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Internet service provider Xplornet Communications Inc., 140 Alison Blvd, Fredericton, NB E3C 0A9, Canada: 30 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 140 Alison Blvd, Fredericton, NB E3C 0A9, Canada
Phone number: +1 866-841-6001

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Sean Anderson
I live in a city of 10k people and they tell me this is this best they can do for us! Less then 1 Mbps. Avoid this company at all cost. Prices is about 100 times to much for the Service provided. And the least educated support I've even delt with. Once again avoid this company at all cost. This isn't coming from only me it's 6 seperate house holds in the same city. They have the nerve to tell me it's my equipment but when I'm on the phone seeing the exact same garbage speed drop off 100 times a night as my friends who live a mile away. You'd be better off with dial up then this company.
9 months ago
I paid Xplornet to provide me with 25mps internet, but their internet often sank as low as 2mps, and peaked for short periods at 17mps. They could not honour their half of the contract and took money out of my account when I cancelled the agreement that they broke. I have since purchased a hub through Bell, and the internet is much faster for the same price.
6 months ago
Jocelyn Villa
Very Slow speeds, often under 3 megs when paying for 25megs . They tell you they don't sell based on speeds and then traffic shape so bad you can do very little most of the time. I would not recommend not reliable. 45 + min wait at anytime of the year
2 months ago
Clay Baker
Internet provided from their LTE 25 is awful. The majority of the time it gives 5mbps if not less. If you are lucky enough to have any other option for internet definitely take it. Customer service will do nothing to compensate their poor connection quality.
4 months ago
Jessica Jewett
We want to let you know that Mike went above our expectations and made us feel very "normal" with our concerns. He resolved all our questions. Thanks Mike
10 months ago
l graziano
I called this morning to cancel because I'm moving. They said they want their equipment back by mail. I was told I have to go onto the roof of my home to get the equipment and if I don't send it back in 75 days I will be fully charged for it. So, the equipment a professional put on the roof of my house now has to be removed by me. You can be sure that I will never use Xplornet again!
11 months ago
Porter Washington
The single worst experience I’ve ever had with a utility type company. I moved and passed on the new owners to the buyer of my new home. First off, this company charged me for the new owners internet for the following month. I called multiple times and had no help until I was able to reach a supervisor. Multiple hours of phone calls wasting my time. I was told to pay the bill to complete transfer then money would be reimbursed... ya ok. Even after arguing and threatening to call the BBB over their extortion attempt I have been sent a notification to say that the transfer had been completed. 2 weeks after the sale date. I guess I’ll be wasting more of my time when the next bill comes in. The service itself was ok but not great. I had them for approx 10 years. Would I use them again? Not a chance after this experience. Time is valuable. Xplornet doesn’t seem to value that or customers who refer new ones to them. If you have another option for internet then use it. I strongly recommend to stay away from this company. What a disorganized gong show
5 months ago
Velkumar Thangavel
This has been the worst and most costly experience with a utility company ever!
4 months ago
Dave Cope
USE ONLY AS AN ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT!!! Having the disappointing experience of being a customer of Xplornet can be summed up with understanding their Service Level Agreement (SLA), also known as their Minimum Service Agreement. It states that they are only required to deliver 1% of the advertised "Up To Speed". Yes… that's right, just 1%! So in my case I pay for a 10 Mbps download speed and often get their 1%, that equals 100kbps, or just slightly faster than dial-up speeds from the late 1990's. And yes, there have been far too many occasions where Xplornet has delivered exactly that… 100kbps or worse. Take it from me and my 5 yrs of abuse, RUN, don't walk away from Xplornet!
6 months ago
Gregory Cox
5 months ago
Terri Macdonald
$100 for Internet that sometimes works !! Product and customer service is absolutely horrible!
9 months ago
Linda French
!! ONLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO THE BIG PLAYERS !!!! ( Bell, Rodger ) - Bad data/price ration, almost 1$ a G - Bad connection, speed test of 25 mps but you tube lag on 144p, cannot watch anything live ....... - Costumer service not too bad, no miracle to do with a bad product - BE CAREFUL!!! 25$ a month or 450$ cancellation fee!!!!!!!!!!! on a 2 years contract. I am still saving money and getting a better service by changing provider. but 450$ just to see something different than Bell and Rodger is a lot of money wasted. Conclusion: like I already said ONLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE, satellite, nice alternative but it's not close to fiber, cable or tel. line and if think services on ground is coming in your area in the next years, wait for it, use your cell phone. You don't want to pay 450$ for nothing, it's painful.
3 months ago
Robert Mohabeer
Customer service is terrible, and Internet speed is atrocious, if it works at all. It's similar to dial-up Internet from the '90s. The modem they install has no WI-FI and customer service will not help at all with you trying to setup up a WI-FI modem. If given it 1 star only because there's no way to give it 0 stars. Don't waste your money.
8 months ago
Braids Nlocz
Throttling internet speeds is NOT ok.
4 months ago
Barseana Simond
Our internet only works 1-2 days a week. For 1.5 years we had amazing speeds and for 6 months we have not been able to watch a video or load a web page. They have come multiple times to search for the problem and have not been able to figure out the reason for the extremely slow speeds. This internet is the biggest waste of money. It's like they know they are our only option and don't care about having quality service. If you have another option don't choose this provider!!!
3 months ago
Nichol Martinez
Rural internet provider, large and expansive. Relatively inexpensive conducting the delivery medium, almost total coast to coast coverage
3 months ago
Rachel Gilbert
Atrocious. inept service. We pay for 500GB 25MBps service. Our average speed is well under 5Mbps. Most evenings it is completely unusable. We currently pay $120 per month for this privilege.
3 months ago
asiel romero
There is no shortage of work here, as the service area keeps expanding.
10 months ago
jeff tiensivu
So, website claims 25 Mbps but that speed will never be reached. On a good day, I get 15 Mbps and would never complain. My problem is that in our house, we need internet access after school and after work. "Peak hours". Well, according to Xplornet, during peak hours the speed may and is acceptable to drop to 100 Kbps (0.1 Mbps). The info is readily available on their website, so if you didn't read it ahead of time and you signed up with Xplornet, well you're stuck with the 2 year contract. Never again will I renew with them! Telus has a better set up here in rural Alberta (cheaper too). Check it out!
6 months ago
Luz Perez
Great place to work that values their employees.
12 hours ago
Brendan Tiani
Services are garbage
5 months ago
Mark Steiger
Best place to work ever.
9 months ago
jeremy bouchard
Really nice staff at this location!!
10 months ago
Tony Green
Great place to work!
8 months ago
Only because I can't pick less than 1.
9 months ago
doug petchkurow
Great place to work
7 months ago
Kristy Haley
Amazing service
7 months ago
Susan Porter
3 months ago
Rahul Gupta
Awful company.
10 months ago
Kristen Theagene
Le PLUS MAUVAIS Service à la …
3 months ago

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