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Diagnostic center IPMC Independent Physicians Medical Center, 9908 E Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19115, United States: 10 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 9908 E Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19115, United States
Website: ipmcmed.com
Phone number: +1 215-464-3300

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anna crankypants
I have been having my medical testing done at this location for a number of years. I need to first start by saying no one really wants to get these things done, we either need to because we have an issue, or we’re trying to prevent one. Also, they are not comfortable procedures, at least the ones I always need to get done. For the past 4 or five years, I get yearly mammograms and pelvic ultrasounds. Up until last month, I was able to schedule with the same tech Sofia for ultrasound. She’s wonderful, she’s pleasant, sets up expectations, completely professional and is as gentle as the procedure allows her to be. Last month I had to get another pelvic ultrasound and my mammogram. I was disappointed when someone other than Sofia came to get me. But when I start talking to Audrey, I knew we’d get along. She was also very sweet, upbeat, professional and informative. Her technique is different than Sofia’s, but that is to be expected. She was really great at reassuring me, and I was able to relax which always makes for a better test. They’re are a great team! I can’t end this without giving a shout out to Sarah, my mammogram date for the last 4 years or so. Also professional, informative and was able to make it not so uncomfortable for me. I have referred many people over the years, and I plan on continuing to do so. Thank you ladies for making it less stressful to have all of these tests done every year!
5 months ago
Stas Karpov
Ultrasound tech Audrey treats patients HORRIBLY. My previous experience wasn’t bad as it was pretty in and out HOWEVER, My last visit was absolutely awful. My appointment was scheduled for 5:30 over the phone with the receptionist. 5:50 comes around and I’m the only one sitting there. I ask when I’ll be taken back as I had to have a full bladder for an hour before being seen. The tech (AUDREY) comes out with an attitude because I asked where she was. I apologized for asking for her and stated my appointment was for 5:30. She instantly got an attitude and told me it was for 5:45 and she doesn’t know who confirmed 5:30 but that the front desk is doing more and more stuff wrong. I told her it’s fine but that it was hurting to hold my bladder for an hour. She proceeded to argue with me and state that technically I didn’t hold it for an hour because your bladder doesn’t get instantly full and got argumentative about holding pee. Like really? Apparently my bladder wasn’t full enough and she said she can have me wait 15 minutes but usually they reschedule. I told her my doctor would say rescheduling is a no so I’ll wait the 15 minutes. She then proceeds to argue about well then let’s go get this phone number and that phone number to call so and so... I told her I’d wait the 15 minutes it’s fine and she said well now I’ll think about it. Think about it? I’m sorry, what? She then proceeded to talk about me on the floor behind the desk loud enough for me and the other patient now in the waiting room to hear. I went to the desk and asked that they stop as patients shouldn’t be talked about on the floor. She then said “I’m not doing your ultrasound” & I was forced to reschedule. This place is a joke. The ultrasound tech has ZERO bedside manner and really shouldn’t be handling patients.
9 months ago
Val Hodge
I am new to IPMC. For years, I have only gone to PENN for my healthcare needs. My PCP retired and my new PCP is linked to IPMC for Radiology testing. To be honest, I honestly considered changing my PCP back to a PENN doctor so that I could continue to go to PENN Radiology. I was very anxious about going to a new facility that I am not familiar with. But, I decided to give them a chance. I went for a CT Scan and a Mammo 2 weeks ago. Those appointments were okay; the Mammo tech was super friendly. I was in and out quickly. Based on my CT results, I had to come back for an Ultrasound. I had my US this past Saturday, the 20th. I sign in and was brought back almost instantly. My Ultrasound tech, Audrey, was soooo amazing! She was so kind and personable. She made sure that I was comfortable several times throughout the procedure. She was very thorough and professional. She made small talk with me and was just a breath of fresh air. It really made me feel good to know that there are techs like her at this place. I feel like I am getting stellar care and that means everything to me. As long as they keep staff like her at this location, I will continue to come back. I currently work in Healthcare and have now for over 20 years. I have had my fair share of great employees and I'd be very proud to have someone like her on my team! Kudos!
5 months ago
jhofre sanchez
Thank you to all of the employees there. You have made my visits very comfortable. And thank you to the female who does the ultrasound. She is very pleasant to speak to when I have questions and makes me feel at ease.
9 months ago
Margaret Weatherspoon
This place is horrible!!! I just Came over an hour away in the pouring rain just for them to waste my time and money to tell me I have to wait another month and they are making me wait another month when I have a nodule and time is very important! It was bad enough the time they gave me was at night!!! I am sooo upset!!!!
8 months ago
Danielle Davidson
i always have trouble getting through the phone. they pick up and automatically put you on hold..no greetings or warning at all
9 months ago
Quinton Hall
This place is a god send. Absolutely best value for your money especially without insurance. Nearly $1000 less than others in a 25 mile radius. The staff was extremely kind and very eager to help and work with you! Even though I hope I don't need further tests but if I do I will be contacting them again! Thank you!
5 months ago
Jakayla Smith
They are rude never have your correct phone number, so when you show your appointment is canceled after you've take every possible precaution to just come to the appointment.
5 months ago
Manish Katiyar
2 months ago
Patricia Crane
LESS THAN ONE STAR They make appointments for work that they cannot deliver. 1- I needed an MRI, I had specific circumstances that I explained from the start. When I got there, the tech refused to do the study claiming that the machine needed "special settings". WHAT?! Why were these settings not done before my appointment? Entire morning wasted. 2- I needed a specific type of x-ray. When I got to that appointment, the tech told me that they did not have the equipment to do that x-ray. Since I clearly explained things when I called for the appointment, why was I LIED TO and told that they did this work? Another morning wasted. Yes, I lost it at this point, and made a loud, obnoxious scene. The management offered unsatisfactory damage control. Not once did any employee say that it was wrong to MAKE APPOINTMENTS FOR STUDIES THAT THEY ARE NOT EQUIPPED TO DO!!!
10 months ago

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