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Fertility clinic NYC IVF, 693 5th Ave 7th Floor, New York, NY 10022, United States: 10 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 693 5th Ave 7th Floor, New York, NY 10022, United States
Phone number: +1 800-853-7595

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Вика Черчесова
Dr. Elassar is one of the greatest doctors I have met over our long infantility road...the whole office is great actually- from the girl at the front desk to every nurse that I ever met. Dr. Elassar is understanding, thoroughly cares for her patients and to her every detail matters. Every blood work came the same day. She was precise, honest and gave me options...and most of all she treated me like a human! I recommend her 1000%
9 months ago
Настя Черникова
I found Dr. Elassar after some frustrating experience with a different IVF doctor somewhere, and the moment I sat down with her, I knew that I'd be in good hand. She was professional but also personal, she always encouraged me, my husband and even my worrying parents, who came with me on one of the visits after my failed first try. Her confidence, kindness and knowledge really help me through this difficult time, which is exactly what a woman who put herself through such process needs. On a side note, all the nurses and the front desk staff were always such sweet hearts, the whole office had a positive and at ease vibe whenever I was there.
8 months ago
Лариса Леонтьева
Dr. Elassar is so kind and compassionate. I felt like I received personalized care with her. She lead me through the entire process. I completely trust Dr. Elassar with all of my fertility needs and I would highly recommend her.
8 months ago
Татьяна Куликова
Incredibly brilliant and extraordinarily kind--Dr. Elassar is there every step of the fertility journey, from the initial scans, treatment options, and medications, through all of the subsequent appointments, retrievals, and transfers. It is an emotionally taxing process, and she continually lightens the burden through her warmth and compassion. We never doubted that she was providing us with the best possible care and treatment, and we are thankful every day that she was our doctor. The staff is also amazing--helpful and encouraging and extremely flexible with regards to scheduling your (many) appointments. I cannot recommend the whole practice highly enough.
11 months ago
Саша Маврин
Dr. Elassar and her entire team are beyond wonderful. After a negative and disappointing experience with another doctor (difficulty egg freezing), my experience with Dr. Elassar was more than I could have ever expected. Dr. Elassar came highly recommended, and I completely understand why. From the first time I visited the office, I was welcomed by name (not a number like the previous clinic I went to), treated like a friend, my journey was their journey. Dr. Elassar personally performed my ultrasounds every single visit, I wasn't passed around from nurse to nurse. Dr. Elassar comforted me "let us take on the stress for you", and they did exactly that. I felt at home and at ease in this beautiful office. My success was their success. When do you ever miss going to see a doctor?! Only Dr. Elassar's office! I would highly recommend to anyone seeking fertility treatment, Dr. Elassar is the best there is. I feel so lucky to have bee her patient for 2 successful rounds of egg freezing. +Dr. Elassar's office is filled with female staff and diversity. Thank you so much!
7 months ago
Константин Таюшев-Бессмертный
Deciding to write about my struggles with infertility was not an easy decision for me to make. I remember that while struggling to get pregnant, I felt so ashamed. Time was not on our side so we decided to seek outside help. We did so discreetly because the shame I felt was so real and so stinging. I walked into Dr. Elassar's office feeling defeated, hoping that she would be able to help but truly feeling as though I was not destined to be a mother. From the moment I stepped into Dr. Elassar's office, I felt like I was taken care of. The shame of not being able to conceive was still there but what was slowly disappearing was this feeling of helplessness. At our first meeting, Dr. Elsasar laid out a plan that provided me with a roadmap for the possibility of one day becoming a mom, which in turn provided me with a glimmer of hope. Dr. Elassar was optimistic, but most importantly, she was also realistic. Seeking out IVF, you hear countless horror stories of women being mistreated, misdiagnosed, and offered false hope. This was never the case with Dr. Elassar. She struck the very fine balance between providing hope but also recognizing that IVF is not ever a sure thing. One moment that stands out in particular to me was after my first egg transfer. I went through one round of IVF with Dr. Elassar and the egg retreival was successful. We had eggs to transfer and eggs to freeze. We transferred the best egg first. I was crushed when it didn't take. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be a little bit pregnant and that's exactly what happened my first time around. The egg had taken and I was pregnant but it wasn't a viable pregnancy. I had a chemical pregnancy and lost the baby. I was shocked and saddened. Dr. Elassar herself had called me to deliver the news and my only solace was found in her. She delivered the news but it was what she did after that will always stay with me. She said "Sandra, I know you are sad but I am so hopeful. I am so sorry about this but please do know that we are going to try again." We talked for about 20 minutes, a level of care I have not experienced with any other doctor I have ever seen. She went above and beyond again when I returned to the office after the chemical pregnancy for follow up blood work. "I can tell you're sad Sandra. Please don't be sad. We will try again." She then spent the next 40 minutes stepping out of her doctor role and instead spoke to me like someone who was devastated to have just failed their first transfer. It was truly one of the most humane ways to treat a woman so vulnerable. I imagine it would be very easy for a doctor to ignore this vulnerability and the uncomfortable messiness of patient emotions. That is not Dr. Elassar's style. I have no doubt there are many doctors knowledgable about the IVF process. I do however doubt, that a doctor like Dr. Elssar is so rare to find in this field. You will not be a number to her. You will not be the number of eggs you are able to produce. She sees you as your own unique individual - vulnerabilities and all. And how important is it to be seen as your own unique person through one of the most vulnerable moments in a woman's life? For me, tremendously important. I can never thank Dr. Elassar and her staff enough. She did make me a mom. I have two children - a rambunctious, lively, and sweet, two year old boy and his extremely calm, go with the flow, opinionated sister. This mother's day, Dr. Elassar emailed me directly to wish me a happy mother's day and I was not surprised. She remembers everything about your case, she answered each of my emails no matter what time I emailed her, her staff always being there, during my sad moment and my successes that came after. I don't know how to ever thank them and Dr. Elassar. There are no words to describe my happiness. I'll end by saying that if you are looking for a human to human connection with someone who is also extremely knowledgeable about the IVF process, please see Dr. Elassar. They will always take care of you.
8 months ago
Марфушечка Клубничная
Both my daughter and son were conceived with the help of Dr. Alyaa Elassar. She is the kindest, warmest, most encouraging doctor you will meet—she treats you as if you are her only patient and not just another face in a stream of people. From scans to bloodwork, I saw her at every single appointment. She made the whole daunting process so much easier, and I cannot imagine having gone to another clinic where patients are treated like cattle. My family will forever be grateful to Dr. Elassar and NYC IVF.
10 months ago
Димон Власенко
I cannot put in words how greatful I am to Dr Elassar and her team of angels. After seeing several doctors and feeling much like cattle being herded in generic clinical settings, I found NYC IVF. From the moment I called for and appointment I was treated with care and compassion. Dr Elassar herself is incredibly talented, caring and warm. Her staff, are gentle, efficient and mavericks with needles (thank you Racquel!). I did not have an easy path, but NYC IVF was with me literally holding my hand every step of the way. And it made all the difference. I am a mom to a perfect little girl thanks to Dr Elassar. I could not recommend her more!
9 months ago
Елена Глемба
My whole experience with Dr. Elassar was truly amazing. Besides being a brilliant doctor she is also an incredibly supportive and kind person. Her whole team, from the front desk to the nurses, are a bunch of really fabulous people who were …
10 months ago
Юрий Калинин
Excellent clinic, Dr Elassar is kind, understanding and patient. Very recomended
8 months ago

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