to get one as an adult by myself. Approval was fast for me but not so for others. It's okay. They do what you need to do.
9 months ago
Кирилл Чайковский
The staff were friendly and the process was straightforward
6 months ago
Valentina Yakobs
An American consulate in the city centre of Calgary. It is protected by limitless security features, and guards. You will only be allowed in with official paperwork, and your identification. My experience with the consulate went quite smooth, and I can guarantee yours will be to. They keep your information confidential and secure.
9 months ago
Дима Румянцев
I am not sure why would someone rate this place less then 5. This is the first such office were i experienced the most friendly and courteous staff. I had gone with my family and i knew very well i am going for a visa interview, so i did my homework and carries absolutely no electronic devices, yeah, no remote car keys, no watch, no phone, no fitbit or activity tracker, just my documents my family and myself. The security guy who received me was pleasantly surprised that we had absolutely no electronic device and he gave a big broad smile. Every staff we touched were pleasant and extremely courteous. I would give this place 6/5 ???????? and i had told the 2 ladies i would rate this place as we as family had excellent experience. Kids are taken well care and they can watch TV while parents stand in Q with docs. Super place.
9 months ago
Анна Захаренко
My experience was better than i thought of any US consulate i've been. High efficiency and well organized. I book appointment 2 months ahead of my planned trip. The appointment was available a month time. I started my application on Sept 2nd and got 1st available appointment on October 3. The consulate office is just across Olympic park, on left side of the entrace. The first security will direct you to the reception to check in. Tight security, make sure dont bring back pack, large purses, and only bring minimal stuffs. They have small storage for cell phone, just need driver's license. After security clearance, then waiting in waiting room .Fill first line of chair that is available, because thats a line going towards elevator. The security guards will escort to elevator towards 10th floor, all follow single line. Once in 10th floor,window 1 to 3 are the greeter. Then go to next window for fingerprints. Then another queue line for interview. Overall great experience, just follow the instructions and bring the required documents .
7 months ago
Надежда Волкова
Every time we go its a pretty good experience. The wait time is not bad and the staff upstairs are great, and the security staff downstairs.... well they are security and take the job serious. People are complaining about rudeness, and not being able to have certain things. These people I'm assuming haven't read the FAQs about what is allowed and not. Security at these consultants or ANY US Government buildings are always strict as they need to be on top of it to prevent an attack of any sort and people need to remember this. Has anyone ever gone through US customs at an airport or through the Boarders? they are just the same. Sorry, I just had to put my two cents in about the security staff. Yes they can be militant, but they are there to protect not just us but the building. They are on their toes to make sure the littlest thing don't pass through that could harm. Hope you read this and understand where they are coming from. -Peace-
11 months ago
Татьяна Соковнина
I renewed my H1B visa there, and got checked due to my Ph.D research, which I can tolerate. Then they asked me to return passport on 6/21, then they keep it for 13 days! And just issued it today (7/3). The clearance on visa stamp is 6/20, but it takes them so long to issue it. My last check at Chengdu, the clearance date is a 10th, then they issue it just next day and return the passport to me on 11th!! This consulate is so inefficient thus I may never do my US visa there. And they never respond my email, not sure if they even read it. One more star for other things OK. But so much delay in issuing a cleared visa is not tolerate !!!! Would suggest bigger consulate if applying a US visa, since the consulate itself may be more efficient.
10 months ago
Иван Гриднев
I had my interview there three weeks back.They are really Friendly!. Location : There are no big signs.Its attached to the Tim Hortons.If you find a Tim Hortons,its the building next to it. Parking: There are lots of paid parking lots available next to it.I parked in the Bow(which was cheaper for short term parking $10 CAD-while others were 16-24).Parking in Bow can be tricky because ,you have to park in the Basement (B7 level).All of the spots will be marked reserved,B7 is meant for short term even if the spot is marked reserved. Storage:The embassy will store your phone and your smart watch.No chapstick or any other make up is allowed might have to throw them if you bring one. I had a great experience and I appreciate it.
10 months ago
Юльчик Лебедева
I was reading the comments on this review, and my experience was totally different. The security staff downstairs is extremely nice, and even funny. If you have all your documents and your story straight you will get through without issue. 5/5!
2 weeks ago
Александр Ляпунов
Service is great. But the security checking process at this place is insanely slow. Also do NOT bring laptop, phone, smart watch, food, drinks, or large bags/backpack. You will be asked to store your stuff else where. And if you come to appy/renew passport make sure you bring a prepaid Canada Express post envelop for them to mail your passport to you.
1 month ago
Ярослав Бабурин
9 months ago
Даша Кузнецова
Great stuff and fast service
9 months ago
Инна Васильева
Went to the US Consulate for a J-visa Interview, and was in and out in just over an hour. Overall the experience was smooth, and the staff were strict but professional. Note that I went in with all my documents ready, and left all my electronics and belongings with a friend sitting by the Tim Hortons in the building. This arrangement made the process of the visa interview seamless. Why the missing star? The way the visa interview room is organised also meant that all visa applicants are left standing throughout the queuing process. I was also only told at the counter that the $160 fee I paid for my visa interview appointment was unnecessary (this is because my visa is supposedly government sponsored, but when I called the consulate number weeks ago, they said the fee was unavoidable). This fee will be covered by my university funding, so I don't feel as terrible, but I can imagine how it might infuriate others.
