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Address: 50 Wainui Road, Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt 5010, New Zealand
Phone number: +64 4-972 2523

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Elizabeth Balfour
Rikki was fantastic to deal with. Is amazingly knowledgeable and I wouldn’t have got it if it wasn’t for his amazing knowledge and helpfulness all round. You have one of the best sales people I’ve ever met. Honest and efficient. The installers were also very tidy, really fast and efficient. Just couldn’t get over how fast they did it all. It would have taken me weeks to do floor and ceiling myself. As for the walls. Well Re GIBBing would have been a nightmare. Thank you so much. This summer is the first summer we have needed to open the windows in the lounge as it’s now too hot! Great problem to have!!
4 months ago
Dakota Holcomb
Everyone was great to deal with including the installing team. Kept all promises including time and quote, and made it clear what had to be done before installation (insulation installed from inside walls rather than from outside). I have no hesitation in recommending Insulmax.
5 months ago
Martha Boarman
Eamon and his team were fantastic. They held my hand through the process and made sure I know what was going on the whole way. It was great to see the finished product. Overall, it was a seamless, efficient and hassle free process. I'd highly recommend. A+ on communication and Finish. Thanks guys!
7 months ago
Really pleased with the result. Had our 1890's 2 storey ice-box rental property insulated by Insulmax. The house now has a totally different feel when you walk in. The tenants cannot believe how warm the house is now. Fantastic result and really pleased we went ahead and did this.
8 months ago
Jay Hansen
We have a weatherboard single level house. Though it has double glazing & Batts in the ceiling we wanted to insulate our walls without having to rip out our recently renovated interior. Rikki (who is such a top bloke nothing was a trouble to him) and his amazing team completed the whole Insulmax installation within 5 hours. The home is quieter and you can feel the difference with the heat being retained longer. Cannot say enough great things about the very proffessional team who installed the product. Polite and friendly and so proffessional. They cleaned up and ensured we saw the thermal imaging that all the walls were correctly filled. Awesome team you have Eamonn. It's a great product backed by a totally proffessional team. Thanks so much.
3 weeks ago
Augusto Castillo
Our house is so much for comfortable now, no more waking up to icy morning air. We were particularly impressed with how the Insulmax team looked after our belongings by covering everything with plastic sheeting when working inside, and then cleaning up after themselves too. I was really keen to be involved in the thermal camera test part of the process, which the team were happy for me to tag along on, explaining to me what it all meant and giving me peace of mind that every nook & cranny had been filled with insulation. We are loving the overall result.
10 months ago
Zhenya Mkln
Great company to deal with. We had several delays with COVID, renovation requirements and some family diversions. Despite all this, Eamonn was very responsive, usually within hours and always had a sensible approach. The chaps who did the job knew exactly what they were about and found part of a wall that had been previously insulated. They calculated the area and deducted it from the original quote. I was amazed at how quick they did the job, 1920's bungalow, 135m2. They did the walls in 5.5 hours. That includes drilling the holes, putting the insulation in, filling the holes, sanding and priming. Very impressive. You can't see where the holes were drilled. Thoroughly recommend.
7 months ago
muhammad ikhlaq
Rikki did a great job explaining the how's and why's of Insulmax, then the guys who came out to do the job were lovely to deal with and answered all my random questions. And happy to say our 1900 villa is now easier to heat and keeps warmer longer. It's saving is money already! Thanks guys, it's awesome!
10 months ago
Mike Baggett
Our house is 100 years old and cold. We've got roof insulation but can't get underfloor, no access. Just had Insulmax insulate our exterior walls. It's already 2c warmer in the house and believe that more heat will build up and store as the house warms up. We lost no heat overnight, first time ever!! We have to say something about the excellent service that we received from Eamon and his team. Everything went exactly to plan. We were so impressed seeing how the Team worked together and just well. Really we recommend Insulmax Wellington 100%.
11 months ago
Laidbackgamerzz One
This wall insulation has made a huge difference to our house. On a sunny Winter's day our home would go from roasting to chilly within an hour when the sun went down. Now, even though it's only early Spring, we only really need to get the heating going on the colder evenings. The team are friendly and super efficient. The bad weather made things difficult for them, so a few visits were needed, but they were able to take advantage when it eased up and make quick progress. I'm sure it would have been done in a day otherwise.
9 months ago
Mark Gelband
Have been in our house for 38 years with only insulation in the ceiling and more recently under the floor, but as we got older the winters seemed to get colder every year. It was time to do something about getting the house warmer by …
3 months ago
Welson Cavalcante
We have lived in our brick house for over 18 years and have always found it cold during winter especially in the bedrooms. We had updated other forms of insulation, heat pumps and curtaining but we were still cold. So we decided to …
4 months ago
Pamela Winningham
All our dealings with Insulmax from the beginning were very positive. Rikki was clear and helpful, as well as being quite entertaining! We were kept informed and reminded a couple of days before of their arrival. Once here, the 3 guys got …
9 months ago
Geri Carbone
We are in Level three and I was very impressed with the health and safety shown. They arrived introduced themselves first. The three that came worked quickly and efficiently as a team to complete the job. Super impressed with completed work. Looking forward to feeling the difference the insulation brings.
11 months ago
Andrew Oneal
Thanks to Insulmax, our house is much warmer now. They were quick and easy to communicate with. :)
7 hours ago
Alexandros Fats
From the initial quote and the couple of extra discussions/emails we've been happy. The Insulmax team turned up on the day they said they would and got straight to work. The job has been completed to a good standard and they answered all …
3 months ago
angel lynn
The Insulmax team were very professional throughout the entire process. Great communication, and great workmanship!
10 months ago
Dmitrijs Lazarevs
Rikki is extremely knowledgeable in areas of Insulation and Ventilation, he was able to offer alot of useful tips. He was instrumental in helping us understand the benefits of Insulmax and now we have completed insulation. Eamon did a …
11 months ago
Jesus Tamez
Major health risk as we come into our first autumn. When I get up, I can no longer rely on the temperature in our bedroom to decide what to wear. It can be chilly outside, but still warm inside. Your documentation should warn customers of this! Definitely making a difference already. Great product.
8 months ago
elmer thibodeau
I got insulmax product injected into the walls about a month ago, the house is so much warmer and cosier. Great payment plan was offered by Rikki the sales rep. A very simple user friendly process from quote to installation for a homeowner. Insulmax took care of it all. cheers
1 month ago

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