Private educational institution United World College of South East Asia

Private educational institution United World College of South East Asia, 1207 Dover Rd, Singapore 139654: 10 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1207 Dover Rd, Singapore 139654
Phone number: +65 6775 5344

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Delta S
Junior​school​acsis​2014​ uwc​ dragons​swimming
4 months ago
Bhavya Shamalia
Compared to my last school, CIS, this was a surprise. My teacher would come up to me every 2 days and ask how I was doing. In my old school, they didn't care about us. My teacher didnt even care if I was sad through our class. Here everyone is nice, and there is a emphasis on academics, which is a nice change to the laid back school.
5 months ago
Maureen Olson
3 years in the Seventies. It was a quite unique experience as a Forces kid who had never been out of the UK. Was called Singapore International School initially and was fabulously international. Loved it.
3 months ago
Giselle Santana
incredible food. the graham crackers i ate there is obviously the highlight of the school. that is the reason i joined after all.
3 months ago
Arnaldo Maldonado
Reputed college ,popular among expatriates,having multi activities curriculum
4 months ago
Toby Dutkiewicz
This school has shaped the person I have become today: having a heart for those in need and seeing the urgency in saving the planet. There really is no other holistic education like UWC.
9 months ago
Steven Damm
Truly a world class school. Teachers are very good and they put great emphasis in multi-directional development of children.
8 months ago
Andrew Liss
They force us to write positive reviews
6 months ago
Kimberly Thomas
I am a local guide
3 months ago
2 months ago

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