7 months ago
Владимир Адушев
If you are going for a renunciation appointment BE WARNED. They will make you sit around for HOURS and serve every single other person that had a later appointment first so just pick the latest time they offer you. They want to wait until the whole place is empty before you can take your oath of renunciation. Why give me a 1pm appointment, when you're going to serve me at 4 when you close? I guess they really enjoy making you suffer one last time. That or they're just embarrassed by someone choosing to renounce! I have visited before for passport services and had no complaints. You will be treated very differently for renunciation, in addition to being left sitting around get ready for condescending remarks and big attitude, all of which you have the pleasure of paying over $3,000 CAD for. You won't have your cell phone either which is one thing, but they won't even allow you access to a phone to make a quick local call so you can tell someone why you disappeared for 4 hours when it was supposed to only take 1.
7 months ago
Серёга Мухачев
The staff were very kind & Helpful!
9 months ago
Марусенька Безрукова
I just made a visit yday, if you have small useful stuff like phone, car keys(RKE), smart watch, smart band consulate does have a locker for storing temporarily. Large women purses not allowed dondd bring them.
8 months ago
Дмитрий Шпаков
Staff very nice and professionals and security personnel they were really nice and helpful
1 month ago
Ирина Павлова
The only saving grace for this place is that the upstairs staff was decent. Girlfriend who is a US citizen was treated like a prisoner. She was scolded for having chap stick. The lower floor staff need training in compassion and manners. Tempted to call and complain to the us government and ask them to replace staff.
7 months ago
Max ၁၂၃၄၅၆
I found one of the security staffs VERY rude. He didn’t seem to understand the difference between commanding and politely guiding/requesting.
11 months ago
Диана Оганесян
I give one star because of their poor service . They make decision only looking which country you are from. They treat people as prisoners. I have my permanent resident card from canada . And i have been through visa processing for few countries that i have visited and this consulate has the poorest service. I just wonder how they claim that they are the leader in world , they need to treat people much better . I got shocked with their service. Super poor management for time of appointments. Wait long time without any attention to your booking time..lots of fake questions and reject somebody without any reason!!!
3 months ago
Марина Гончарова
Everything is great except the security staff. They are scared of small pen too. I had Keys and they said you have to drop somewhere and can't keep with me. Stupid security people . Rest of the staff were great. Need to give security people some training on how to behave like humans.
4 weeks ago
Глеб Трифонов
Was really good experience. Really good and polite staff.
11 months ago
Володя Чайка
My Interview happened on April 5, 2018 and I have to say I had very good experience. There are too many negative reviews and I thought I should share my experience. The Consulate is located inside the big building where Tim Hortons is. I reached on time and got in line right away for the security. before security check, there are some ladies that check your documents to make sure they are in order. These ladies were super nice, very calm and helpful. Though the security folks were not chatty or extra polite, they were doing their job nicely and were helpful and respectful. I didnt see them yelling or misbehaving with anyone while I was there. After security, we were taken on the 10th floor where the consulate interview happens and everything went smoothly. Important Note - They do have small lockers for you to keep your cell phones. No need to find any outside place to secure it.
10 months ago
Юля Николаева
Security guard on the exit door was so rude. They should teach them how to behave like humans.
9 months ago
Julita Marcos
Extremely rude security staff downstairs. Literally felt like being treated like animals. Thank god the visa is valid for 10 years.
1 month ago
Руслан Зайнуллин
In and out in 2 hours. They had a computer issue so it took long. Officers where polite, everything was just fine.
11 months ago
Руслан Шапочкин
Very long times for security screening. And lots of people’s applications rejected of lately. In 20 seconds I was rejected to be considered to be able to go to Las Vegas. Sad with the current president, the racial profiling.
11 months ago
Дамир Зиннатуллин
What is with not using a cell phone. Does Canadian cell phones charge American rates. I guess you train the guards like rude American Security guards.
10 months ago
Дима Плотицын
I got a visa at this location. The process was clear and the staff was welcoming
7 months ago
Константин Попов
Unbelievable this USA Embassy, accept romanian gyspy thefts without background check,,,and give them 10 years work visa if the proof has having 23.000.00 dollars in account THIS IS THE MOST PATHETIC STUPID USA GOVERNMENT AND CANADA GOV,,,and us as romanian -canadian citizen we need employment offer work visa. Disgusting stupid government.
1 month ago
Ольга Корохова
In and out within one hour. Quick stream line process from going through security to interview with the visa officer. All in all receiving my passport back, delivered at my door step by mail within 2 days.
7 months ago
Мария Соловьяненко
The US consulate visit was very professional and very organized THANKYOU.
10 months ago
Галина Маляревская
No public bathroom, which I feel is completely unacceptable. There is a secret bathroom next to security screening but that requires a key to open. Are they afraid of bombs in the bathroom, or needing to pay extra for bathroom cleanup services? The nearest bathroom is at Tim Horton's (2 min walk) which also requires a key to open. Else go the basement of the library (5 min walk). The security people will play tough with you (can't blame them), but once you get upstairs, the people are nice and service is good, hence the 2-star rating. I would have given 1-star if not just for the missing bathroom otherwise.
7 months ago
Исследователь Грызун
Super fast and smooth experience for me!
11 months ago
Женя Шильников
I felt like if I did something slightly wrong I wouldnt get to go home in another country.
11 months ago

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