Water softening equipment supplier Clearwater Systems Canton, Ohio

Water softening equipment supplier Clearwater Systems Canton, Ohio, 2740 Fulton Rd NW, Canton, OH 44718, United States: 20 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 2740 Fulton Rd NW, Canton, OH 44718, United States
Website: clearwatersystems.com
Phone number: +1 888-928-3710

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Emily Andrews
Always have what I need for my water system.
3 months ago
Kyle Davis
Great service
4 months ago
Jeffrey Bush
The staff was very helpful. Its a smaller store, so my advice is to call to make sure what you are looking for is in stock.
3 months ago
ismael salmeron
I stop by Clearwater Systems in Canton about every two weeks and one of the employees, Jay is always pleasant and courteous. Jay always has a smile and is very accommodating when I ask for the water bottles with handles as they are so much easier to lift. For the past 3 visits, Jay wasn't there and I was disappointed to think he may have left because the other person who works there is much less accommodating and acts like I am bothering him when I ask for bottles with handles. We have many places we can choose from when it comes to where we want to conduct business and spend our money so when a business has people like Jay working there, it really makes the whole business transaction a positive experience. Jay is the perfect example that there are still superior customer service people in existence!
3 months ago
Hongye Zhou
The water is right but please clean the outside dispenser and get rid of the algae.
2 months ago
Keisha Walker
Fill your own or buy a jug or two it's available here. I've only been here a few times and have never ran into any big issues. You can bring your jugs and fill them at the stations or you can buy the 5 gallon as well. Not sure if smaller is available. Either way never an issue been there twice all is well for me.
11 months ago
Biology Concepts
I couldn't ask for a better water boy then the guy that works at Clearwater regularly. He does almost all the work himself, and is always fast and efficient.
6 months ago
Jose Hernandez
always have a great experience with the helper alex has , I think his helper said his name was storm or stormy , hes always friendly , fast as he can try to be , and the waits not too long either , out of all the places that me and my wife we could go to we always appreciate stormy , jay , and alex whenever we come in , thanks guys for amazing service!
3 months ago
Jules Kelly
Very reasonable price for 5 gallon self- serve refills.
6 months ago
Bulk clear water available here!
5 months ago
Jazmin Nunez
I get sediment filters here and always have a good experience. On occasion I purchase salt too. They test your water at no additional cost and provide good detail pertaining to questions and concerns. This location is located just West of the football Hall of Fame on Fulton Rd.
7 months ago
Joseph Bell
I went in to get a 5 gallon water jug for my new water cooler. I'm pretty sure the guy behind the counter couldn't have been more rude, and it even seemed like he was trying. During my 3 minutes there, he greeted me with "What do you want?", picked up a phone call with just the words "Hold on", rolled his eyes when I asked how much I owed him and huffed and puffed with exasperation taking it out to my car, which I never asked of him. I have never been and will never be back. Which is sad, because I work very close to there so it would have been very convenient.
9 months ago
Adrian Middleton
Whatever your choice of water they have it there and a reward card too!
6 months ago
Friendly staff and helpful
6 months ago
Quanta White
It's a great place for good water and they sell recondition water coolers at a decent price the guy that runs the store he's good manager.Im pretty happy with the price and the place is always pretty clean you need to go by and check it out, and buy some water,and salt he pretty much has what you need.
10 months ago
Dustin Shuman
Great place and the office guy help me out by carrying me 5 gallon jugs to my car. Very kind and friendly!
8 months ago
Beverly Claburn
decent place good water but I only got about 1 out 3 dispensers to work
3 months ago
Georgia Brooks
Helpful. Could be friendlier
5 months ago
Winton Koh
Things are reasonable, service is good and prices are not too high ????????
3 weeks ago
Eric Godwin
My friend purchased bottled water. She gave me a glass of water and it was delicious.
7 months ago

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